Thursday, May 4, 2017

Review : Incubus - 8

Incubus - 8 (2017) Island Records
Produced by Dave Sardy / Skrillex / Brandon Boyd
Tracks : 1.No fun 2.Nimble bastard 3.State of the art 4.Glitterbomb 5.Undefeated 6.Loneliest 7.When I became a man 8.Familiar faces 9.Love in a time of surveillance 10.Make no sound in the digital fore 11.Throw out the map
3,5 out of 5

You can´t accuse Incubus for selling out, they have always gone their own way, not paying too much attention to what´s in or out.
What was meant to be the Side B EP of Trust Fall became the studio album "8", it´s their first full length album since 2011 and just as always with this band, they´re a bit quirky on "8" as well.
Skrillex co-produced 4 tracks on the album but there´s no sight of either dubstep or elements of electronica on "8", instead one of the Skrillex produced tracks "When I become a man" is a song you could expect from Freddie Mercury on a 70´s Queen album. Jazzy and artsy to max.
The single "Nimble bastard" is classic Incubus while "Throw out the map" is a heavy rock tune seen through the eyes of the band Dredg, I bet that song will get the crowd going when they´re on stage.
I like the minimalistic production from Dave Sardy (ZZ Top, Crash Kings) and love what he´d done with the bass on "Love in a time of surveillance", so beautifully distorted.
"Make no sound in the digital fore" is an instrumental piece that bring thoughts to Radiohead and it´s a cool track but my favorite is The Police-like "Familiar faces".
The world needs Incubus, that´s for sure.
Some cool facts you might not know about some of the members in the band, guitarist Michael Einziger co-wrote Aviici´s 2013 worldwide hit "Wake me up", bassist Ben Kenney is a multi-musician and plays at least six different instruments and frontman Brandon Boyd´s younger brother Jason was the lead singer in modern rock band Audiovent.

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