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A Current Affair-The real devastation EP
A Love Like Pi-Atlas and the oyster
A Road Less Traveled-Of a captive heart
A Sound Mind-Harmonia
Acacia Avenue-Acacia Avenue
Ace Frehley-Anomaly
Adam Lambert-For your entertainment
Adam Marsland-Go west
Against Me-I was a teenage anarchist
Agnes Pihlava-Redemption
Agrokulcher-Steady of the surface
After The Fall-In exile
Akanoid-Civil demon
Alan Parsons-Eye 2 Eye, Live in Madrid
Alan Parsons Project-The complete album collection
Alana Grace-With one word
Aleksander With-Still awake
Alkaline Trio-This addiction
April Divine-Redemption
Army of Me-Make yourself naked EP
Arno Carstens-Wonderful wild
Art of Chaos-Dreams EP
Athlete-Getaway EP
Atom Smash-Kill me EP
Auras-New generation
Automatic Fire-The EP
Autumn Burn-Ashes of a tormented soul

Benevolent Tomorrow-EP
Beyond The Now-Subject to change
Bidwell-Something real EP
Black City-Black City
Black Hat Villain-My generation EP
Blackwood Creek-Blackwood Creek
Blanc Faces-Falling from the moon
Blood Stained Grace-EP
Brakelazy-This is very EMO of us EP
Breaking Benjamin-Dear agony
Broadcast 2000-Broadcast 2000
Bruce Kulick-BK3
Bryan Scary-Mad valentine EP
BuiltForSpeed-Awkward familiar silence
Burning Tree Project-Time and color EP
Bury Tomorrow-Portraits
Butch Walker-I liked it better when you had no heart

Call The Cops-Call The Cops
Cars on Fire-Dig your own grave
Carus Thompson-Creature of habit
Cellout-Superstar Prototype
Chasing Gravity-Autumn in platinum
Chasing Thrill-Promises EP
Cold Divide-Grand manipulations EP
Coldrain-Final destination
Colourslide-Everybody´s right about everyone
Concrete Society-Diesel and bones
Cooper-Magic rocks
Core-Sentimental disco
Crash Coordinates-The business of making you move EP
Crazy Lixx-New religion

Damned nation-Just what the doctor ordered
Dan Krikorian-Colors and chords
Danyew-Wake up EP
Dave Barnes-What we want, what we get
Day Eleven-Matador
Days Difference-Days Difference
Deaf Havana-Meet me halfway, at least
Death On Two Wheels-The past and the present EP
Descended-Beautiful desperation
Disco Curtis-Play with fire, get burned EP
Dive-Picture perfect
Division By Zero-Independent harmony
Dream Theater - The studio albums 1992-2011
Dreaming In Stereo-Dreaming In Stereo
Drive Like Red-Too much is never enough

Early States-Powerlines EP
Emil Bulls-Phoenix
Empires-Bang EP
Erickson-Whatever it takes
Everio-Outlaw savior
Explorers-We always want

Fall Back Plan-Starting over EP
Falling Closer-The sweet release
Feersum Ennjin-EP
Fiction Plane-Sparks
First Signal featuring Harry Hess
Flight To Athena-City under fire EP
FM Revolver-Dust.Lies and The Weak
ForthAngel-Silver bullets EP
Fun-Aim and ignite

Gary Moore - Classic album selection
Geoff Tyson-Geoff Tyson
Giant-Promise land
Grand Atlantic-How we survive
Grand Design-Time elevation
Grinspoon-Six to midnight
Gun-Popkiller EP
Gungor-Beautiful things

H.E.A.T-Freedom rock
Heaven´s Basement-EP
Her Bright Skies-Causing a scene
Her Fatal Flaw-Betrayal
Heroes and Zeros-Simian vices, modern devices
Hiatus Road-EP
Honor Society-Fashionably late
Hot Streets-Hot Streets

i:Scintilla-Prey on you EP
Ike-Tie the knot with all you got
Ile Kallio Big Rock Band-Shook up
Ile Kallio Big Rock Band - Right now
In Every Breath-EP
Into The Presence-Into The Presence

Jason Walker-Jason Walker
Jeff Scott Soto-One night in Madrid
Jerad Finck-Jerad Finck
Jesse Labelle-Perfect accident
Jet Red-Flight plan
Joe Elliott´s Down´n´outz-My re-generation
Joe Firstman-El Porto
Joel Auge-On the blue
Jon Strider-Fresh tracks
Josh Rouse-El turista
Journey - Journey
Journey - Look into the future 
Journey - Next
Journey - Evolution
Journey - Departure
Journey - Dream after dream
Journey - Escape
Journey - Frontiers
Journey - Raised on radio
Journey - Trial by fire
Journey - Red 13
Journey - Eclipse
Justin Currie-The great war
Justin Nozuka-You, I, Wind, Land and Sea

Kaka-Below this sun
Kevin Gilbert-Nuts and bolts
Kiss - Kiss
Kiss - Hotter than hell
Kiss - Dressed to kill
Kiss - Destroyer
Kiss - Rock and roll over
Kiss - Love gun
Kiss - Dynasty
Kiss - Unmasked
Kiss - The elder
Kiss - Lick it up
Kiss - Creatures of the night
Kiss - Animalize
Kiss - Asylum
Kiss - Crazy nights
Kiss - Hot in the shade
Kiss - Revenge
Kiss - MTV unplugged
Kiss - Carnival of souls
Kiss - Psycho circus
Kiss-Sonic boom
Krista Detour-Chocolate paper suites

Last Autumns Dream-A touch of heaven
Life on Repeat-As I Grew EP
Like A Storm-The end of the beginning
Linden-The future is EP
Lions-Let no one fall EP
Little Dragon-Machine dreams
Livingston-Sign language
Lollipop Factory-Eat cake EP
LoPro-Letting go
LoPro-The beautiful sounds of revenge
Love 45-Into the ether EP
Lounge Pistol-Lounge Pistol

Mad Machinery-Reconnecting
Madside-Love and hate
Mama Kin-In the city
Marion Crane-Kamikaze
Matt Moore-No place left to hide
Matt Wertz-While we´re becoming EP
Matthew Mayfield-Five chances remain hers EP
Measure-Close to the madding crowd
Meriwether-Plug in the snakes
Metro Station-Kelsey EP
Michael Miller-I made you up
Modified-Cruel temptation
My Motive-EP
Mystery-One among the living

Neely-Everything I am
New heights-Starting again EP
Nigh Horizon-Immovable
No Second Troy-Colors

Omega Lithium-Dreams in formaline
Omni-Winter´s end
On The Rise-Dreamzone
One-Dirty valentine
One Fine Day-One Fine Day

Paige Armstrong-Wake up
Paper Tongues-Ride to California EP
Parachute-Winterlove EP
Paradise-Do or die
Paramore-Brand new eyes
Paul Freeman-Tightrope EP
Pete and The Poets-Are we going to America
Peter Mayer and Friends-Goodbye hello
Pink Cream 69-Live in Karlsruhe
Plain Jane Automobile-The collector
Plan Three-Screaming our sins
Pollyanna-On concrete
Population Game-Wake me up Let me down
Pornology-My bitter end
Powderfinger-Golden rule
Psoma-Homeland insecurity
Punk Goes Classic Rock

Queens Club-Young giant

Rage-Strings to a web
Ram Zet-Neutralized
Razzle-The eternal buzz
Rick Springfield-From the vault
Rob Daiker-Bad day for goodbye EP
Rongedal-Absolutely nowhere
Room For Gray-The next step
Rooney-Wild one EP
Ross Copperman-This is Ross Copperman EP
Royal Hunt-X
Royal Republic-We are the royal
Runner Runner-Under covers EP

Santa Clara-Young and naive EP
Saul-All gods to the front
Saxon - The complete albums 1979-1988
Say it twice-EP
Scorpions-Taken by force 50th anniversary edition 
Scorpions-Tokyo tapes 50th anniversary edition
Scorpions-Lovedrive 50th anniversary edition
Scorpions-Animal magnetism 50th anniversary edition
Scorpions-Blackout 50th anniversary edition
Seabird-Rocks into rivers
Searchlight-Until the end and after
See The World-Broken cities EP
Semi Precious Weapons-You love you
Sent By Ravens-Our graceful words
Seth Swirsky-Watercolor day
Settings-Platinum EP
Shift-Faceless EP
Sights and Sounds-Monolith
Silence of September-Sleep of reason
SMAK-Shopping mall religion
Social Siberia-Waterworks
Sons of Liberty-Brush fires of the mind
Sons of Sylvia-Revelation
Sound of guns-What came from fire
Sound we sleep-Keeping secret
Sounds Under Radio-All you wanted EP
Speed X-Flat back
Sponge-Destroy the boy EP
Spyke-Divine decadence
Staireo-One of all
Stan Bush-Dream after dream
Standard of Living-Paint the night EP
Standing on the shoulder of giants-With anticipation
Stefano Frollano-Sense of you
Stephanie Smith-EP
SubSignal-Beautiful and monstrous
Switchfoot-Hello hurricane

Taking Dawn-Time to burn
Tally Hall-Marvins marvelous mechanical museum
10cc - Classic album selection
Terra Nova-Come alive
Terry Brock-Diamond blue
The Alan Parsons Project - The complete album collection
The American Plague-Kiss of death EP
The Appreciation Post-Work/Sleep EP
The Ark-In full regalia
The Bloodshot Gamblers-Pain and other simple pleasures
The Color Turning-Good hands bad blood
The Dares-Two left feet EP
The Feds-The stars of dust EP
The Hint-I am the Hint EP
The Intersphere-Interspheres Atmospheres
The Latency-The Latency
The Lives of Famous Men-Sunshine EP
The Murder of My Sweet-Divanity
The Neighborhood Bullys-What
The Pretty Reckless-EP
The Start Over-Survivor´s guide
The Storm-Black luck
The Sunstreak-Once upon a lie
The Surrender-Di Amor EP
The Venetia Fair-The circus
The Verve Pipe-A family album
The Who - My Generation
The Who - A quick one
The Who - The Who sell out
The Who - Tommy
The Who - Who´s next
The Who - Quadrophenia
The Who - The Who by numbers
The Who - Who are you
The Who - Face dances
The Who - It´s hard
The Who - Endless wire
The Wrecking-The catalyst EP
The Yeah You´s-Looking through you
Them Crooked Vultures-Them Crooked Vultures
These Four Walls-Down falls an empire
This Time Next Year-Road maps and heart attacks
This World Fair-White flag EP
Three Minute Madness-Disgraceful
Timecode Alpha-Freakshow
Tony Harnell and The Mercury Train-Round trip
Transmit Now-Test Test EP
Trauma DeVille-Independence day
Treat-Coup de grace
Treaty of Paris-Currents EP
Treekillaz-Season of the lonesome
Trial Kennedy-New manic art
Twin Atlantic-Vivarium

UFO - The complete studio albums 1974-1986
Urbandux-Eleven Eleven

Vince Neil-Tattoos and tequila
Violent Divine-Release the hounds
Virgin Millionaires-Facedown
Vola-Homesick machinery
Voodoo Johnson-II EP
Voodoo Johnson-Into the red EP

We Are The Fallen-Tear the world down
We Are Machines-Dream Hope Believe EP
Welcome to the numb-Songs for sleep walkers
Wes Carr-The way the world looks
Whitesnake - Little box o snakes
Wig Wam-Non stop rocknroll
Woodale-Dont say it too late

Yes - The studio albums 1969-1987
Your Hero-Chronicles of a real world

ZZ Top - The complete studio albums 1970-1990


Brendan Stubbs said...


My band has recently released an album, we are a thrash band from Cape Town South Africa. Would you be interested in doing a review? Let me know how I can send it to you.

Kaj Roth said...

Hello Brendan, sure, you can send a link to download the album to / Thanks, Kaj Roth