Saturday, December 14, 2019

Top albums 2019

And so comes another year to an end and also the end of a decade, that means toplists and more toplists. First out is the Top albums of 2019 where the three big ones are the album covers above.

1.Alter Bridge-Walk the sky
3.The Who-WHO
4.White Lies-Five
5.Biffy Clyro-Balance, not symmetry
6.Voyager-Colours in the sun
7.Lonely Robot-Under stars
10.In Flames-I, The Mask

11.KoRn-The Nothing
12.Cinder-The Machine
14.The New Shining-Elephant
15.Rick Springfield-Orchestrating my life
17.Cold-The things we can´t stop
18.The Mute Gods-Atheists and believers
19.Meytal-The Witness
20.Queensryche-The Verdict

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