Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Best Songs of 2019

2019 is a great year when it comes to metal and alternative rock if you noticed my Top 20 album list but what about the best songs of this year? Well, it´s a first class progmetal anthem with elements of 80´s pop from down under at #1, followed by a supercharming new wave song by the amazing and sweet Chloe and her band at #2.
At #3 we find the best lyrics of the year from a band that says that we should bring the guitars and burn them and at #4 is an ultra-mega-original and artsy song from a Belgium band (the video is awesome), and finally at #5 : the electronic rock-disco rocket Tunnel vision from the Brexit country.

1.Voyager-Colours (Colours In The Sun)
2.Kitten-Memphis (Goodbye Honeymoon Phase)
3.I Fight Dragons-Artifact (Canon Eyes)
4.De Staat-Kitty Kitty (Bubble Gum)
5.Black Futures-Tunnel vision (Never Not Nothing)

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