The 50 Best Albums of The 90´s.

1.Steve Perry-For the love of strange medicine 1994
2.Journey-Trial by fire 1996
3.T-Ride-T-Ride 1992
4.Rush-Counterparts 1993
5.Winger-In the heart of the young 1990
6.Petra-Beyond belief 1990
7.Kings X-Faith hope love 1990
8.The Storm-The Storm 1991
9.Bad English-Backlash 1991
10.Winger-Pull 1993
11.Rush-Test for echo 1996
12.Mark Spiro-Now is then, then is now 1996
13.Foo Fighters-The colour and the shape 1997
14.Def Leppard-Adrenalize 1992
15.Simple Minds-Real life 1991
16.Van Halen-For unlawful carnal knowledge 1991
17.Rush-Roll the bones 1991
18.Love/Hate-Blackout in the red room 1990
19.Extreme-Pornograffitti 1990
20.Queensryche-Empire 1990
21.Ozzy Osbourne-No more tears 1991
22.Kings X-Kings X 1992
23.Dream Theater-Images and words 1992
24.Dizzy Mizz Lizzy-Rotator 1996
25.Yes-Talk 1994
26.Harem Scarem-Mood swings 1993
27.Kiss-Revenge 1992
28.Love/Hate-Wasted in America 1992
29.Yes-Union 1991
30.Unruly Child-Unruly Child 1992
31.Third Eye Blind-Blue 1999
32.Pink Floyd-The division bell 1994
33.Tal Bachman-Tal Bachman 1999
34.Rammstein-Sehnsucht 1997
35.Ozzy Osbourne-Ozzmosis 1995
36.Simple Minds-Good news from the next world 1995
37.Toy Matinee-Toy Matinee 1990
38.Tears For Fears-Elemental 1993
39.Thread-Thread 1996
40.Foo Fighters-There is nothing left to lose 1999
41.Metallica-Metallica 1991
42.Queen-Innuendo 1991
43.Damn Yankees-Damn Yankees 1990
44.Goo Goo Dolls-Dizzy up the girl 1998
45.Live-Throwing copper 1994
46.Filter-Title of record 1999
47.Alanis Morissette-Jagged little pill 1995
48.Def Leppard-Euphoria 1999
49.Saigon Kick-Saigon Kick 1991
50.Fuel-Sunburn 1998

Top 20 Debut Albums
1.Steve Perry -Street talk (1984)
2.Van Halen - Van Halen (1978)
3.Boston - Boston (1976)
4.Ozzy Osbourne - Blizzard of Ozz (1980)
5.The Storm - The Storm (1991)
6.Giant - Last of the runaways (1989)
7.Love / Hate - Blackout in the red room (1990)
8.Bad English - Bad English (1989)
9.Spys - Spys (1982)
10.Dare - Out of the silence (1988)
11.Asia - Asia (1982)
12.Unruly Child - Unruly Child (1992)
13.Damn Yankees - Damn Yankees (1990)
14.Saigon Kick - Saigon Kick (1991)
15.Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory (2000)
16.Factory - Factory (1979)
17.Dio - Holy diver (1983)
18.Alanis Morrisette - Jagged little pill (1995)
19.Guns´n´Roses - Appetite for destruction (1987)
20.Duran Duran - Duran Duran (1981)

Top 25 albums of the 60´s.
1.The Who – Tommy 1969
2.The Beatles – Sgt Pepper´s lonely hearts club band 1967
3.The Beach Boys – Pet sounds 1966
4.The Beatles – Abbey road 1969
5.Led Zeppelin – II 1969
6.King Crimson – In the court of crimson king 1969
7.The Beatles – White album 1968
8.The Who – My generation 1965
9.Yes – Yes 1969
10.Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin 1969
11.Simon and Garfunkel – Bookends 1968
12.The Rolling Stones – Their satanic majesties request 1967
13.Cream – Disraeli gears 1967
14.The Beach Boys – Summer days and summer nights 1965
15.Elvis Presley – Elvis is back 1960
16.The Beach Boys – Smiley smile 1967
17.Jimi Hendrix – Are you experienced? 1967
18.David Bowie – David Bowie aka Space Oddity 1969
19.The Rolling Stones – Out of our heads 1965
20.The Beatles – Revolver 1966
21.Blue Cheer – Vincebus Ereptum 1968
22.The Moody Blues – Days of future passed 1967
23.Steppenwolf – Steppenwolf 1968
24.Kinks – Kinks 1964
25.Mott The Hoople – Mott The Hoople 1969

Top 10 Albums by bands that only released one album
1.Sex Pistols - Never mind the bollocks (1977)
2.T-Ride (1992)
3.Touch - Touch (1980)
4.Biscaya - Biscaya (1983)
5.Airborne - Airborne (1979)
6.GTR - GTR (1986)
7.Signal - Loud and clear (1989)
8.Producers - Made in Basing street (2012)
9.RoyWorld - Man in the machine (2008)
10.Atticus Fault - Atticus Fault (2002)

Top 25 Nu-metal albums
1.Celldweller-Wish upon a blackstar (2012)
2.Destropy-The way of your world (2007)
3.KoRn-See you on the other side (2005)
4.Saliva-Blood stained love story (2007)
5.Sevendust-Seasons (2003)
6.Disturbed-Ten thousand fists (2005)
7.Dark New Day-Hail Mary (2011)
8.Celldweller-Celldweller (2003)
9.Eighteen Visions-Eighteen Visions (2006)
10.Filter-The Amalgamut (2003)
11.Depswa-Two angels and a dream (2003)
12.Karnivool-Sound awake (2009)
13.Disciple-Scars remain (2006)
14.Sevendust-Alpha (2007)
15.Dark New Day-Twelve year silence (2005)
16.Linkin Park-Hybrid theory (2000)
17.Stereomud-Every given moment (2003)
18.KoRn-Untouchables (2002)
19.Saliva-Back into your system (2002)
20.Sinisstar-Future shock (2002)
21.Soilwork-Sworn to a great divide (2007)
22.Disturbed-Indestructible (2008)
23.Burn Season-Burn Season (2005)
24.Demon Hunter-The Triptych (2005)
25.Project 86-Rival Factions (2007)

Top 25 of the heaviest albums of all time
1.Judas Priest - Unleashed in the east (1979) 
2.Savatage - Power of the night (1985) 
3.Budgie - In for the kill (1974) 
4.Black Sabbath - Master of reality (1971) 
5.Iron Maiden - Peace of mind (1983)
6.Rammstein - Mutter (2001) 
7.Accept - Breaker (1981) 
8.Saxon - Strong arm of the law (1980) 
9.King Crimson - USA (1974) 
10.Infinita Symphonia - A mind´s chronicle (2011)
11.Soilwork - Sworn to a great divide (2007) 
12.Destrophy - The way of your world (2007) 
13.KoRn - Untouchables (2002) 
14.Metallica - Ride the lightning (1984) 
15.Anvil - Forged in fire (1983)
16.Sevendust - Seasons (2003) 
17.Disturbed - Ten thousand fists (2005) 
18.Demon Hunter - The triptych (2005) 
19.Float Face Down - Exitium Verum (2012) 
20.Slayer - God hates us all (2001)
21.Trouble - Psalm 9 (1984) 
22.Megadeth - Countdown to extinction (1992) 
23.Metal Church - Metal Church (1984) 
24.In Flames - Reroute to remain (2002) 
25.Pantera - Vulgar display of power (1992)

Top 10 albums in Swedish
1.Factory - Factory (1979)
2.Wasa Express - Till attack (1978)
3.Magnus Uggla - Varför ska man ta livet av sig när man ändå inte får höra snacket efteråt (1977)
4.Big Deal - Vacker bild (1986)
5.Pontus och Amerikanarna - Följer ett spår (1991)
6.Magnum Bonum - Bakom spegeln (1979)
7.Mauro Scocco - Dr Space Dagbok (1991)
8.Kent - Tillbaka till samtiden (1996)
9.Freda - Välkommen hero (1986)
10.LOK - Naken, blästrad och skitsur (1999)

The best albums of the decade 2000-2009
1.Flipp - Volume (2002)
2.Brian McDonald Project - Voyage (2003)
3.Bryan Adams / Hans Zimmer - Spirit, stallion of the cimarron (2002)
4.Winger - Karma (2009)
5.Kings X - Ogre tones (2005)
6.Rush - Snakes and arrows (2007)
7.Rammstein - Mutter (2001)
8.Swirl 360 - California blur (2005)
9.Carpark North - Grateful (2008)
10.Sparks - Lil Beethoven (2002)
11.Tal Bachman - Staring down the sun (2004)
12.Frost - Milliontown (2006)
13.Tim Christensen - Superior (2008)
14.Destrophy - The way of your world (2007)
15.KoRn - See you on the other side (2005)
16.Saliva - Blood stained love story (2007)
17.Kip Winger - Songs from the ocean floor (2000)
18.Moments in Grace - Moonlight survived (2004)
19.Slamer - Nowhere land (2006)
20.Loverboy - Just getting started (2007)

Top 5 AOR 1976 - 1.Boston-Boston 2.Kansas-Leftoverture 3.Styx-Crystal ball 4.The Babys-The Babys 5.REO Speedwagon-R.E.O

Top 5 AOR 1977 - 1.Foreigner-Foreigner 2.Styx-Grand illusion 3.Kansas-Point of know return 4.Starz-Violation 5.City Boy-Young men gone west

Top 5 AOR 1978 - 1.Journey-Infinity 2.Toto-Toto 3.Foreigner-Double vision 4.City Boy-Book early 5.Morningstar-Morningstar 

Top 5 AOR 1979 - 1.Journey-Evolution 2.City Boy-The day the earth caught fire 3.New England-New England 4.Toto-Hydra 5.Airborne-Airborne 

Top 5 AOR 1980 - 1.Journey-Departure 2.Touch-Touch 3.New England-Explorer Suite 4.Airplay-Airplay 5.REO Speedwagon-Hi infidelity

Top 5 AOR 1981 - 1.Journey-Escape 2.Loverboy-Get lucky 3.The Tubes-The completion backward principle 4.Foreigner-4 5.Balance-Balance

Top 5 AOR 1982 - 1.Spys-Spys 2.Wrabit-Tracks 3.Balance-In for the count 4.Toto-IV 5.Survivor-Eye of the tiger

Top 5 AOR 1983 - 1.Journey-Frontiers 2.Le Roux-So fired up 3.Def Leppard-Pyromania 4.Michael Bolton-Michael Bolton 5.Yes-90125

Top 5 AOR 1984 - 1.Steve Perry-Street talk 2.Toto-Isolation 3.Survivor-Caught in the game 4.Little River Band-Playing to win 5.Frank Stallone-Frank Stallone

Top 5 AOR 1985 - 1.Streets-Crimes in mind 2.Honeymoon Suite-The big prize 3.Mr Mister-Welcome to the real world 4.Michael Bolton-Everybody´s crazy 5.Starship-Knee deep in the hoopla

Top 5 AOR 1986 - 1.Journey-Raised on radio 2.Kansas-Power 3.Chicago-18 4.Survivor-Vital signs 5.Glen Burtnick-Talking in code

Top 5 AOR 1987 - 1.Tommy Shaw-Ambition 2.Def Leppard-Hysteria 3.Stan Bush and Barrage-Stan Bush and Barrage 4.TNT-Tell no tales 5.Petra-This means war

Top 5 AOR 1988 - 1.Winger-Winger 2.Kansas-In the spirit of things 3.Dare-Out of the silence 4.Toto-The seventh one 5.Cannata-Images of forever

Top 5 AOR 1989 - 1.Giant-The last of the runaways 2.Bad English-Bad English 3.Strangeways-Walk in the fire 4.Signal-Loud and clear 5.TNT-Intuition

Top 5 AOR 1990 - 1.Winger-In the heart of the young 2.Petra-Beyond belief 3.Damn Yankees-Damn Yankees 4.Alias-Alias 5.Eight Seconds-Big houses

Top 5 AOR 1991 - 1.The Storm-The Storm 2.Bad English-Backlash 3.Harem Scarem-Harem Scarem 4.Tall Stories-Tall Stories 5.White Heart-Power house

Top 5 AOR 1992 - Unruly Child-Unruly Child 2.Giant-Time to burn 3.21 Guns-Salute 4.Hardline-Double eclipse 6.Robby Valentine-Robby Valentine

Top 30 Nordic AOR - 1.Skagarack-Hungry for a game 2.TNT-Tell no tales 3.TNT-Intuition 4.Stage Dolls-Commandos 5.Wig Wam-The neighbour of the beast
6.Fate-A matter of attitude 7.Stage Dolls-Stage Dolls 8.Wig Wam-Wig Wamania 9.Pretty Maids-Pandemonium 10.Brother Firetribe-Heart full of fire
11.Carmen Gray-Welcome to Grayland 12.Wig Wam-Non stop rocknroll 13.Tindrum-Drums of war 14.Toys of Joy-One of these days 15.Brother Firetribe-False metal  
16.Carmen Gray-The portrait of Carmen Gray 17.Evenrude-One size fits all 18.Urban Tale-Urban Tale 19.Sunrise Ave-Popgasm 20.Mysterell-Sensational
21.Skagarack-Skagarack 22.Sha-Boom-R.O.C.K 23.Poets of the fall-Carnival of rust 24.Private Line-Evel knievel factor 25.Sunrise Ave-On the way to wonderland
26.Return-Attitudes 27.Da Vinci-Da Vinci 28.The Giant Leap-Another day rising 29.Aina-Living in a boys world 30.Annica-badly dreaming

Top 30 Swedish AOR - 1.Bad Habit-After hours 2.Easy Action-That makes one 3.Europe-Prisoners in paradise 4.Jim Jidhed-Full circle 5.Spin Gallery-Standing tall
6.Europe-Out of this world 7.Ignition-Ignition 8.H.E.A.T-H.E.A.T 9.Kharma-Wonderland 10.Treat-Coup de grace
11.Degreed-Degreed 12.Alien-Alien 13.Radioactive-Taken 14.Talisman-Talisman 15.Bad Habit-Revolution 
16.Grand Design-Time elevation 17.Rat Bat Blue-Squeak 18.Work of Art-Artwork 19.W.E.T-W.E.T 20-Crossfade-White on blue
21.T Bell-Replay 22.Tone Norum-Tone Norum 23.Treat-Scratch and bite 24.Yngwie Malmsteen-Odyssey 25.Bam Bam Boys-Bam Bam Boys
26.Shineth-11 out of 10 27.Elevener-When Kaleidoscopes collide 28.Grand Illusion-Ordinary just wont do 29.Talk of the town-Talk of the town 30.Dalton-The race is on

Top 30 Christian Rock - 
1.Petra-Beyond belief 
2.Petra-Back to the street 
3.Petra-This means war 
4.Petra-On fire 
5.Kings X-Gretchen goes to Nebraska
6.Kings X-Out of the silent planet 
7.Kerry Livgren-Seeds of change 
8.Kings X-Kings X 
9.Kerry Livgren A.D-Timeline 
10.White Heart-Highlands
12.Stryper-Soldiers under command 
13.Mastedon-It´s a jungle out there 
15.U2-The Joshua Tree
16.Michael W.Smith-Live the life 
17.White Heart-Freedom 
18.Stryper-In God we trust 
19.John Elefante-Windows of heaven 
20.Falling Up-Captiva 
22.Delirious?-Mission bell 
24.Red-Innocence and instinct 
27.ProtoKaw-The wait of glory 
28.Neal Morse-One 
29.Jars of Clay-Much afraid 
30.Switchfoot-The beautiful letdown 

Top 50 Live albums!
1.Thin Lizzy-Live and dangerous 2.Kiss-Alive 3.Deep Purple-Made in Japan 4.Rush-All the world´s a stage 5.UFO-Strangers in the night 6.Uriah Heep-Live 7.Rainbow-On stage 8.Scorpions-Tokyo tapes 9.Judas Priest-Unleashed in the east 10.Led Zeppelin-The song remains the same
11.Deep Purple-Made in Europe 12.Rush-Exit stage left 13.Genesis-Seconds out 14.Queen-Live killers 15.Status Quo-Live 16.Sweet-Strung up 17.Yes-Yessongs 18.Foghat-Live 19.Emerson Lake and Palmer-Welcome back to the show that never ends 20.King Crimson-USA
21.Journey-Captured 22.Kansas-Two for the show 23.Kiss-Alive II 24.Ted Nugent-Double live gonzo 25.Blue Oyster Cult-On your feet or on your knees 26.Jethro Tull-Bursting out 27.Cheap Trick-At Budokan 28.Aerosmith-Live Bootleg 29.The Who-Live at Leeds 30.Ten Years After-Recorded live
31.UK-Night after night 32.Jeff Beck with the Jan Hammer group-Live 33.AC DC-If you want blood 34.Mott The Hoople-Live 35.Frank Zappa and The Mothers-Roxy and elsewhere 36.Slade-Alive 37.Grand Funk-Live album 38.Mountain-Twin peaks 39.Whitesnake-Live in the heart of the city 40.Santana-Lotus
41.Mothers Finest-Live 42.Simon and Garfunkel-The concert in Central park 43.The Tubes-What do you want from live 44.Peter Gabriel-Plays live 45.Ozzy-Speak of the devil 46.Robin Trower-Live 47.Magnum-Marauder 48.Supertramp-Paris 49.Wings-Over America 50.Motorhead-No sleep til Hammersmith

Top 30 albums / New Wave of British Heavy Metal 
1.Def Leppard-Pyromania 
2.Gillan-Mr Universe 
3.Iron Maiden-Peace of mind 
4.Saxon-Strong arm of the law 
5.Iron Maiden-Number of the beast 
6.Gillan-Double trouble
7.Judas Priest-British steel
8.Tygers of Pan Tang-The cage
9.Def Leppard-High n dry
10.Saxon-Wheels of steel
11.Judas Priest-Killing machine
13.Diamond Head-Canterbury
14.Tygers of Pan Tang-Crazy nights
15.Iron Maiden-Iron Maiden
16.Judas Priest-Stained class
17.Motorhead-Ace of spades
18.Def Leppard-On through the night
19.Iron Maiden-Powerslave
20.Gillan-Glory road
21.Samson-Before the storm
22.Saxon-Denim and leather
23.Demon-The plague
24.Gillan-Future shock
25.Tygers of Pan Tang-Spellbound
27.Samson-Head on
28.Demon-Night of the demon
29.Praying Mantis-Time tells no lies
30.Tokyo Blade-Tokyo Blade

Top 5 New wave albums 1977 
1.Sex Pistols-Never mind the bullocks 2.Stranglers-No more heroes 3.Stranglers-Rattus norvegicus 4.The Motors-1 5.Ultravox-Ha! Ha! Ha!

Top 5 New wave albums 1978 
1.The Police-Outlandos D´amour 2.Stranglers-Black and white 3.Nina Hagen Band-Nina Hagen Band 4.The Motors-Approved by The Motors 5.Tom Robinson Band-Power in the darkness

Top 5 New wave albums 1979 
1.Stranglers-The Raven 2.The Police-Regatta De Blanc 3.Nina Hagen Band-Unbehagen 4.The Boomtown Rats-The fine art of surfacing 5.The Clash-London calling

Top 5 New wave albums 1980 
1.The Police-Zenyatta mondatta 2.Devo-Freedom of choice 3.The Pretenders-The Pretenders 4.Breaking Glass Original Soundtrack 5.XTC-Black sea

Top 5 New wave albums 1981 
1.Kim Wilde-Kim Wilde 2.The Police-Ghost in the machine 3.Toyah-Anthem 4.Stranglers-La Folie 5.Generation X-Kiss me deadly

Top 30 Pop Punk Albums 
1.My Chemical Romance-The black parade 2.Inward Eye-Throwing bricks instead of kisses 3.Fall out boy-Infinity on high 4.Angels and Airwaves-We dont need to whisper 5.Zebrahead-Playmate of the year
6.Flight case for sushi-The frequency of hydrogen 7.Lit-Atomic 8.Angels and Airwaves-I Empire 9.Autopilot Off-Make a sound 10.Fall out boy-From under the cork tree
11.SR 71-Now you see inside 12.Chronic Future-Lines in my face 13.Fall out boy-Folie a deux 14.Green Day-American Idiot 15.My Chemical Romance-Danger days
16.SR 71-Tomorrow 17.Blink 182-Blink 182 18.Billy Talent-II 19.Eve6-Horrorscope 20.Taking back sunday-Louder now
21.Angels and Airwaves-Love 22.Riddlin Kids-Stop the world 23.Good Charlotte-The chronicles of life and death 24.New found glory-Catalyst 25.Simple Plan-Simple Plan
26.Blink 182-Take off your pants and jacket 27.Hawk Nelson-Smile it´s the end of the world 28.New found glory-Coming home 29.Cute is what we aim for-Rotation 30.Unwritten Law-Here´s to the mourning

Top 30 Funk Albums 
1.Betty Davis-Nasty gal 2.Mothers Finest-Another mother further 3.Deep Purple-Come taste the band 4.Earth Wind and Fire-All n All 5.Larry Graham Central Station-My radio sure sounds good to me
6.Mothers Finest-Mothers Finest 7.Earth Wind and Fire-I am 8.The Jacksons-Triumph 9.The Clarke Duke Project-The Clarke Duke Project 10.Dan Reed Network-Dan Reed Network
11.The Jacksons-Destiny 12.Mothers Finest-Mother factor 13.Family Force 5-Business up front, Party in the back 14.Roachford-Get ready 15.The Clarke Duke Project-II
16.The Jacksons-Victory 17.Family Force 5-Dance or die 18.Level 42-True colors 19.The Suits-Quarterlife crisis 20.Red Hot Chili Peppers-The uplift mofo party plan
21.Men Women and Children-Men Women and Children 22.Level 42-Standing in the light 23.Ohio Players-Fire 24.Paolo Mendonca-Different phases 25.Kool and the gang-Celebrate
26.Electric Boys-Funk o metal carpet ride 27.Red Hot Chili Peppers-Blood sugar sex magik 28.Rick James-Street songs 29.Kool and the gang-Something special 30.Infectious Grooves-The plague that makes your booty move

Top 30 Jazzrock Albums 
1.Return to forever - Romantic warrior 2.Stanley Clarke - School days 3.Al Di Meola - Land of the midnight sun 4.Nova - Sun city 5.Wasa Express - Wasa Express
6.Jeff Beck - Wired 7.Mahavishnu Orchestra - Visions of emerald beyond 8.Jerry Goodman/Jan Hammer - Like children 9.Stanley Clarke - Rocks, pebbles and sand 10.Dixie Dregs - Free fall
11.Billy Cobham - Spectrum 12.Colosseum II - Wardance 13.Jeff Beck - There and back 14.Jan Hammer Group - Ohyeah 15.Al Di Meola - Elegant gypsy
16.Brand X - Unorthodox behavior 17.Alphonse Mouzon - Mind transplant 18.Mahavishnu Orchestra - Birds of fire 19.Colosseum II - Electric savage 20.Dixie Dregs - What if
21.Coryell/Mouzon - Back together again 22.Ian Gillan Band - Clear air turbulence 23.Tommy Bolin - Teaser 24.Lenny White - Adventures of astral pirates 25.Brand X - Moroccan roll
26.Ohmphrey - Ohmphrey 27.Alphonso Johnson - Spellbound 28.Tri Offensive - Tri Offensive 29.Steve Smith - Vital Transformation 30.Weather Report - Black market

Top 30 Synth/New Romantic Albums 1980-1985 
1.Buggles - Age of plastic 2.Ultravox - Vienna 3.Ultravox - Rage in Eden 4.Simple Minds - New gold dream 5.New Musik - Warp
6.A Flock of Seagulls - A Flock of Seagulls 7.Duran Duran - Duran Duran 8.Classix Nouveaux - Night people 9.Depeche Mode - A broken frame 10.Tears For Fears - Songs from the big chair
11.Japan - Tin drum 12.Depeche Mode - Some great reward 13.Classix Nouveaux - La Verite 14.A-HA - Hunting high and low 15.Howard Jones - Human´s lib
16.Kim Wilde - Kim Wilde 17.Ultravox - Quartet 18.Simple Minds - Once upon a time 19.Howard Jones - Dream into action 20.Duran Duran - Rio
21.Ultravox - Lament 22.Simple Minds - Sparkle in the rain 23.Buggles - Adventures in modern recording 24.A Flock of Seagulls - Listen 25.Human League - Dare
26.Kim Wilde - Select 27.Kajagoogoo - White feathers 28.Alphaville - Forever young 29.Soft Cell - Non stop erotic cabaret 30.Yazoo - Upstairs at Eric´s

Top 10 Hard Rock Albums 1970 
1.Uriah Heep - Very ´eavy 2.Deep Purple - In rock 3.Black Sabbath - Paranoid 4.Led Zeppelin - III 5.Mountain - Climbing 6.Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath 7.Alice Cooper - Easy action 8.Free - Fire and water 9.UFO - 1 10.Wishbone Ash - Wishbone Ash

Top 10 Hard Rock Albums 1971 
1.The Who - Who´s next 2.Black Sabbath - Master of reality 3.Led Zeppelin - IV 4.Deep Purple - Fireball 5.Uriah Heep - Look at yourself 6.Nazareth - Nazareth 7.Budgie - Budgie 8.Mountain - Nantucket sleighride 9.Uriah Heep - Salisbury 10.Alice Cooper - Killer

Top 10 Hard Rock Albums 1972 
1.Deep Purple - Machine head 2.Uriah Heep - Demons and wizards 3.Slade - Slayed? 4.Black Sabbath - Vol.4 5.Alice Cooper - Schools out 6.Uriah Heep - The magician´s birthday 7.Blue Oyster Cult - Blue Oyster Cult 8.Wishbone Ash - Argus 9.Status Quo - Piledriver 10.ZZ Top - Rio grande mud

Top 10 Hard Rock Albums 1973 
1.Queen - Queen 2.Nazareth - Razamanaz 3.Alice Cooper - Billion dollar babies 4.Black Sabbath - Sabbath bloody Sabbath 5.Status Quo - Hello 6.Led Zeppelin - Houses of the holy 7.Deep Purple - Who do we think we are 8.Nazareth - LoudNProud 9.Budgie - Never turn your back on a friend 10.Blue Oyster Cult - Tyranny and mutation

Top 10 Hard Rock Albums 1974 
1.Sweet - Fanny Adams 2.Slade - Old new borrowed and blue 3.Nazareth - Rampant 4.Rush - Rush 5.Queen - II 6.Deep Purple - Burn 7.Sweet - Desolation boulevard 8.Kiss - Hotter than hell 9.Budgie - In for the kill 10.Bachman Turner Overdrive - Not fragile

Top 10 Hard Rock Albums 1975 
1.Aerosmith - Toys in the attic 2.Nazareth - Hair of the dog 3.The Sensational Alex Harvey band - Tomorrow belongs to me 4.UFO - Force it 5.Angel - Angel 6.Scorpions - In trance 7.Thin Lizzy - Fighting 8.Bachman Turner Overdrive - Four wheel drive 9.Status Quo - On the level 10.Alice Cooper - Welcome to my nightmare

Top 10 Hard Rock Albums 1976 
1.Kiss - Destroyer 2.Nazareth - Play´n the game 3.Ted Nugent - Free for all 4.Rainbow - Rising 5.Status Quo - Blue for you 6.ACDC - High voltage 7.Thin Lizzy - Johnny the fox 8.Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak 9.Kiss - Rock and roll over 10.The Runaways - The Runaways

Top 10 Hard Rock Albums 1977 
1.Thin Lizzy - Bad reputation 2.UFO - Lights out 3.Sweet - Off the record 4.Slade - Whatever happened to Slade 5.Uriah Heep - Firefly 6.ACDC - Let there be rock 7.Triumph - Rock and roll machine 8.Judas Priest - Sin after sin 10.Scorpions - Taken by force

Top 10 Hard Rock Albums 1978 
1.Van Halen - Van Halen 2.Paul Stanley - Solo 3.Starz - Coliseum Rock 4.The Who - Who are you 5.ACDC - Powerage 6.Rainbow - Long live rocknroll 7.Judas Priest - Stained class 8.UFO - Obsession 9.Judas Priest - Killing machine 10.Foghat - Stone blue

Top 10 Hard Rock Albums 1979 
1.Thin Lizzy - Black rose 2.Van Halen - II 3.Rainbow - Down to earth 4.ACDC - Highway to hell 5.Kiss - Dynasty 6.Gillan - Mr Universe 7.Triumph - Just a game 8.Nazareth - No mean city 9.Gamma - 1 10.Whitesnake - Love hunter

Top 5 progressive rock albums 1970
1.Genesis-Trespass 2.Yes-Time and a word 3.Pink Floyd-Atom heart mother 4.Emerson Lake and Palmer-ELP 5.King Crimson-In the wake of Poseidon

Top 5 progressive rock albums 1971
1.Yes-Fragile 2.Genesis-Nursery cryme 3.Yes-The Yes album 4.Emerson Lake and Palmer-Tarkus 5.King Crimson-Islands

Top 5 progressive rock albums 1972
1.Genesis-Foxtrot 2.Yes-Close to the edge 3.Gentle Giant-Octopus 4.Emerson Lake and Palmer-Trilogy 5.Jethro Tull-Thick as a brick

Top 5 progressive rock albums 1973
1.Pink Floyd-Dark side of the moon 2.Genesis-Selling England by the pound 3.Manfred Mann´s Earth Band-Messin´ 4.Emerson Lake and Palmer-Brain salad surgery 5.King Crimson-Larks tongues in aspic

Top 5 progressive rock albums 1974
1.Genesis-The lamb lies down on Broadway 2.King Crimson-Red 3.Supertramp-Crime of the century 4.Kansas-Kansas 5.Yes-Relayer

Top 5 progressive rock albums 1975
1.Rush-Fly by night 2.Pink Floyd-Wish you were here 3.Kansas-Masque 4.Rush-Caress of steel 5.Journey-Journey

Top 5 progressive rock albums 1976
1.Kansas-Leftoverture 2.Rush-2112 3.Genesis-Wind and wuthering 4.Genesis-A Trick of the tail 5.Styx-Crystal ball

Top 5 progressive rock albums 1977
1.Rush-A farewell to kings 2.Kansas-Point of know return 3.Pink Floyd-Animals 4.Peter Gabriel-Peter Gabriel 5.Styx-Grand illusion

Top 5 progressive rock albums 1978
1.Rush-Hemispheres 2.U.K-U.K 3.Genesis-And then there were three 4.Peter Gabriel-2nd Album (Scratch) 5.Manfred Mann´s Earth Band-Watch

Top 5 progressive rock albums 1979
1.U.K-Danger money 2.Pink Floyd-The wall 3.Kansas-Monolith 4.Supertramp-Breakfast in America 5.Jethro Tull-Stormwatch

Top 5 progressive rock albums 1980
1.Rush-Permanent waves 2.Yes-Drama 3.Kansas-Audio visions 4.Peter Gabriel-3rd album (Melt) 5.Genesis-Duke

Top 5 progressive rock albums 1981
1.Rush-Moving pictures 2.Saga-World´s apart 3.King Crimson-Disciple 4.Genesis-Abacab 5.Camel-Nude

Top 5 progressive rock albums 1982
1.Rush-Signals 2.Asia-Asia 3.Peter Gabriel-Fourth album 4.Jethro Tull-Broadsword 5.King Crimson-Beat

Top 5 progressive rock albums 1983
1.Yes-90125 2.Saga-Heads or tales 3.Genesis-Genesis 4.Kansas-Drastic measures 5.Marillion-Script for a jester´s tear

Top 5 progressive rock albums 1984
1.Rush-Grace under pressure 2.Pallas-The sentinel 3.Eloy-Metromania 4.Marillion-Fugazi 5.Kerry Livgren A.D-Timeline

Top 5 progressive rock albums 1985
1.Rush-Power windows 2.Marillion-Misplaced childhood 3.Asia-Astra 4.Kerry Livgren A.D-Art of the state 5.Pendragon-The jewel

Top 5 progressive rock albums 1986
1.It Bites-Big lad in the windmill 2.GTR-GTR 3.Peter Gabriel-So 4.Kansas-Power 5.Pallas-The wedge

Top 5 progressive rock albums 1987
1.Pink Floyd-A momentary lapse of reason 2.Rush-Hold your fire 3.Yes-Big generator 4.Marillion-Clutching at straws 5.IQ-Nomzamo

Top 5 progressive rock albums 1988
1.Three-To the power of three 2.Kansas-In the spirit of things 3.Cannata-Images of forever 4.It Bites-Once around the world 5.Pendragon-Kowtow

Top 5 progressive rock albums 1989
1.Rush-Presto 2.Saga-Beginners guide to throwing shapes 3.Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe 4.Marillion-Seasons end 5.It Bites-Eat me in St.Louis

Top 10 Bands that carried on without original frontman
2.Pink Floyd
4.Abraxas Pool (Carlos Santana´s Band)
5.Billion Dollar Babies
6.Spocks Beard
7.Sensational Alex Harvey Band (without Alex)
8.The Runaways
9.Spliff (Nina Hagen Band)
10.The Band (Bob Dylan´s Band)

Top 10 Lead singer changes
1.Journey - Robert Fleischman to Steve Perry
2.AC/DC - Bon Scott to Brian Johnson
3.Van Halen - David Lee Roth to Sammy Hagar
4.Iron Maiden - Paul Dianno to Bruce Dickinson
5.Black Sabbath - Ozzy Osbourne to Ronnie James Dio
6.Deep Purple - Ian Gillan to David Coverdale
7.Chicago - Peter Cetera to Jason Scheff
8.Ultravox - John Foxx to Midge Ure
9.Survivor - Dave Bickler to Jimi Jamison
10.Motley Crue - Vince Neil to John Corabi

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