Friday, April 26, 2019

In a New York Minute by The Bad Dreamers

The Bad Dreamer’s first new single from the upcoming sophomore album with FiXT Neon "New York Minute".  
"New York Minute" pulls on the listener’s heart strings, exploring the emotions of regret and nostalgia with an upbeat indie-pop ballad. We're still open to press premiere/feature partners before and around the date of the anticipated premiere, May 3rd.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Alternative metal band Walkways announce 2nd album Bleed Out, Heal Out

Walkways is an alternative metal band based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The band started off in 2006 under a different moniker and line-up but solidified in 2010. The band is driven with a goal to keep sane and evolve into more humane and moral people while writing their music - the soundtrack of the highs and lows of their lives.

About the new album "Bleed Out, Heal Out" due to be released on June 14th 2019:

Following the 2013 debut album "Safe In Sound", Walkways are ready to break out in 2019 with their second full length album - "Bleed Out, Heal Out". A genre-bending record, displaying a wide array of songs that come from personal experiences, to bring out all the causes and emotions that inspired the texts which tell the familiar stories of dealing with the natural impulses of the human mind, and maintaining an aware and controlled mind.

Check out the new track Despair (for heaven´s sake)

New Politics celebrate 10 years with Comeback Kid

The first single of 2019 from New Politics is here, "Comeback Kid" is out now.
New Politics are currently out on their 10th anniversary tour.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Funk rock band ZFG signs with Cleopatra Records

Based in Los Angeles, CA, ZFG consists of Jules Galli on vocals, Trev Lukather on guitar, Sam Porcaro on bass and Josh Devine on drums. The members were close friends in different projects, but decided to get into the studio for fun with a new approach in mind, making music with no rules or boundaries. "Zero Fucks Given" is what they called their first day in the studio, which led to their band name ZFG. After writing and recording together on day one, the chemistry was undeniable, so the decision was made to forge their individual projects into one. By melding anthemic, hook-filled melodies within funk rock guitar riffs and groove rock beats, the band shows their ability to compact a vast array of influence and experience into a signature sound with substance, style, and soul.
ZFG signed with Cleopatra Records for the release of their new single Special.

Cemetery Sun delivers two new singles

Sacramento based alternative pop band Cemetery Sun releases two new singles, Hold On To Me and Upside Down.

Active rock band Shallow Side keep rock and roll alive

Shallow Side is a rock band through and through. Combining the driving rhythms that push the core of pop music with aggressive guitar work, carefully constructed bass passages, and a voice that smashes into focus atop the platform laid down by the music, Shallow Side has crafted a new sound with the same "no holds barred" attitude that has kept rock n roll alive and kicking since its inception.

Shallow Side continues to push the envelope, providing a viable outlet for anyone looking for the future of hard rock.

Their brand new album Saints and Sinners is available now, featuring the single Sound The Alarm.

Electronic rock artist 3D Stas team up with singer Robin Adams

FiXT newcomer 3D Stas and British vocalist Robin Adams third single “ Rain of the Dead”, from coming 2019 album with FiXT, sweeps the listener away in a torrent of virulent internal conflict, pulling them along with a hypnotically compelling beat that refuses to let go once it sets in.
Release date : April 30th.

Monday, April 22, 2019

The Panic Division set to release new album this summer

Colton Holliday is the man behind The Panic Division, that we all should have as our favorite band.
His 7th album Touch will be out this summer, listen to a sample here:

Celldweller unleash 3rd single from upcoming album Satellites

Celldweller continues to reveal more of his upcoming 5th studio album, Satellites, with the 3rd new single, "A Matter of Time", from Klayton’s owned/operated independent record label, FiXT. "A Matter of Time" pushes chugging, heavy guitars with fast-paced beats and synth programming, clocking in at just over 6 minutes. The track showcases Klayton’s wide ranging vocal styles, from aggressive screams to layered harmonies, vocoders and melodic hooks, while incorporating elements of Psy-Trance and an intense electro-metal bridge.

British rock band Far Suns Fall release debut album Aphelion

Far Suns Fall combine all the eclectic backgrounds and influences of all the lads, including blues, hard & alternative rock, folk and just good ole rock into a big rock sound with emotion-filled lyrics that are poignant as much as they are genuine.
Their debut album Aphelion is out now.

Deaf Havana - Live at Brixton Academy out now

Deaf Havana - Live at Brixton Academy, recorded live in front of 4500 people, at london's famous brixton academy on the 7th december 2018.
The 2 CD set is available now.

Retrowave artist The Motion Epic with that positive tone

The Motion Epic is a Synth-Pop/Retrowave Project by Singer/Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist, Pat DiMeo.

The 1980s were a time of bright colors, high energy, big hair and expansive dreams and ambitions. For those who experienced it first hand, it was the height of pop culture as movies, music, television, fashion and even politics were more upbeat and optimistic. Succeeding generations see it as a fascinating, uncomplicated bygone era with iconic imagery, sounds and styles that continue to influence us to this day. The 1980s were a significant time for so many people, and they continue to inspire and entertain.

Pat DiMeo is an artist who wants to bring that positive tone, enthusiasm and fun back to concert venues and home audio systems through his innovative Retro Pop music and live performance experiences. 

The New Death Cult releases Zeitgeist single

Oslo, Norway is the home for space rock band The New Death Cult. Check out their new single Zeitgeist.
Cool bandname, cool song.

French band Eiffel set to release new album Stupor Machine on April 26

The really cool band Eiffel from Bourdeaux, France - will release their new album Stupor Machine on April 26th, including the singles Cascade and Chasse Spleen.
Imagine Eros Ramazzotti meets Weezer with a touch of Beck and you´ll get Eiffel.

Silversun Pickups announce new studio album Widow´s Weeds

Los Angeles based pop-rock band Silversun Pickups will release their new studio album Widow´s Weeds on June 7, featuring the single It Doesn´t Matter Why.
Palace of Rock love this song.

Country/southern rock flavored Not Like Us from Brantley Gilbert

Georgia based artist Brantley Gilbert drop new single Not Like Us, something for all fans of country-ish southern rock music.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Anix returns with new single Chrome

Following The Anix’s 2018’s debut album with FiXT,Shadow_Movement, the project returns with "Chrome", the first new single from The Anix’s upcoming sophomore album. "Chrome" flows like a chilled liquid metal, enveloping the listener in its hypnotic beat. Exploring the theme of mirror personalities, the track evokes images of chromite humanoids - presenting themselves as reflections of those around them, instead of who they really are, losing parts of themselves in the process. Disappearing as quickly as they appear, melting and reshaping their forms and selves like metallic chameleons, they create a stark division between those of us made of genuine flesh and bone, and those coated in a mirror sheen of "Chrome". 
The new single Chrome releases on April 16th.

Electro rock act Raizer goes into weightlessness

Raizer’s second single of 2019, "Weightlessness", releasing ahead of the group’s anticipated sophomore album with FiXT, takes the project into tenebrous territory with heavy guitars and ensnaring vocals. Explosive, viscerous and dark, "Weightlessness" explores the despondency of betrayal and the resiliency of the human spirit.
Weightlessness is available on April 23rd.

FiXT Neon´s latest addition Ace Marino releases The Flamingo Returns single

FiXT Neon's latest addition Ace Marino, making his triumphant return with energetic synthwave piece "The Flamingo Returns", the first track releasing with FiXT Neon ahead of an anticipated 2019 sophomore album. 

Featuring an eclectic and engaging mix of synth programming, alternating keyboard claviature and an effective vocal hook to drive the track, "The Flamingo Returns" sets the stage for a melodic album of tracks that will surely get stuck in your head.
The Flamingo Returns drops April 16th.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Introducing Cassettes from Philly

United by their friendships and favorite records, the debut LP from Philadelphia, PA’s Cassettes is a love letter to the FM era. A time when every song could be the single, every line could be the chorus and every guitar solo was an octave higher than the last. Produced by Ace Enders (The Early November) and Nik Bruzzese (Man Overboard), Wild Heart’s sunset strip leads and flannel-draped power chords clash with bar-band pianos and new wave synths for a sound that recalls pop radio of the 70s, 80s and 90s while keeping its feet firmly planted in the modern day.

A pristine mix by Vince Ratti (Brand New, The Wonder Years, The Menzingers) make every song shine as Cassettes turn the radio dial with each track. Their relentless hooks and youthful energy are backed by a live show to match and when they take a rare moment to breathe (“Love Songs On the Radio”, “Ruin Your Night”) Cassettes prove they do 11 as well as any other number on the amplifier. While wiser and more experienced, they haven't lost that intangible enchantment of making music for the first time. Wild Heart perfectly captures that feeling, filters it through your old car stereo and blasts it full volume for the entire city to hear.
Stream the new album Wild Heart here:

Monday, April 8, 2019

Active rockers Damn Nation delivers the goods with Set Me Off

American rock/metal band Damn Nation drops Set Me Off single today on iTunes and Spotify.
For fans of Saliva, Corroded and Breaking Benjamin.
The band recently released the debut single Apocalypse.

Japam from down under releases Sickboy Wants A Hot Dog single

Adelaide, Australia based Japam are bringing back the bounce! Combining influences from the heavy, technical groove of modern progressive music to the melodic appeal of 90's pop and rock music, the band creates an energetic and infectious soundscape, sure to please a vast array of keen music listeners.
Check out their new single Sickboy Wants A Hot Dog.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Canadian alternative rock act Legion Of Saints ready to bottle it up

Based out of Ottawa, Ontario - Alternative Rock quartet Legion of Saints are making their mark across Canada with their intricate guitar hooks and catchy sing-along choruses that will leave you wanting more. Their sound is composed of a mix of high and low distortion guitars, complemented by a low to mid-range punchy bass and powerful drums. Their intricate instrumental techniques and melodic vocals not only provide a unique listening experience, but create a memorable event for their live performances.

The band draws inspiration from a broad range of musical genres, and from situations experienced through day to day life, making their music truly relatable. Since releasing their debut LP “Last Call”, Legion of Saints has played shows with notable artists in and around their hometown and have been hard at work writing their new EP “Killing The Silence”. Killing the Silence is a true culmination of Legion of Saints’ musical styles and backgrounds, contributed by each individual band member. 

‘Bottle it Up’, being the first single to introduce 2019's ‘Killing The Silence’ EP, is a prime example of how Legion of Saints' musical and writing styles have evolved. Bottle it Up has its sound primarily rooted in the band's home genre of alt-rock, but surprisingly contains a new taste of pop-funk that makes listeners want to get up on their feet and dance. With Bouncy drum beats and funky guitar riffs, Bottle it Up is non-stop energy.  However behind this energetic instrumental funk fest lies a message unfortunately familiar to far too many people. Bullying. The lyrics tackle issues revolving around the dreaded subject, making the song immediately relatable to those who currently suffer or who have suffered from bullying in their lifetime.

Bottle it Up is set to drop on April 12th, 2019 and the upcoming EP "Killing The Silence" will be released June 1st. Visit their website for more information

Cosmic rock band DREAMERS announce new album Launch Fly Land

Los Angeles based cosmic rock band DREAMERS will release their new album Launch Fly Land on April 26th through Hollywood Records.
Check out the new single Insomniac.

Cinematic alternative pop artist Zayde Wolf drop new single Cold Blooded

Nashville based cinematic alternative pop artist Zayde Wolf releases new single Cold Blooded.
His latest album Modern Alchemy came out in 2018.

GEARS team up with Lajon Witherspoon of Sevendust on Tango Yankee

Miami, Florida based heavy rock band GEARS featuring Lajon Witherspoon on guest vocals from Sevendust, releases brand new track "Tango Yankee".

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Israeli prog-rock band Tillian releases debut album Lotus Graveyard

Tillian is a new progressive rock band from Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Their debut album Lotus Graveyard is written and composed by lead singer Leah Marcu, Lotus Graveyard is a musical exploration on a cycle of inner transformations: Love to pain, pain to beauty, beauty to spirit and spirit to love. Working with producer Erez Yohanan (Orphaned Land, Amaseffer) and hand-picked musicians, the unique sound of the album crystallized by combining powerful drums and guitars with the soft richness of cello, keyboard and vocal harmonies. ‘Lotus Graveyard’ was recorded in Tel-Aviv and mastered by Forrester Savell (Karnivool, The Butterfly Effect), to be released April 20th 2019.
Listen to the album track "Black Holes".

Introducing Finding Kate from down under

Hailing all the way from Australia and Cyprus, 22-year-old singer/songwriter Finding Kate is proving she is a force to be reckoned with.

Kate Pavli, better known by her stage name Finding Kate, has a versatile and powerful voice with dark, emotional undertones which shine through at her shows – and that’s a pretty good virtue when you are competing with hard-hitting drums, heavy guitars and distorted bass.

Drawing influences from the Rock, Alternative and Pop genres, Finding Kate’s debut album “If I Fall” from 2016 was received with immense enthusiasm from her fans and media from all around the world.

On May 10th, Finding Kate will release the brand new single I Feel Bad.
Meanwhile, listen to her beautiful version of Pearl Jam´s Black.

Chair Warriors presents the badworld

Montreal, Canada based modern rock band Chair Warriors release new single BadWorld, their latest EP "Dawn of Edo" came out in 2017.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

New band Wildheart drop debut single Lonely

Atlanta, Georgia based alternative pop/rock band Wildheart drop debut single "Lonely", featuring former members of metalcore acts Issues and Woe, Is Me.

From Berlin with love, here´s Future Palace

Future Palace is a rock band from Berlin, Germany. For fans of Emarosa, Slaves and PVRIS.
Their new single "Maybe" is out now.

Emil Bulls announces covers album Mixtape

German metal band Emil Bulls will release their first covers album Mixtape on May 24th.
Check out their cover of Destiny´s Child´s "Survivor".

Heavy metal band Sister Shotgun releases Fragments album in April

British heavy metal band Sister Shotgun will release their new album Fragments on April 19 through Pavement Entertainment.
The first single is "Sacred heart".

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Top albums so far in 2019

It´s time to list the Top 10 albums of 2019 so far, released between January and March this year.

1.White Lies-Five
3.In Flames-I, The Mask
4.Downfall 2012-We welcome the pain
5.Queensryche-The Verdict
6.The Mute Gods-Atheists and believers
7.Stone Blue Electric-Speaking volumes
8.Two Steps From Hell-Dragon
9.D´Angerous-Moonshine over jet black skies
10.Matthew Mayfield-Gun shy

Monday, April 1, 2019

Dreamhouse take on Without Me by Halsey

Dreamhouse is a collection of four individuals with a passion to create and express their own take on rock music. The female-fronted Milwaukee, WI act pulls elements of pop, punk, and alternative rock to showcase a spunky, yet refined feel of aggression.
Check out their cover of Halsey´s "Without Me".

Classic rock act Matt Mitchell and The Coldhearts goes home

UK’s new classic rock outfit MATT MITCHELL & THE COLDHEARTS have announced the release of their second single ‘Home‘ on April 5th, 2019. The song is taken from the upcoming self-titled solo record which was recorded at the iconic Rockfield Studios, Wales earlier this year.

British Singer/songwriter MATT MITCHELL (PRIDE, FURYON, COLOUR OF NOISE) has recently had the chance to embark on the journey of recording his long awaited debut solo record ‘MATT MITCHELL & THE COLDHEARTS‘.

Dark pop band YONAKA announces debut album Don´t Wait ´Til Tomorrow

YONAKA are a dark alternative pop band from Brighton, UK. Their debut album "Don´t Wait ´Til Tomorrow" drops May 31st on Asylum Records.
Including the singles "Bad Company" and "Lose Our Heads".

Indie rock band King No-One debuts with OOMM EP

Yorkshire, UK based indie rock band King No-One has released their debut EP "OOMM", featuring the single Under The Sound.
The next big thing?