Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Cabaret rock band Sarah And The Safe Word releases Formula 666 video

Sarah & the Safe Word are a band used to turning “What the fuck is this" into “This is fucking awesome.” Whether playing to an audience of 200 or 2000, their unique twist to the standard rock formula—which includes a violinist, violist, and double keyboards—often endears them to unfamiliar audiences. Their queer and POC-positive lineup also means that Sarah and the Safe Word are a band for everybody, and they believe strongly that their shows should remain a safe, inclusive space for anyone who attends.

Their new record Red Hot & Holy fulfills the promise only hinted at by previous releases. Each song is an explosive cinematic adventure, careening from breakneck demon-powered race cars (“Formula 666”), to swashbuckling pirate battles on the open sea (“Dead Girls Tell No Tales”), and back down home to the swampy, Southern marshes of revenge (“Lit Cigarette”). With a sound that speaks nostalgically of days gone by and a future that never came, Sarah & the Safe Word can safely guarantee a live experience like no other.

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