Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Quickbits : Rammstein, The Suburbs, Giants of Rome

Rammstein - Paris (2017) They came, they saw, they conquered
One of the best live acts at the moment must be Rammstein, they put on a show that is breathtaking and with a great sense of humor.
This is none other than a systematic machinery of German perfectionism, well documented by film director Jonas Ã…kerlund.
The band´s 3rd live album "Paris" was recorded on their "Made in Germany" tour in 2012 to promote the compilation "Made in Germany 1996-2011", so the tracklisting is almost identical as the compilation except that "Paris" includes 21 tracks instead of the 16 tracks on the best of album.
Instead of "Rosenrot", the band performs "Mann Gegen Mann" as the only song from the "Rosenrot" album and they have also excluded "Mein land" which is only available on "Made in Germany".
I can´t believe it´s been 8 years since Rammstein released their latest studio album "Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da" but with this amazing live album, the wait for new music will be much easier.
(+) Their keyboardist Flake Lorenz is a dead ringer for Ron Mael of Sparks, so funny to watch.
(-) Are you kidding me?

The Suburbs - Hey Muse! (2017) When your 80´s playlist needs to be updated
Here´s a menu that says 80´s dance rock from the appetizer, the main course and the dessert. "Hey Muse!" is the 7th studio album from Minneapolis based The Suburbs and they got me hooked from the first seconds of the title track that opens the record.
The production is just as classy as the style icon Bryan Ferry, the songs have the same top quality as David Bowie´s "Scary monsters" and the music has an overall sound that feels like a wetdream for fans of Simple Minds, The Style Council and Huey Lewis.
So when can you put your hands of "Hey Muse!"? Well, this awesome record is available on June 23rd both on CD, Vinyl and all digital platforms and you don´t wanna miss that date.
Now, who are The Suburbs? Founded in 1977, they released a few albums in the 80´s and after 2 decades without new music, The Suburbs made their comeback album "Si Sauvage" in 2013.
Led now by original keyboardist and singer Chan Poling, original drummer Hugo Klaers and longtime saxophonist Max Ray, the band has a new force of great musicians with guitarists Stevie Brantseg, Jeremy Ylvisaker, bassist Steve Price, backing singer Janey Winterbauer, keyboardist Stephen Kung and Baritone saxophonist Rochelle Becker.
Did I mention that I love the album? No? Well, I do!
(+) Everything about this album really.
(-) Why is this the first time I get to hear about this great band?

Giants of Rome - Cosmos (2017) Once in a while there comes a band.......
Cosmos can truly make you feel small and the more you think about it, you enter a timeless state of mind.
And timeless is exactly what Giants of Rome´s sound feels like, they are an American rock band featuring Chris Aiken (Strung Out) - Vocals/Guitars, Jesse Charland (Hoobastank) - Bass and Sean Winchester (Everclear) - Drums.
Their 5 track EP Cosmos gives the listener a dose of new wave, power pop and modern rock, the EP opens with "California" that sounds like The Police meets Foo Fighters and I know straight away that I´m gonna be a fan.
The following two songs "Stay" and "Cosmos" will appeal to fans of Holding Mercury and Livingston, the beats in the title track are both adorable and irresistable.
My personal favorite is "Strangelove" that bring thoughts to Sean Winchester´s former band Everclear, I could easily be fooled that it´s a song signed Art Alexakis.
(+) This band should be perfect as the support act on The Rolling Stones world tour 2017.
(-) Why aren´t they the support act to The Rolling Stones?

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