Monday, January 21, 2019

City Of Souls from New Zealand unleash mind-blowing track Wolf

New Zealand's CITY OF SOULS are setting up an absolutely epic 2019 with a slew of new announcements and signings, their appearances at PROGFEST and its sideshows and a brand new music and music video in order to whet the appetite of the hordes of awaiting fans!

The six-piece Auckland bred alternative-progressive powerhouse have signed to Australian record label Wild Things Records (also home to The Ocean, Circles, AlithiA) worldwide for the release of their highly anticipated debut album due later this year, as well as UK/EU bookings to Artery Global (Twelve Foot Ninja, Caligula's Horse, Circles). Already signed for Management to Tom Larkin at VVV Management, the band have rounded out their team going forward.

Add to that, they have just released the very first taste of new music - with their new single ‘Wolf’, and its stellar accompanying music video. The new single is live now at Spotify and Apple Music & iTunes. 

For the past 12 months the band have been writing their debut album under the guidance of producer Forrester Savell (COG, Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus).

The distinctive sound of alternative rock band Ten Times A Million

Ten Times A Million is a Dutch/German alternative rock band, formed in 2012. The five-piece generates a distinctive sound, contrasting soft cinematic moods to euphoric mania. Their musical style and modern production can be compared to the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters and Royal Blood.
The five-piece generates a distinctive sound, contrasting soft cinematic moods to euphoric mania. Theirdebut EP was recorded at the legendary Air Studios in London, in collaboration with producer Julian Emery (Gavin DeGraw, Nothing But Thieves).
Check out the track Silhouettes from their 4 track EP.

Synthpop duo Night Lizard drops Mind Control EP

Night Lizard are a synthpop duo from Oregon, USA. Their first release Crazy Machine dropped in 2017, followed by the brand new EP Mind Control that is available now on Bandcamp.
Stream or purchase the EP here:

PreHistoric Animals - Consider it a work of art

The album is out!! The Swedish band PreHistoric Animals started with an embryo in 2015 and now it’s finished. It’s about evil, ignorant people becoming dictators, good people and stupid people who just keep on being stupid. Written and performed by Samuel Granath and Stefan Altzar. 
For fans of Frost.
Stefan Altzar´s new solo track We Can Fight For Everyone is available now on iTunes and Spotify.
Listen to the opening track Run Stranger, Run! from PreHistoric Animals debut album Consider It A Work Of Art.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Hard hitting rock band Savage After Midnight releases new EP in March

Savage After Midnight´s new five-song EP is an energized, emotional introduction to musicians that desperately want to make a mark, but only on their own terms. 11:59 is both aggressive and poppy, colored by galvanic hard rock passages, a contrast of screamed melodies and soaring hooks, and it’s augmented by electronic segments that give the band a modern edge.

“10 Feet Tall,” the first song the band wrote for the EP, is anthemic and energizing, building from a melodic verse, through a propulsive bridge and into an unforgettable chorus, then peaks and surges before segueing back into the refrain. “Unleash,” the opening cut on the EP, is more heavily treated with electronics, but still driven by a rock pulse, ebbing and flowing between melancholy vocals and contemptuous exhortations without losing its tuneful thrust. 
11:59 is out March 8th.

Progressive hard rock band Veio working with James Michael on new EP

Veio is a Progressive Hard Rock band from Portland, OR. Veio released Infinite Light//Desperate Shadows in March 2017 and has been touring around the western part of the U.S. in support of the album including dates with Starset.
Veio is currently recording a new EP with producer James Michael (Sixx A.M.), watch the video for Structures from Infinite Light/Desperate Shadows below.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Emotional rock band Valleyheart with a very personal record

Beverly, Massachusetts rock band Valleyheart released their Rise Records debut full-length Everyone I´ve Ever Loved on December 14, 2018.
The New England quartet worked with producer Kevin Billingslea at Halo Studios to co-produce the electrifying follow-up to the their critically acclaimed EP Nowadays. Everyone I´ve Ever Loved is both an expansion of the sounds the band had previously explored, as well as a new creative departure.
“Everyone I’ve Ever Loved is a record that deals with the deconstruction/reconstruction in concepts of faith, doubt, and identity,” singer and guitarist Kevin Klein shares. “Although being conceptual, it is at its core a very personal record with songs about real dreams, friends, stories, and family members. I started experiencing a lot of cognitive dissonance a few years back about who I was and what I believed. Faith and reality — as I had known it — was changing right in front of me and it really challenged the way I was viewing the world. I had a lot of questions. This record was the experience of sorting through all these emotions and concepts in an attempt to make sense of a new found way, and serves as an answer to those questions.”
Check out their latest single Heaven & Hell.

Micky James brings retro rock to the table with Rest Of The Best

Born and raised in the shadow of New York City, naturally Micky James had a taste for the theatrical and aspired to become an artist and performer from a young age. In his music and personal style, Micky James explores a sound and aesthetic that is nostalgic of a bygone era in rock n roll music, while still maintaining a contemporary pop ambition. Micky's unique vocals are reminiscent of great character voices such as David Bowie and Julian Casablancas, alluding to the dark, mysterious, and romantic qualities that are so distinct to those artists. While Micky's flamboyant fashions evoke the glamour and swagger of past rock icons, his work is both equal parts style and substance.
In 2018, Micky James released the singles Give It To Me Straight, Tie Me Up & New Heart as well as the catchy Rest Of The Best featuring DREAMERS.
Get ready for some glam people.

Dear Sherlock, your new favorite band

Dear Sherlock from Manchester, England could be your new favorite band. That is if you´re into theatrical and experimental rock with a huge artistic vein. Imagine Muse meets SycAmour and you´ll get their latest and fabulous single Da Vinci´s Chamber.
Also available : Dear Sherlock EP (2012), Hell - single (2014).

British pop rock band Carry The Crown releases the infectious new song K A R M A

Carry The Crown are a modern pop rock band based in Lincoln, UK. They have received amazing support and feedback from the BBC Introducing platform. Their latest EP "Not alone" was released in early 2018, followed by the smashing new single K A R M A.
Recommendable if you like You Me At Six and Don Broco.

Alternative rock band Speech Patterns delivers the atmospheric single Were You Nervous?

Jacksonville, Florida based trio Speech Patterns released their debut EP "Without a sound" in 2017.
In late 2018, the band dropped their latest single "Were you nervous?". An epic and atmospheric song for fans of Hands Like Houses and Sleeping With Sirens.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Australian artist Cleo Alexander in collaboration with Rick Springfield on 1981 hitsong

With her debut single ‘Criminal’, Australian recording artist Cleo Alexandra immediately captured the attention of many who were eager to uncover more from the songstress. Now, with the release of her long-awaited self-titled EP on January 22nd 2019, Cleo is back with full force. Accompanied by rock legend Rick Springfield for a cover song of the Men At Work classic ‘Who Can It Be Now’ and continuing to join forces with six-time Grammy-winning American producer Keith Olsen and producer J.J Farris, Cleo has her career going full steam ahead.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Joe Ford and Celldweller reach the breaking point on new single

UK Drum & Bass artist Joe Ford collabs with USA Electronic-Rock/Metal artist/producer Celldweller in a hybrid alternative/electronic/rock track "Breaking Point" featuring vocalist Robin Adams. Reminiscent of early 2000’s electronic-rock, featuring energetic percussion and aggressive, crooning vocals, “Breaking Point” dives into the tense emotions of internal frustration. 
Release date : January 25th.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Swedish alternative metal band We Are The Catalyst with new album out in February

After a long wait, We Are The Catalyst´s new album “Ephemeral” is finally going to be released on February 13th 2019!
WATC have decided they will release it themselves with help from pledgers, as the band has done with their previous albums and EP, the new album "Ephemeral" includes the singles "Where the mountain stands" and "Over pale waters".

Rock chick Valora invite you to her evil circus

Los Angeles based rock chick Syd Duran aka Valora released her debut album "I waited for you" on Hollywood Records in 2011, she did a guest appearance on Breaking Benjamin´s track "Blow me away" on the compilation "Shallow Bay : The best of Breaking Benjamin" (2011).
Valora is also featured on the deluxe version of Almost Alice Soundtrack from 2010, lately she has dropped singles like "React", "Electric angel", "Crashed" and in 2019, the brand new track "Evil Circus". Out now on iTunes and Spotify.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

FiXT Music presents electronic rock group Raizer

Eastern European electronic rock group Raizer is hard at work on new material, releasing independent singles until they drop their second album, anticipated in 2019.
"Precious" Raizer’s newest electronic rock single, swims in the desperate emotions of watching someone we love battle their inner pain and turmoil as we try to save them from themselves.
"Right here right now, show that you’re still alive. Let yourself out, you're sleeping inside "
The single Precious is available for pre-order and streaming on January 18th, the digital release is set to February 5th.

Synthwave act Fury Weekend collaborate with Scandroid on new single

"Euphoria" is the second single releasing with sub-label FiXT Neon from the one-man Russian synthwave act’s coming 2019 album. In addition to repackaging all four previous recordings for re-release, FiXT Neon is preparing to launch the next era in Fury Weekend’s impressive career.

The crossbred mongrel of Futuresynth and Outrun, Fury Weekend’s "Euphoria" (featuring Scandroid) combines the brooding sounds of Cybersynth with the lyrically idealistic elements of traditional Popwave. Part robotic love song, part avowal of cybernetic liberation, "Euphoria" fuses these Retrosynth domains into a complex and unique musical mosaic.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Goth, glam and black leather - please welcome Madame Mayhem

MADAME MAYHEM released her new single "BROKEN" today!
The single was co-written with Keith Wallen of Breaking Benjamin and features Ray Luzier of Korn on drums, as well as Billy Sheehan of David Lee Roth, Mr. Big and others on bass.

Madame Mayhem will be attending NAMM 2019.

Those who yearn for the electric catharsis of loud guitars, driving rhythms, hypnotic
hooks, and the strength of shared experience have a new muse in Madame Mayhem.

The Manhattan born singer/songwriter and burgeoning rock icon-in-the-making has weaponized the darkness, turning it into a rallying cry for all who were ever cast
aside. Songs like “Broken,” “War You Started,” and “So Wrong” are equal parts timeless sentiment, bareknuckle fury, and energized urgency. Madame Mayhem’s songs rival the best of Modern Rock, early ‘90s emotive-grunge, and nü-metal angst.
Stream or purchase "BROKEN" here:

OneEleven is bringing real hard rock back to Boston

The band OneEleven, a seasoned group of musicians and songwriters from Massachusetts, recently wrote a song dedicated to the brave men and women who unselfishly put their own personal safety on the line every single day, protecting and serving this great nation.
Rich Eisner, OneEleven's drummer and Eaton's writing partner added, "First we wrote a song titled, 'What Would You Do,' which speaks to some of the scenarios that these brave first responders can face on a daily basis. And we ask a simple question. 'What would you do?' Our guess is that most of the people criticizing law enforcement wouldn't have the guts to make the split second decisions that can be forced upon them."

Artie Eaton - Lead Vocals, Guitar and Founder - Raised in a rural New England town just 30 minutes south of Boston, Artie Eaton became interested in music at an early age, listening to anything he could get his hands on, from his parents’ Beatles and Elvis records, to 70’s rock and 80’s hair-bands, and later on to more progressive metal, funk, and soul with groups like Kings X.
"What would you do" is taken from the band´s second album "N.O.G.A.F", available now on

Take The Day drop hard-hitting rock track Song For The Broken

Hailing from Pittsburg, Kansas Take The Day is a hard-hitting rock band that has quickly become a major contender in the Midwest music scene. They believe in what they do and continue to push forward bringing their current fresh sound to listening ears.

For the past 7 years, Take The Day has toured the region and supported many national acts including Pop Evil, Gemini Syndrome, Saving Abel, Otherwise, Lacey Sturm (Flyleaf), Tantric, Brett Scallions (Fuel), Seasons After, Another Lost Year, Bobaflex, No Resolve, Blameshift, and many others gaining them the reputation as a must see live act!

Take The Day is celebrating their recently released and warmly received single "Matches and Knives" which dropped on 4/20/18 and was co-written, produced, and engineered by Chris Dawson and Jimmy Beattie of Seasons After. It's been said that it's "a serious follow up" to their previous release "Take Everything" which broke the top 100 of the Nielsen Active Rock Charts just months prior.

Take The Day continues to write, record, and play select regional dates as they prepare for the premiere of their next single "Song For The Broken" on 1/11/19.

Active rock time with explosive new single Awakening from Throw The Fight

Rock/metal band Throw The Fight are currently in the studio working on their 4th LP with Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland (August Burns Red, From Ashes to New, Polaris), check out the first taste with the new single Awakening, out today.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Electronic rock artist Soul Extract reveals new single Superheroes

"Superheroes", the first single from anticipated release of electronic rock artist Soul Extract’s sophomore album Filaments, coming April 2019 on the FiXT label, further traverses the progressive, poignant, exploratory sound of Soul Extract. 

Who are we forced to become when there’s no one we can turn to and we are left to save ourselves? Emotive and vividly visual, Soul Extract’s climatic electronic rock single "Superheroes" delves into the struggle of conjuring the actualized self. 

Reach power pop euphoria with Sloan

Sloan is four distinct songwriting voices — guitarists Patrick Pentland and Jay Ferguson, bassist Chris Murphy and drummer Andrew Scott — that nonetheless form a cohesive collective. Long-time Toronto scenesters who will always call Halifax home.

Muchmusic and rock-radio regulars who — via their own murderecords label — maintain strong ties to their indie roots. Money-city maniacs who have a soft spot for sweet sugar tunes. Music vets who, instead of coasting on their cred, continue to challenge themselves with each record.

Sloan´s 12th album simply called 12 is out now.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Starset frontman head into electronic music with new project MNQN

MNQN is the new project from Starset frontman Dustin Bates, the first two singles "Animal Oddity" and "Amphetamine" are out now and are taken from the forthcoming album out in 2019.
For fans of 80´s electronic music.

Monty Are I member in new project CNTRLLR

CNTRLLR is the artist alias of Los Angeles based songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and music director Stevie Aiello (Monty Are I). His first release is a cover of The Aces "Stuck".
Now available on Spotify and iTunes.

Brian Dalton take on orchestral rock in Drown

Missouri based artist Brian Dalton´s new single "Drown" is a blend of modern rock vocals with a modern pop musical accompaniment that will leave you wanting more of the same.
The song is available on and is recommendable if you like Les Friction and Spiritual Machines.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Top 5 films 2018

2018 was a great year for film and here are the top 5 films if you ask me.
1.Bohemian Rhapsody
3.A Star Is Born
5.Avengers : Infinity war

Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Spiritual Machines - new year, new music and a brave new world

Named after famed futurist/novelist Ray Kurzweil’s book The Age of the Spiritual Machines, The Spiritual Machines is Evan Frankfort (all instruments) and James Grundler (vocals). The band’s first album Volunteer (2014), is a science fiction concept album, one that can only be described as epic – an original headphone trip exploring the concept of living outside of one’s body.
The second album Awake Alert Alive Almost (2017) continued the journey of cinematic rock and now in 2019, the wait is over for the brand new song Brave New World. Available on CDBaby.

Friday, January 4, 2019

American metallers Righteous Vendetta releases Like Poison single

RIGHTEOUS VENDETTA is ready for battle, driven by the fire of the classic New Wave Of American Metalcore movement, with a fresh melodic bent. They are primed todecimate the airwaves and the stage, with a unifying message of hope and inspiration, all delivered with smoldering intensity.

Arising from humble small town origins, Righteous Vendetta offer positivity and encouragement against adversity, with a sound of defiance and power. 

The deluxe edition of Reignite : The Fire Inside features 4 brand new unreleased tracks. The Wyoming based rock/metal band also released the new single Like Poison with special guest Trevor McNevan (Thousand Foot Krutch).

Danish progressive metal band Verdande prepare debut EP

VERDANDE is a progressive metal band from Esbjerg, Denmark. The band started out in 2016 as an instrumental project at the Danish National Academy of Music, but quickly grew into a full-fledged five-piece spearheaded by talented vocalist Søren Sedit.
Inspired by bands such as Gojira, Opeth and Periphery, VERDANDE focuses on songwriting with exciting musicianship, hefty grooves and mesmerizing melodies. This will be displayed on their soon to be released debut EP ‘Verdande‘ which has been mixed and mastered by Jonas Haagensen at Jacob Hansen Studio. 

“It has required a great deal of work to complete this EP, and there have been many delays, as we’ve constantly been discovering new opportunities to optimize and improve. Having Jonas Haagensen do the production and especially getting Søren on board as a vocalist on the project has really given the whole thing a huge boost. We’re all very proud of the final product and happy to have waited with the release until now, as we really feel that the EP now lives up to its potential”, explains guitarist Sigurd Kehlet.
The band has previously played a handful of concerts in Denmark and Germany, and have received great praise for their energetic performances. One can expect a tight, well-executed set with heavy grooves, lightning-fast guitar solos, but also a quieter atmosphere with calm and dreamy passages. 
“Verdande” will be self-released on February 8th, 2019.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Conditions return with brand new song Give it all

It makes sense that the members of the best post-hardcore/melodic rock band to come barnstorming out of the Northeast in ages would draw inspiration from this quote (from a celebrated French composer) and adopt part of it as their moniker. Conditions is all about choice, love and passion. Having cut their teeth in heavier acts before coming together, the guys joined forces with the swift and decisive mission to explore broader creative terrain, to pour ever more devotion into their craft and to share it all with others.

Conditions offer uplifting, meaningful songs filled with heart, soul, spirit and most of all, purpose. At the end of the day, they are a band who does exactly what they want and steadfastly retains their identity. Their inner relationships are strong, which has ensured their output remains topnotch. The world, the people we know, they may all be Full of War, but art like this can help to light the darkness.
Their new single Give it all is available on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud.
Do yourself a favor and stream the new track here:

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Post-hardcore band Rumours releases Y.C.S.L.W.U single

Proudly derived from the Michigan music scene, they are Rumours.
The band hope to catch everyones attention with their groovy riffs, memorable hooks, catchy melodies, and slamming breakdowns with hardboiled lyrics to breach the boundaries of personal and social struggle.

With their debut EP from 2017, produced by Nick Scott, Rumours have a lot to bring to the table with more than enough ambition to deliver.

For fans of A Day To Remember, Issues, and bands of that nature, Rumours will be giving you our best music and live shows that we can possibly give to please all of our fellow music lovers.

Get ready for the invasion from John 5 and The Creatures

ZOINKS! The new video from John 5 and The Creatures received it´s premiere on New Years Day, you can now buy/stream the track - the first single from the new album "Invasion", out in 2019.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Angel will perform wearing white again and recording a brand new album

Announcement from
Punky Meadows and Frank DiMino
HAPPY NEW YEAR! We have some Exciting news to share...
Having our own solo projects and performing on each other’s records led to a natural progression to assemble the side project, “Punky Meadows & Frank DiMino of Angel”. This led to a very successful 2018 Tour. The great chemistry we experienced has led us to our next journey of writing and performing together and to enter the New Year as “ANGEL“ featuring Punky Meadows and Frank DiMino.
The band consisting of Punky, Frank, Danny, Charlie, Billy & Steve will return wearing white & performing a full ANGEL set.
We will be recording a brand new album and begin touring April, 2019. We are very Excited to announce that “STARZ” will be joining us for many shows!!!

Valensia set to release solo album no 7

Dutch singer, composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist Valensia (Aldous Clarkson) will release his 7th solo album "7EVE7" in Japan on February 6th.
Valensia debuted with the self-titled album in 1993 and is well-known for his collaboration with Robby Valentine on the "V" project but also an impressive Queen tribute album in 2003, besides a number of artsy solo albums - Valensia has also released three albums as Metal Majesty.
"7EVE7" is the follow-up to the 2014 album "Valensia VI - Gaia III - AGLAEA - Legacy".

The best of the worst of Flipp out this spring

Two years into their “reactivation,” Minneapolis rockers FLIPP have signed on with (Megadeth bassist) David Ellefson’s EMP Label Group, who in collaboration with Rocksteady Records, will release the first ever FLIPP “Best of” compilation; titled THE BEST OF THE WORST OF FLIPP in Spring 2019. The collection will include songs spanning the band's 20 plus year career as well as the brand new FLIPP song/single “The Ride”. The collection will be available on CD, as a Digital Download, and as a limited-edition, 12” Vinyl.
The packaging will include an expanded liner notes section featuring direct input from the band members themselves, including details of some of the bizarre and grandiose stunts that they have executed in and around a live setting throughout the years, assorted FLIPP trivia and a chronological timeline of the band’s history.
FLIPP have just issued their official statement on the EMP signing: "We are happy and proud to be teaming up with the EMP label group and fellow Minnesotan David Ellefson as well as our good friend Thom Hazaert (Director of Operations for EMP) for this upcoming special release. It has been a long time coming. We can't wait for all of you to hear our new single "The Ride,” and to see all of you out at a show someplace soon!”
Says EMP’s Thom Hazaert, “Being from the Midwest, FLIPP has always been a staple of the Rock scene here, and truly are a Minneapolis institution. Just an all-out ass-kicking Rock band, who have always pushed the envelope as far as it could go.“
Flipp is a Minneapolis a rock band formed in 1994. Known for their penchant for elaborate stunts and theatrics, they would find themselves often featured on MTV and other major outlets; the band is also remembered for its love of extreme volume, cartoonish outfits and bizarre onstage behavior; culminating in a style of music which has been described as Cheap Trick meets The Sex Pistols.
The band experienced success in the 90’s with the almost accidental popularity of their homemade music video for their sludgy cover of The Who's "My Generation"; which received regular airplay on MTV’s 120 Minutes and proceeded to secure the band a record deal and subsequent support slots for a wide range of artists including White Zombie, Cheap Trick, Oasis, Evanescence, Green Day, and Everclear.
While under management by the legendary Bill Aucoin (Kiss, Billy Idol), the band had radio success with their single “Freak”, from their Art Alexakis (Everclear) co-produced album “Volume”; the song landed at #38 on Billboard, as well as #1 in 8 different cities. In an unsuspected turn, their record label at the time went under before a final push for the single was to be had, which led to a series of events that resulted in the eventual dissolution of the band in late 2003.
After a 13 year hiatus, FLIPP regrouped in spring of 2016. Since then they have remained active, recording some new material and appearing on concert stages alongside such rock legends as Cheap Trick, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley and the Michael Schenker Group. The band have shows scheduled for late Summer and are currently booking additional live appearances into Spring and Summer 2019.
Brynn Arens: Vocals and Guitar
Cherry Forever: Bass and Backing Vocals
Kilo Bale: Drums
Spry: Multi-Instrumentalist and Backing Vocals

Brand New Day

After 18 months away from updating my blog Palace of Rock, I decided it was time to end the hiatus and make a comeback. It was a well-needed break where I just posted shortcuts about albums I listened to over at my Google+ page (aka Today´s Report), you will find the link below the header.
Some reviews ended up on my hometurf at and to this date, I have written exactly 5000 reviews on and 1950 reviews on Palace of Rock which is kinda fantastic.
So why not re-open the blog with a brand new version from Sting and his "Brand New Day".