Saturday, June 3, 2017

Review : Papa Roach - Crooked teeth

Papa Roach - Crooked Teeth (2017) Eleven Seven Music
Produced by RAS / Colin Brittain
Tracks : 1.Break the fall 2.Crooked teeth 3.My medication 4.Born for greatness 5.American dreams 6.Periscope 7.Help 8.Sunrise trailer park 9.Traumatic 10.None of the above
2 out of 5

I guess it´s the sign of the times for rock bands to look at trends, see where the wind is blowing and go in the same direction.
In my 50 years of existence, I have never seen the music business dominated of pop as the times we´re living in now. Punk is pop, rock is pop, metal is pop, hip hop is pop, everything is pop!
The lines have been erased so to speak.
I don´t mind pop music, on the contrary, I do like my weekly dose of pop but I want my metal to be metal and so on.
That´s why I can´t take the 9th studio album "Crooked teeth" from Papa Roach too seriously, it´s their weakest album so far and soundwise it´s a pop record with elements of rock and hip hop.
I get the feeling they included a few rock songs just to make the old fans happy, so what´s next then? A duet with Zara Larsson?, a remix album by Kanye West?
And by the way, Imagine Dragons called and wanted their song back (Born for greatness).

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