Thursday, May 25, 2017

Quickbits : Linkin Park, Quantum Split, QSP

Linkin Park - One more light (2017) Goodbye to the old, goodbye to the nu
If someone had played the new record from LP to me back in 2000 right after their smashing debut Hybrid Theory, I would probably have laughed and said that person truly needed help.
However, here we are 17 years later and numetal giants LP releases a pop album that makes One Direction sound like Metallica.
I get the idea that Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda and the guys in LP don´t want to stand in the same spot making the same album over and over again. But going into Zara Larsson´s neighborhood of a trendy pop feast is like saying "this is our anti-rock album and we´re never taking the metal word in our mouth again".
As a pop album, "One more light" is in fact quite good but as a LP album, it will scare the fans just as any Grudge film.
(+) I can imagine how heavy and big the song "Invisible" will sound on stage with more guitars.
(-) If LP won´t make their heaviest album yet after OML, then I´m done with this band and will just stay with the old records.

Quantum Split - America (2017) The beauty and the beast at the same time
Listening to this 2 track single from NYC based Quantum Slip feels like hearing an unreleased demo with 4 Non Blondes with songs written by Linda Perry that was meant for Red Hot Chili Peppers 1999 album California, but they never used them.
The songs aren´t that bad really but the production makes garage rock albums sound like a million bucks. My suggestion to the band is that they hire a good producer and record a decent album instead of this wreck.
They´ve got a good singer in Soleil Laurent, I like her voice.
(+) I can only imagine how good the song "America" would sound like with a major facelift.
(-) Soundwise, this ain´t worth shopping around to record labels, not even as a demo.

Quatro Scott Powell - QSP (2017) Glam rock dinosaurs walk again without the glam
Glam rock queen Suzi Quatro, guitar legend Andy Scott (The Sweet) and hard hitting drummer Don Powell (Slade) come together and form the supergroup QSP.
I wasn´t sure what to expect of their debut album, but don´t bother waiting for anything that will take you back to the days of "48 crash", "Fox on  the run" or "Cum on feel the noize".
QSP is just as much glam rock as Donald Trump is a democrat, QSP is more of a rock and roll album with old standards where the major part are 50´s and 60´s covers.
There are a few songs contributed by Quatro and Scott like "Long way from home", "If only", "Pain", "Mend a broken heart", "Broken pieces suite" and "Late nights early flights", the other 7 tracks are covers of original songs by artists like Elvis, The Everly Brothers, Bob Dylan, Dr. John and Jimmy Reed.
The song "If only" (written by Dick Wagner and Suzi Quatro) is ok, there are hints of the 70´s in this song almost like if Phil Spector would´ve written a song for the 1976 album "Destroyer" by Kiss.
I still respect these names as godfathers of glam but whenever I want to listen to "Tobacco road", I rather put on David Lee Roth´s cover on "Eat ´em and smile" than this mediocre version.
(+) At least, they have their classic hits to lean back on.
(-) The jazzy "Mend a broken heart" is not what I want to hear from a man that gave us "Set me free".

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