Saturday, June 8, 2019

Sunsleep deliver new single Drifting Away

Sunsleep is an American rock band formed by five members, Devin Barrus (Vocals), Miles Croney (Guitar), Lance Nerio (Guitar), Dylan Woods (Bass), and Mason Croney (Drums). The majority of the band was originated out of the ashes of a metal-core group from Dallas Texas then regrouping as an Alternative band. The first song released was a single titled “Fever” featuring singer/songwriter Devin Barrus that was released in February 2017. After gaining traction through YouTube the band and the singer joined together with Manifest GRP and released an EP titled “I Hope To See Again With Brand New Eyes” in September 2018 with two preceding singles “Thicker Skin” and “Falling Out Of Place”.
Sunsleep deliver their latest single Drifting Away in 2019.

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