Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Bad Habit - After Hours (re-cap) featuring two new tracks out May 31

2 CD set from one of Sweden's top AOR acts. Initially released by Virgin Records in 1989, this set features a second disc loaded with demos and two BRAND NEW songs. The album and demos have been remastered by guitarist, Hal Marabel
Track Listing:
Disc One:
01 Living On The Edge 
02 Rainbow 
03 Don't Stop 
04 Play The Game 
05 More Than I 
06 Never Find Another You 
07 Coming Home 
08 Rowena 
09 Winner Takes It All 
10 More Than A Feeling 
11 Dancin'
Disc Two:
01 Love Will Find a Way (NEW) 
02 Reach For You (NEW) 
03 Rainbow 
04 I Never Knew What Love Could Do 
05 Need Somebody 
06 Til the End 
07 Mystery 
08 Get Wild 
09 I Want It 
10 Lay Down 
11 Let's Get High 
12 Ramona 
13 Ridin' High
RELEASE DATE: 31 May 2019

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