Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Album Spotlight : Playing To Vapors - Shred The Master Design

Playing To Vapors is an independent band from Columbus, OH with a unique style groove-based alternative rock.
Shred The Master Design is a follow-up to their 2015 EP A Glitch In The Void, a record that Mike Breen from City Beat calls "airy ambiance full of crafty rhythms, hypnotic, progressive guitar lines and vocals that recall the elastic brilliance of the late, great Jeff Buckley." The release helped them land a slot on the Bunbury Music Festival where they opened for acts such as The Black Keys, The Avett Brothers, and more. Shred The Master Design has many of these same elements, but the band sought to throw out old practices (hence the title) and for the first time ever, recorded to tape. Many decisions had to be made in the moment and some songs were crafted as they were tracking. This really added to the raw aesthetic that can be heard throughout the songs.
The song "Switchblade" is an indie/math-pop jam about being young and impressionable, and finding it difficult to know who to trust. The video (shot by Chance Duffy) captures the raw and frenetic energy of the track, using stimulating visual effects that make you wanna dance...and maybe check the contrast on your laptop.

Tracklisting : 1) Machine Said Maybe 2) Twin Flame 3) The Perfect Weapon In Human Form 4) Switchblade 5) Answers 6) Shred The Master Design 7) Flash Camera 8) Goddess Appears 9) Desert Lights 10) Lydia

Shred The Master Design is released on June 16th.

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