Sunday, June 4, 2017

Review : The Kooks - The best far

The Kooks - The Best Of...So Far (2017) Virgin Records
Produced by Inflo / Tony Hoffer
Tracks : 1.Naive 2.Always where I need to be 3.Junk of the heart 4.Bad habit 5.She moves in her own way 6.Shine on 7.Seaside 8.Down 9.Sofa song 10.Is it me 11.You don´t love me 12.Forgive and forget 13.Ooh la 14.Sway 15.Eddie´s gun 16.Matchbox 17.Be who you are 18.Broken vow
2,5 out of 5

"Brighton Rock" is one of the first songs I heard with Queen, the song is from 1974, the same year ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest with "Waterloo" in Brighton, U.K.
In ´74, The Kooks frontman Luke Pritchard wasn´t even born yet but in 2004, he formed the band The Kooks in Brighton together with guitarist Hugh Harris, bassist Max Rafferty and drummer Paul Garred.
A decade later, the only original members left in the band are Pritchard and Harris but they can look back on almost 2 million albums sold worldwide and one no.1 album with "Konk" in 2008.
The first ever compilation and greatest hits album from the British rock band The Kooks includes the singles from their 4 studio albums and 2 new tracks, "Be who you are" and "Broken vow".
The major part of the songs are taken from their debut album "Inside In/Inside Out" from 2006, the band and the label even picked the non singles "Seaside" and "Matchbox" from the first album so they must be pretty attached to it.
I think it´s a decent compilation with a few up´s and down´s but you can´t blame ´em for repeating themselves, The Kooks has developed their sound for each album and for the better because I´m not too fond of their debut.
Highlights : Be who you are, Is it me
Recommendable if you like The Vines, Noel Gallagher´s High Flying Birds, The Strokes

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