Saturday, September 28, 2019

Top Albums 2019 (January-September)

9 months has passed in this last year of the 10th decade with three more months of releases before we can settle the final verdict of the best albums of 2019, but up till that point, Palace of Rock has completed the list of the greatest albums so far this year.
This will probaby change since I am waiting to hear upcoming albums with Alter Bridge, Angel, Babymetal, Voyager, Jeff Lynne´s ELO, The Who, Grand Slam and other surprises.

2.White Lies-Five
3.Biffy Clyro-Balance, not symmetry
4.Lonely Robot-Under stars
7.In Flames-I, The Mask
8.KoRn-The Nothing
9.Cinder-The Machine
11.Rick Springfield-Orchestrating my life
13.Downfall 2012-We welcome the pain
14.Meytal-The Witness
15.Queensryche-The Verdict
16.The Mute Gods-Atheists and believers
17.KXM-Circle of dolls
18.Cold-The things we can´t stop
19.Demon Hunter-War
20.Villainy-Raised in the dark

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