Saturday, May 27, 2017

Rumours in the air

The world´s greatest cult band King´s X are working on their first album since XV (2008), their 13th yet untitled studio album is expected to drop in 2018.
We can´t wait!

Cinematic rock band Les Friction will release their 2nd opus this year, the album will include the singles "Firewall", "Who will save you now" as well as "Your voice" (that was meant for Spiritual Machines new album but instead ended up here), "Kashmir" (a bombastic cover of the Zep classic) and a few more excellent tunes signed Evan Frankfort.

Amy Lee revealed that the new Evanesence album is titled Synthesis. According to Lee, the album will be an orchestral piece that contains instruments such as brass and other orchestral elements. Lee said that the album is about "orchestra and electronica", and that the band is taking selected songs from their previous albums and stripping out the rock guitars and drums, rebuilding them into a classical arrangement reminiscent of a soundtrack. The album will also contain two new original songs.

I´ve done reviews of Kiss - Love Gun (Deluxe Edition) and the debut from Swedish classic rock band Backwood Spirit over at
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