Saturday, July 20, 2019

Introducing Astral Drive

Astral Drive is songwriter and producer Phil Thornalley’s vision of a long lost
album from the 1970s that only existed in his own mind. A labour of love that
is very much the statement of a lifelong music fan living in the modern world.
He may not be a household name but many of the records he’s made with artists
as diverse as The Cure, Psychedelic Furs, The Jam, Duran Duran, Paul McCartney,
and Natalie Imbruglia (he produced and co-wrote her worldwide smash “Torn”)
certainly hold a special place in the hearts and ears of millions
Astral Drive is more than just a trip down memory lane, and Phil’s lyrics express
many of the hard won truths acquired during his decades inside (and outside)
the studio, to form an honest statement of where he’s at today. The ten tracks on
Astral Drive were lovingly crafted by Thornalley himself, aiming for almighty feel
over technical accuracy, and using mostly second or third takes, with occasional augmentations by his Bryan Adams band mates, drummer Mickey Curry, keyboardist
Gary Breit, and guitarist Keith Scott. He even found a way to include some key
backing vocals from Utopia’s Kasim Sulton, with whom he has frequently written in
the past.
Discography: Astral Drive LP 2018
Wishing I Could Change The World EP 2019

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