Sunday, November 17, 2019

Solence announce debut album Brothers

The Swedish pop-metal band Solence will release their debut album "Brothers" on November 28.
Since 2014, the band has released several singles and some of them are featured on the new album along with new tracks.

Tracklisting :
1.Brothers (new)
2.Heaven (2019 single)
3.Spit it out (2019 single)
4.Heavy rain (2019 single)
5.Death do us part (2019 single)
6.Pump more life (2019 single)
7.Load (2019 single)
8.In the dark (new)
9.Breaking the silence (2019 single)
10.Empire of the sun (2019 single)
11.Serenade (new)
12.Ghosts (2019 single)
13.Wish I wasn´t me (new)

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