Monday, February 25, 2019

Retrowave act Fury Weekend featuring Megan McDuffee in Thousand Lights

Fury Weekend and Megan McDuffee captivate the cosmos in the popwave collaboration "Thousand Lights". Crisp electronic tones and rhythmic retro beats seamlessly accommodate McDuffee’s unique, lulling vocals any fan of retro-synth is sure to appreciate. This is the first teaming-up between Fury Weekend and the emerging princess of synthwave, but both artists have established themselves as collaborative producers in the retro realm. McDuffee was herself voted twice on New Retro Wave’s Top 10 Collaborations of 2018 and has an impressive history of vocal work with noted composers like Levinsky, Mitch Murder, ALEX, Nicholas Yiu, Moonrunner83, Tokyo Rose, Aurelleah, and many more.
You can pre-order the single at this location (Release March 12th)

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