Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Idaho hard rockers Silent Theory shares Six Feet Under lyric video

Silent Theory is made up of brothers Mitch, Scott, and George Swanger, as well as Robert James and Dakota Elliot Tyler. They are currently located in Moscow, Idaho, but finding worldwide success. As of January 2019, they signed with Paul Crosby Management (founding member of Saliva), released their latest single, "Six Feet Under," and are currently finishing a new album to be released later this year.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Stand with Welshly Arms

Welshly Arms is an American blues rock band from Cleveland, Ohio, United States. The dynamic and eclectic sounding six-piece of Getz [Lead, Singer, Guitar], Brett Lindemann [keyboard, vocals], Jimmy Weaver [bass, vocals], Mikey Gould [drums], Bri Bryant [vocals], and Jon Bryant [vocals] are all confident-yet-humble midwesterners that share a true passion for music and performing.
Their latest offering "Stand" is out now.

Rock Six Times

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Washington DC rockers Set For Tomorrow unleash What Made You Stay video

From the stage to their daily lives, Set For Tomorrow is reinventing what it means to be an individualist. Inspiring their listeners not to fear judgement but to welcome it with open arms. Their genre-bending sound continues to gain attention both nationally and globally. Since the release of their single “Empty” in 2019, Set For Tomorrow has proven their commitment to bringing listeners a fresh sound with each new song.
In 2020, the band released two more singles "Divide" and "What made you stay".

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Synthpop act Midrone release new album Sangomore

Paul J No aka Midrone, is a French born independent composer, musician and singer, now living in Barcelona, Spain. His latest album "Sangomore" is out now on iTunes, Spotify and other digital platforms. Watch the official video of the first single "Embrace of the black widow".

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Mystery artist Wellmess featuring singer Tommy Ljungberg

Not much info to go on here except that Wellmess is a Swedish band and their latest album "Haul You Down" is out now, featuring the album opener "Waste another lie".
Cool stuff.

Fueled By Ramen artists A Day To Remember shares Mindreader video

American post-hardcore/metalcore act A Day To Remember drops "Mindreader" single from their forthcoming album "You´re Welcome", out later in 2020.

Zoch from Russia delivers new single Bilateral Symmetry

Zoch are an alternative rock/metal band from Moscow, Russia. Their latest offering "Bilateral Symmetry" is out now.

Monday, April 20, 2020

The mighty City Of Souls release Cruelty single

New Zealand based post-hardcore/metal act City Of Souls´ new album "Synaesthesia" is produced by Forrester Savell and will be out May 1st, featuring the new single "Cruelty".

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Brazilian rockers Ego Kill Talent shares Lifeporn single

Google identified Ego Kill Talent’s vibrant debut album as one of the twenty (20) most relevant artists of 2017. It became a Top 50 Viral Spotify release in the UK, France, Portugal and Brazil with over five weeks in the 4th position. 
The band is currently putting finishing touches on their second album at the famed 606 Studios, owned by The Foo Fighters. The album will feature 12 tracks with special guests John Dolmayan (System of a Down), Roy Mayorga (Stone Sour) and skateboarder Bob Burnquist (13 times X Games Champion). The album release date and title are to be confirmed. EKT has just signed with C3 Management and are now preparing for their second Rock In Rio performance later this year.
Listen to the new single Lifeporn from their second album, available later in 2020.

Holding Absence goes from strength to strength

Cardiff, Wales is the home for rock band Holding Absence. They are now working on the follow-up to their debut album and have released two singles from the forthcoming album, first "Gravity" and now the second killer song "Birdcage".

Declan McKenna shares The Key To Life On Earth music video

Declan McKenna is the cure you need to get through isolation, his new single/music video "The key to life on Earth" bring thoughts to David Bowie´s Scary Monsters.
Declan McKenna´s forthcoming record "Zeros" is out August 21.

Break the quarantine boredom with IRONTOM and their awesome Down For Whatever

The world needs IRONTOM, if the mainstream music is the pandemic, IRONTOM is the vaccine.
Their new single "Down For Whatever" is out now, for fans of AwolNation and The Urge.

Sleeping Wolf working on new album Greyscale

Sleeping Wolf is Steven Solomon and Jake Newton, the electro pop duo drops new single Pain from their upcoming album Greyscale.

London based rocket girl Kelsy Karter brings rock to the table

If Angelina Jolie and Mick Jagger had a one night stand, you'd get Kelsy Karter. Rocket girl Kelsy always considered herself to be a little bit of a rebellious outsider, following her own rules, living by her own design. Watch the official video for the new single Devil On My Shoulder.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Skagarack releases another new song called Changing

Danish AOR band Skagarack returned after almost 3 decades with the new song "Be with you forever" in early 2020, now in April the band led by Torben Schmidt releases another new song called "Changing".

Monday, April 13, 2020

Alternative pop-rock band Grasmere shares Invincible single

Columbus, OHIO based alternative pop-rock band Grasmere released their debut EP "What we left behind" in 2018 featuring the single "Headlights", in 2020 they´re back with the brand new single "Invincible".

Hard rockers Rise Among Rivals are ready to ignite

The raw energy invested into their debut, self-titled EP from 2018 is directly reflected on stage and on record by Rise Among Rivals, a new modern rock group based out of Baltimore MD. Since
forming in the summer of 2017, honest expression has been a top priority. With a focus on heavy riffs, melodic vocals, and complex dynamics.

In 2020, the band is ready to ignite again with their new smashing single.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Introducing glam-rock star Beau Bowen and the great anticlimax

Beau Bowen’s unravelling musical mind is displayed in detail on his fresh 9 track debut album (out 10th April 2020) entitled “The Great Anticlimax”, preceded by a single release, “A Rock ’n’ Roll Story” (out 14th February 2020)
The multi instrumentalist is an electrifying Guitarist, Vocalist and Frontman, but it’s genre pushing songwriting that makes him a standout. A daring and passionate young rock musician, Beau confidently and elegantly displays a wide palette of musical and emotional depth on a debut album that doesn’t feature a repeated chorus until the final track. The record was mixed by 5 time grammy award winner Jimmy Douglass.
The songs are elegantly melodic, carving a pathway through subtle acoustic passages, leading to an ambush of punishing riffs before soaring solos sweep away to a place you’ve never been before.

A Killer´s Confession releases official quarantine video for Last Chance

Cleveland based hard rock/alternative metal band A Killer's Confession (AKC) is led by vocalist Waylon Reavis. Their new single Last Chance is out now. Watch the official quarantine video here.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Atomic Swing is back!

Swedish retro rock band Atomic Swing is back! Their first single in 14 years is out now, check out "I want my own cross" and make your time in isolation a bit more easy.
Atomic Swing is known for their 1993 hits "Stone me into the groove" and "Smile", their latest album "The Broken Habanas" came out 2006.

Scottish rock band Cold Years announces new studio album Paradise

Cold Years are a British rock band established in Aberdeen, Scotland. Emerging in late 2014 from a personal project of frontman Ross Gordon, the current lineup of the band is completed by Finlay Urquhart, Louis Craighead and Fraser Allan.
Their upcoming album "Paradise" is out September 4, 2020 and features the singles "Night like this", "Breathe" and "Electricity".

All-female pop band The Aces aiming for national success with new single Lost Angeles

Playing shimmering indie pop with an electronic edge, the Aces are an all-female quartet hailing from Provo, Utah.
Their debut album "When My Heart Felt Volcanic" dropped in 2018 and now they are finishing up their second album for a release in 2020, the first two singles are "Daydream" and "Lost Angeles".

Watt White drops I See Evil single

WATT WHITE is a multi-talented Composer, Singer, Songwriter, Performer and Producer based in New York City. As leader of NYC Punk-Metal band The SmashUp, he toured the US, Canada and UK with Megadeth, Deftones, and the full Vans Warped Tour, logging 30,000 road miles and earning fans nationwide as well as video play for his self-directed video “No Name” on MTV and FUSE.
WATT WHITE`s latest offering "I see evil" is available now.

Texas based rock band letdown. working on debut album

Letdown. formed in late 2019 in Dallas, Tx. Their passion for rock is clearly visible in their sound- seductive melodies paired with robust bass/drums. They are currently spending time in the studio writing, recording, and preparing a full length album. The first two singles "Spotlight" and "Fools gold" are followed by the brand new single "Sober":

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The 25 Greatest Offical Live Albums 2000-2019

The 25 Greatest Official Live Albums Released Between 2000-2019.

Ok, let´s get this straight, the live albums nowadays aren´t in any way in the same league as the classic live albums from the 70´s and 80´s. Most often modern live albums are like greatest hits compilations where the live versions are exactly like the original studio versions.
But if we dig deep, there are actually some great live albums released these past two decades where some were recorded a long time ago but not released until several years later, we´re talking Journey, Queen and Rainbow.
Well, enough of that......here comes the list.

1.Journey-Live in Houston 1981 (2005)
2.Rush-In Rio (2003)
3.The Who-Live at Hyde Park (2015)
4.Rush-Time machine, live in Cleveland (2011)
5.Rammstein-Paris (2017)
6.Rush-Snakes and arrows live (2008)
7.Muse-HAARP (2008)
8.Genesis-Live over Europe (2007)
9.Alter Bridge-Live at the Royal Albert Hall (2018)
10.Rammstein-Völkerball (2006)
11.Muse-Live at Olympic stadium (2013)
12.Def Leppard-Viva Hysteria (2013)
13.Yes featuring Anderson Rabin Wakeman-Live at the Apollo (2018)
14.Kiss-Symphony Alive IV (2003)
15.Queen-A night at the Odeon 1975 (2015)
16.Journey-Escape and Frontiers, live in Japan 2017 (2019)
17.Rainbow-Monsters of Rock, live at Donington 1980 (2016)
18.Steven Wilson-Home invasion, live at the Royal Albert Hall (2018)
19.Jeff Lynne´s ELO-Wembley or bust (2017)
20.Ghost-Ceremony and devotion (2017)
21.TNT-30th anniversary, live in concert (2014)
22.Biffy Clyro-Revolutions, live at Wembley (2011)
23.Black Sabbath-The end (2017)
24.Bring Me The Horizon-Live at the Royal Albert Hall (2016)
25.Delirious?-Now is the time (2006)

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Psychedelic punk for the left-of-center fan

What if The Residents and Devo had a baby and let Primus be the babysitter, then you would get Harry Cloud´s new album "The pig and the machine".
Could it be the right medicine for boredom in these times of isolation and quarantine? I will let you decide.

Old but fresh section - Vanilla Muffins - No punkrock in my car

Vanilla Muffins are a Swiss Punk band from the slums of Basel.
The song is about when you are so gentle to let someone can drive with you in the car for a gig and he start to mess up your car.. while you must concentrate for driving.
"No punkrock in my car" is taken from Vanilla Muffins´ 2014 album "The greatest sugar oi swindle in Japan". It might be old but it´s fresh.

Cutting Crew orchestral album out April 24

With a sound that helped define the 1980's music scene and a presence amongst popular culture which has seen them appear across TV, film and video games, Cutting Crew return with a stellar new album, "Ransomed Healed Restored Forgiven" featuring their best-loved songs recreated in a completely new style. Now with the added emotion and power of a full philharmonic orchestra, vocalist, Nick Van Eede and long-time Cutting Crew guitarist, Gareth Moulton, look to both their die-hard fanbase and new generations of 80's acolytes to enjoy tracks which just refuse to get old!

Cutting Crew, becoming a foursome in 1986, entered the studio the same year to record the multi-million selling debut Broadcast album, one year before "(I Just) Died in Your Arms" exploded and made them stars at home and in the USA where it hit the number one spot in the charts and has so far garnered 5 million plays on the radio in that country alone!

Cutting Crew released an award-winning sophomore album, The Scattering, in 1989 and a third in 1992, Compus Mentus. Sadly, after the death of his friend and founder member Kevin, there was an obviously long silence but Nick eventually chose to revive the band the following decade, featuring a radically different line-up, releasing the edgy Grinning Souls recorded in Kevin's hometown in Nova Scotia in 2006 and the remarkable Add To Favourites in 2015.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Brighton rock band Big Spring shares Keep The Lights On Me single

Brighton rockers Big Spring shares new single "Keep the lights on me", the follow-up to last year´s singles "Reset" and "Too late".
Play it loud.

Rock and rollers The Luka State drops new single with a fun title

The Luka State are Cheshire cats. Their hometown is famous for salt mining, and not much else. Yet being halfway between Liverpool and Manchester, every kid in the town wants to be a footballer or pop star the minute they can kick a ball or play a guitar.

The Luka State chose music, although it was a close call for former semi-pro footballer Jake. ‘Girl' is the latest in a series of highly acclaimed singles, which have received huge playlist coverage and airplay on BBC 6 Music, Radio X, and many more.

The Spiritual Machines releases new song Sleep Walk

New song from The Spiritual Machines, great band!

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Introducing Nick Piunti and The Complicated Men

Nick Piunti is a Detroit-based singer/songwriter with roots in classic rock and the early power pop movement.
You know the story, kid gets a guitar for Christmas, never puts it down, moves to L.A. with his childhood band to find that power pop was no match for Hair Metal.

Sticking to his musical guns, he retreats back home, gets married, and while raising three beautiful girls, with a most understanding wife, continues to record
and release albums.

Nick Piunti and The Complicated Men´s new album "Downtime" is out May 22nd, featuring the single "Upper hand".

Friday, April 3, 2020

Modern rockers Veridia with new song Blood Diamond

A message from Veridia´s singer Deena Jakoub about their new single "Blood diamond".

"I am not fluent, but I sing in Arabic for the first time on this song to celebrate my Egyptian heritage (which is one way I feel closer to my father since his passing) and to make a statement about a universal topic, the value of love, our Blood Diamonds. Which is also why it felt natural to incorporate more Middle Eastern tones in the music and in the single cover art. Ali Omar El-Farouk (based in Egypt) played the Oud beautifully on this song and Rafik El Hariri (graphic artist based in Lebanon) designed all of the art surrounding it!"

This is the sound of an empty arena

Empty Arena" is Jim Peterik´s song of hope for a better time when once again arenas, stadiums, theaters and clubs can be filled with people there for the love of music, sports and other activities.

Shortino strikes again and shares an unusual cover

Delivered by Paul Shortino, the seasoned singer from the LA Metal scene (Rough Cutt / Quiet Riot), behold, a masterpiece of Las Vegas Hard Rock! From Shortino's new album "MAKE A WISH", the track "Send In The Clowns" featuring Vinne Paul (drums / Pantera), Paul's close friend who unfortunately passed away, will be proudly released!
Release date : April 24th.
"Send in the clowns" is a song written by Steven Sondheim for the 1973 musical "A little night music" and also recorded by Frank Sinatra on his "Ol´ blue eyes is back" album the same year.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Indie rock act Pink Laundry debuts Like It Like This single

Pink Laundry is an indie rock act featuring Judah Akers of Judah and The Lion, the debut single "Like it like this" is out now.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

These are changing times

Escape Music and Steve Overland would like to dedicated this song to all Doctors, Nurses in frontline, and all the staff in Hospitals all over the world, whom are facing this difficult times with Pandemic Covid-19 virus and tribute goes to all Fathers, Mothers, Brothers , Sisters and all loved ones whom lost their battles from this virus.
Changing Times is taken from Overland´s forthcoming solo album "Scandalous", out later this year.
Steve Overland-Vocals, Tommy Denander-Guitars, Brian Tichy-Drums.