Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Super-Bleu with the superb new song I Wanna Write You A Symphony

William James McAuley III or Bleu as we know him, has released a new single called "I wanna write you a symphony". It´s awesome of course.
Bleu´s latest studio album "To hell with you" came out in 2014, he´s also a member of bands like The Major Labels, Loud Lion, LEO and The Blizzard of ´05.

Indie rock band 5:55 drops Paint It Gold single

The 5:55 are an indie rock band from Washington DC, USA. Their new single "Paint it gold" is available now.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Rock and rollers Son Of Man unleash new album State Of Dystopia

Son of MAN - The new album “State of Dystopia” out now on Cherry Red / Esoteric Recordings. Featuring former members of MAN and Sassafras, playing original music along with the music of founding MAN member Micky Jones.

Synthpop heaven with ONR and Human Enough

Synthpop artist ONR from Scotland will release his new EP "Must stop" on May 15th through Warner, including the singles "Sober" and "Human enough".
Fab stuff.

Arista Records artist Julian Lamadrid rising out of the city of Dubai

Originally from Mexico but born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, the creative Julian Lamadrid uncommonly blends a wide array of genres to sonically create a unique and invigorating style of pop. Delving between the hectic sounds of commercialism and the lavish dynamics of underground RnB, Julian’s music aims to encapsulate his life-long journey growing up in the city.
Julian Lamadrid signed with Arista Records and recently released his new single "Cigarette".

Hunter and The Bear shows that rock is alive and well with new single Digital Light

British rock heroes Hunter and The Bear launched a music video for their latest single "Digital light".
Crank it!

Alternative rock from Italy, please welcome OVERLAPS

OVERLAPS is a new rock band from the Treviso/Pordenone area (North-Eastern Italy).
The unusual band-name stands for the interesting and energetic mixture of five profoundly different but complementary characters, where extremely heterogeneous elements and divergent influences magically converge into a catchy, powerful and multi-faceted rock sound, which is up-to-date and tradition-conscious at the same time.
OVERLAPS´ new album "In your room" is out now featuring the single "Wasted".

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Rock Six Times

Canadian rock band The Treble with a song about tuning out bad thoughts

The Treble are an alt-rock band from Winnipeg, Canada. Their debut album, Modernaires, was released via Cadence Recordings in 2017, and went on to chart in the Top 40 on Canadian alternative radio and in the Top 5 on SiriusXM/The Verge’s The Grocery List respectively.
Captured fully on their forthcoming sophomore effort produced by Ryan Worsley (Dear Rouge, Said The Whale), which is jam-packed with melody-heavy tracks that couple anthemic group harmonies and poignant autobiographical lyrics with urgent brooding rhythms and soaring electronic flourishes, is truly the sound of The Treble coming into its own.
Check out the new single "All the people".

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Alternative prog-metal trio Indigo Storm releases Chatterbox single

Indigo Storm is a progressive/alt rock trio known for original music with thought provoking lyrics, engaging vocals and powerful instrumentals. CJ Jones (guitar and vocals), Ryan Slayton (drums), and David DeWolfe (bass and vocals) generate the Indigo Storm sound: primal and passionate – capable of pushing and pulling you on a wonderful demented ride. Indigo Storm released their debut LP “Deep” in September 2018. The same month, they opened for Grammy nominated artists Nothing More and platinum artists Bad Wolves in Lexington, Kentucky. Focused upon creating music they can perform authentically, the band is poised to rock the perfect Storm.
Their latest offering "Chatterbox" is produced by Skidd Mills.

Music for quarantine : Slaves - Talk to a friend

Alternative rock band Slaves recruited Matt McAndrew from NBC´s The Voice as their permanent lead vocalist, the band is currently working on their 4th studio album to be out later in 2020 but get a first taste of the brand new single "Talk to a friend".

It´s time to dance, Lovelytheband´s new song Waste is here

In 2017, the Los Angeles based Lovelytheband released their first EP "Everything I could never say" and in 2018, they released their debut album "Finding it hard to smile". Earlier in 2020, the band dropped the charming new song "Loneliness for love" and now they deliver the infectious "Waste".
It´s time to put on your dancing shoes.

The Impersonators featuring members of Carmen Gray release Cloud Nine single

The Impersonators came into being after the demise of Finnish pop/rock band Carmen Gray in 2013 when Tommi Tikka, the other half of Carmen Gray’s songwriting team, joined forces with lyricist Antti Autio to write some new songs.
The best way to describe the sound of The Impersonators is to call it sixties-flavored “alternative pop/rock”. Their goal is to nurture and cultivate the creativity, spirit, and warmth that graced the pop records of yesteryears.
Watch the official video of their new single Cloud Nine.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Heavy rock band Empty Friend drops Falter EP

Through a chance meeting of friends at a Soundgarden reunion show at London’s Hyde Park, childhood friends Ryan O’Hare (guitar) and Karl Morgan (drums) met up with Dave Kirk (vocals) and decided to set up a new, heavy project, in honour of their heroes Soundgarden, Kyuss and Alice in Chains, amongst others. Each a veteran of various underground hard rock and hardcore bands in the early 2000s – 2010s, in 2015 the band settled on the name ‘Empty Friend’ after the track of the same name by LA rockers Failure, another major influence on their sound. With the addition of Dave Norman on bass, the line up was settled, and work began towards their first studio EP ‘Saltwater’ – recorded with Producer Wayne Adams (Death Pedals / Pet Brick) at Bear Bites Horse Studios and released in July 2018.

The band then hit the heavy rock scene with a string of shows around rock venues in London and the South of England in the years after, building up their following and slowly crafting a new crop of heavier, riff-laden material. With these new songs, each more uncompromising than the last, the band recorded their follow-up EP ‘Falter’ in the summer of 2019 with Producer Tom Hill (Modern Rituals) at Bookhouse Studios in South London. With its title track ‘Falter’ released as the band’s first single in December 2019, and ‘Neon’ in January 2020, the full EP was released on 29 February 2020.

JR Richards Green Room VIP experience offers new track Til Only Love Remains

Original lead singer for Dishwalla, JR Richards is working on a new solo album and if you register for his Green Room VIP exlusive on his bandcamp page, you get access to new tracks such as "Til only love remains".

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Top 10 albums so far

And so by tradition, a first update with the top 10 albums so far in 2020 - the releases between January and March.

1.Dizzy Mizz Lizzy-Alter echo 
2.The Night Flight Orchestra-Aeromantic 
3.Ozzy Osbourne-Ordinary man 
4.Birds of Tokyo-Human design 
5.The Dowling Poole-See you see me 
6.Stoneface-Bad luck world 
7.Harem Scarem-Change the world 
8.Best Coast-Always tomorrow 
9.Villainy-Beggar EP 
10.Geoff Tyson-Drinks with infinity 

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Nano releases Best album I

"I" is a Best of album from J-pop/rock band Nano, where past meets present and present meets future.
The double album features the new track "Inside my core".

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Ville Valo of H.I.M. releases debut EP

Ville Valo (H.I.M.) aka VV releases his debut EP "Gothica Fennica Vol.1" featuring the irresistable track "Run away from the sun".

Introducing British alternative rock band Tropic Gold

Tropic Gold are an alternative rock band from London, United Kingdom. In 2019 the band released singles like "Living in colour", "Runaway" and "Smile". They start the new year of 2020 with the brand new rocker "Need to know", out now on Dreambound Music.

Atlantic Records artists Wallows with the 80´s influenced pop track Ok

Atlantic Records artists Wallows from Los Angeles, California, released their latest album "Nothing happens" in 2019. They are now hot on the heels again with the new single "Ok".

New wave / punk band Block of Flats set to release new EP

Block of Flats is a unique mix of genres like punk, metal and rock. Guys from the band, Jonne, Jesse, Kauri and Ossi has played many years in different groups and now all of them are bringing something special for Block of Flats.

After thousands of hours of rehearsing, touring three times in Baltic countries and publishing 1 EP and 4 singles, Block of Flats’ next step will be second EP releasing in 2020. Check out the new single "Do I even want you back" from the upcoming EP here:

Friday, March 20, 2020

Jessie Frye and Ollie Wride in a retrowave duet

Retrowave time, remember those days with 80´s soundtrack songs? Jessie Frye and Ollie Wride delivers a modern classic with "Malibu Broken".

Picturesque announces new album Do You Feel O.K?

Lexington, Kentucky based alternative rock band Picturesque released their debut album "Back to beautiful" in 2017 and will follow-up with the sophomore album "Do you feel O.K?" on April 24.
Here is the latest single ATTN:

Pop punk band Broadside drops Foolish Believer single

Richmond, Virginia based pop-punk band Broadside drops "Foolish Believer" single, their latest album "Paradise" was released 2017. Infectious music for infectious times.

Zayde Wolf shares Let´s Go single

Artist to producer to artist again, Dustin Burnett is Zayde Wolf. Dark, epic, gritty, cinematic alt-pop. The Nashville based artist Zayde Wolf releases new single "Let´s Go" today.
Make something good from the quarantine, listen to some good music.

Damn Nation delivers Would You Stay single

Here´s a new song for your isolation playlists in these Corona times, American rock band Damn Nation delivers "Would you stay".

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Former Bobaflex members are now The Lonely Ones

Born out of the ashes of record label bankruptcy and the loss of the rights to their name, Bobaflex found themselves lost at sea when they started their own label BFX Records for the release their first independent full album Hell In My Heart in 2011. The album spawned two charting singles and set the mold for Bobaflex’s fiercely independent way of life.
Now, reborn as The Lonely Ones, the band delivers the new single Eternal Sadness.

Emo isn´t dead, please welcome Dacian Miron

Dacian Nicolae Miro is an American singer, songwriter and musician from Tampa, Florida known as the founder and former guitarist of The August Name, a rock band out of St Petersburg, Florida. Born in Alba Iulia, Romania, he moved to the United States when he was ten. After he parted ways with the band, Dacian went on to pursue a solo career. He launched his project with the release of his first single "Feelin' Dangerous” which drew influence from artists such as Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Panic! at the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Depeche Mode and an eclectic mix of early 2000’s punk rock with electronic elements. The music video racked up 30K views upon its release and continues to grow daily.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Indie rockers Naked Next Door releases Save It single from forthcoming EP

Milton Keynes, UK based indie rock band Naked Next Door releases "Save it" single from their forthcoming EP "Swerving Out Wide".

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Monday, March 9, 2020

Rise Records artists Social Animals shares Get Over It single

American alternative rock band Social Animals are working on their debut album for Rise Records and recently released two new singles, "Best years" and "Get over it".

Britpop band Stereo Honey split up

London, UK based pop/rock band Stereo Honey decided to part ways and released their final EP "Ladders to the Sun" on March 6th.

Toronto based Dead Defined releases hard hitting Lifeline single

When art can’t be pigeonholed or pinned down, it elevates the very medium itself. Dead Defined thrives on that sort of unpredictability, standing confidently at a crossroads between anthemic hard rock infectiousness and thought-provoking technically-charged industrial pop. Think a cross between the mind-numbing musical malevolence of Canadian super group Nickelback and Nine Inch Nails' timeless irresistibility, and you’re halfway there. This is the vision of singer/songwriter Craig Ewan (ex-Shadows in Red) and previous driving force of Toronto hard rock band Waveline.
Dead Defined´s latest single "Lifeline" is out now.

These Four Walls announces This Is Not A Future album

Since the release of their debut album 'Down Falls An Empire' in 2009, These Four Walls have had 2 songs in the NZ Top 10 Rock charts, and have supported international acts such as Nickelback, Disturbed, Trivium and Karnivool.
On April 24th, the Gold Coast, Australia based band These Four Walls drop their new album "This Is Not A Future" and you can stream three new tracks right now.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

A-Team - The Party Years 1990-1993 demos available for the first time ever

For the first time ever so is the demo collection THE PARTY YEARS 1990-1993 with my former band A-TEAM available to listen to at Soundcloud.
We were inspired by bands like Van Halen, Love Hate, Extreme and King´s X.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Rock Six Times

London based trio Black Orchid Empire announces new album Semaphore

Black Orchid Empire create huge, memorable rock music that combines heavy-hitting savagery with intense melodic beauty. Their technical, fearlessly complex grooves and gigantic sing-along choruses have already earned them a widespread fanbase.

A ferociously tight live band, Black Orchid Empire have toured Europe and the UK extensively, recently supporting Skunk Anansie on their sold out 25th anniversary shows, including Brixton Academy. These appearances, as well as previous tours with HED p.e, INME, Black Map and Ravenface, combined with festival slots at Download, Standon Calling, Planet Rockstock, Camden Rocks and Taubertal, have sealed the bands reputation as a force to be reckoned with.

Black Orchid Empire´s new album "Semaphore" is coming June 12th, 2020. Featuring the single "Evergreen".

Monday, March 2, 2020

Heartland rock from Marquis Drive

Marquis Drive are not your normal average run of the mill “covers band”. We have a huge appeal to Corporate Events and Festivals and we are the in house band for our local scooter club, Cannock Crusaders We take booking for all events ranging from Corporate to Festivals, Charity Events, Birthday’s, Weddings or even if you just want to fill your bar with some very decent and very professional live entertainment.
The new single "Proud" is an original song from Marquis Drive, for fans of Deaf Havana.

Britrock band The Slow Readers Club announces new album The Joy Of The Return

The Slow Readers Club enter 2020 with a brand new album.
“The Joy Of The Return” will be released on 20th March 2020, featuring the single “All I Hear,” as a follow up to 2018’s top 20 UK album “Build A Tower.”
“Build A Tower” saw the band achieve their greatest success to date, with countless Sold Out shows across the UK + Europe including O2 Apollo Manchester, London Scala and Glasgow School of Art to name a few; along with festival appearances at Kendal Calling, Liverpool Sound City, Beautiful Days, Head for the Hills (Headline), Neighbourhood Festival, Reeperbahn Festival (Germany), Kaltern Pop Festival (Italy), Haldern Pop (Germany) and playing two special shows in Beijing and Hangzhou, China.
All four singles from 'Build A Tower' featured on BBC 6Music, Radio X, XS Manchester and BBC Introducing in Manchester. The band also recorded a live session for John Kennedy (Radio X) in July 2018.

In Spring 2020 the band head out on a 30+ date UK + EU spring tour to support The Joy Of The Return.

Introducing Blackwater Conspiracy, southern rock from Northern Ireland

Ask anyone Irish and they’ll tell you music is in their blood, and so it is with Blackwater Conspiracy from County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. Their debut album “Shootin’ The Breeze” was released June 2017 in the UK to wholesale critical acclaim.
The story of the band is the story of 5 guys from Northern Ireland who have played music all their lives. Having crossed paths frequently over the years they came together as Blackwater Conspiracy in the Summer of 2015.
Their intention from the outset was no more following of trends, no more conforming to what was expected – they are 5 individuals wanting to fully express themselves whilst playing in a band. Sounds simple, but consider a classically trained pianist taking inspiration from Jon Lord and Jerry Lee Lewis, a bass player influenced by Iron Maiden and Thin Lizzy, a drummer driven by everyone from Buddy Rich to Danny Carey and two guitar players oozing The Stones, The Faces and The Black Crowes - you’re going to create a pretty unique musical melting pot.
Blackwater Conspiracy´s new album "Two tails and The dirty truth of Love and Revolution" is out now, featuring the single "All Wired Wrong".

Alternative rockers Endeavour drops Burning Out single

English alternative rock band Endeavour drops new single "Burning out" today.
A great start of the week.