Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Quickbits : Adrenaline Rush, Crazy Lixx, Labyrinth

Adrenaline Rush - Soul survivor (2017) A blonde who only wanna rock
The Swedish band Adrenaline Rush is louder, harder and faster on their second album "Soul survivor" but fans of melodic rock will of course enjoy a few new tracks like "Breaking the chains", the title track and "Stand my ground".
Tåve Wanning´s voice was a better fit for the 80´s rock of the self-titled debut from 2014 than this Sister Sin-ish heavy metal that dominate the new album.
When I saw that one of the songs had the title "Shock me", I thought it was a Kiss cover which would have been really cool but it wasn´t. Too bad, because Adrenaline Rush´s "Shock me" is rather mediocre.
Overall, I think it´s a solid album but I prefer the debut that has a better production and stronger material.
(+) The opener "Adrenalin" is a bad-ass metal track.
(-) The guitars are too low in the mix, all I hear is drums, drums, drums.

Crazy Lixx - Ruff Justice (2017) Business as usual
Sleaze rockers Crazy Lixx celebrates  their 15th anniversary as a band with the 5th studio album "Ruff justice", not much has happened soundwise because this album is like a carbon copy of their previous albums except it´s their weakest effort yet.
The music is so predictable and feels like a bunch of songs that didn´t make it on the 1987 soundtrack of A Nightmare of Elm Street 3, you know the one with Dokken´s hit "Dream warriors".
So it´s not so strange that the album includes two songs which have appeared on the Friday The 13th videogame soundtrack, they are "XIII" and "Live before I die".
I´m disappointed.
(+) The power ballad "If it´s love" brings back memories of the days when real rock ruled the charts.
(-) It´s about time they hire a lyricist because some of these lines are embarrasing.

Labyrinth - Architecture of a God (2017) Comeback album from the Italian power metallers
I´ve heard of the Italian power metal band Labyrinth before but never cared about listening to their music until now, their 8th studio album "Architecture of a God" is the first one of new music in 7 years so I thought I should hear what they were up to.
Labyrinth in 2017 are founding members Olaf Thorsen - Guitars, Andrea Cantarelli - Guitars, along with Roberto Tiranti - Lead Vocals (who´s been in and out of the band a few times) plus Oleg Smirnoff - Keyboards (Vision Divine), Nik Mazzucconi - Bass and John Macaluso - Drums (TNT).
Singers like Fabio Lione (Rhapsody of Fire) and Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen) have come and gone in the band but I believe Roberto Tiranti is the perfect match for the band.
"Architecture of a God" is a good heavy metal album, slightly progressive and very melodic. Just my cup of tea.
For fans of Sonata Arctica, Kaledon, A Hero For The World.
(+) "Still alive" sounds like a prog-metal version of Phenomena, very cool.
(-) It doesn´t always have to be Speedy Gonzalez in every guitar solo.

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