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.bipolar. (January)
Homebound (February)
Atlas Pain (March)
Aldaria (March)
The Ralph (February)
Kepler Ten (February)
Night Ranger (March)
John 5 and The Creatures (March)
Afterlife (February)
Never Say Die (January)
A Breach Of Silence (February)
The Bunny The Bear (March)
One Desire (March)
Jimi Anderson Group (February)
Xandria (January)
The Shins (March)
Stefanie (February)
Cellador (March)
Redeem/Revive (March)
Brantley Gilbert (January)
Plan Three (March)

January 25
Man With A Mission - Dead End In Tokyo EP (Nippon Crown Records, JAPAN, electro rock)
January 27
Deaf Havana - All these countless nights (So Recordings, U.K, rock)
Greywind - Afterthoughts (Spinefarm Records, IRELAND, alternative rock)
Pride of Lions - Fearless (Frontiers Records, USA, melodic rock)
The Murder of My Sweet - Echoes of the aftermath (Frontiers Records, SWEDEN, symphonic metal)
Disco Ensemble - Afterlife (Fullsteam Records, FINLAND, rock / punk)
Stephen Pearcy - Smash (Frontiers Records, USA, hard rock)
The Brilliance - All is not lost (Integrity Music, USA, christian rock)
Wars - We are islands, after all (Spinefarm Records, U.K, rock / metal)
Avenford - New beginning (Pride and Joy Music, HUNGARY, heavy metal)
Smash Into Pieces - Rise and shine (Gain Music, SWEDEN, rock / metal)
Krokus - Big rocks (Independent, SWITZERLAND, hard rock)
Jack Russell´s Great White - He saw it coming (Frontiers Records, USA, hard rock)
Jim Jidhed - Push on through (AOR Heaven, SWEDEN, hard rock)
Sweet Mary Jane - Winter in paradise (AOR Heaven, SWEDEN, melodic rock)
Chrome Molly - Hoodoo Voodoo (earMusic, U.K, hard rock)
Erik Hassle - Innocence lost (Ten Record Company, SWEDEN, alternative pop)
Deathless Legacy - Dance with devils (Scarlet Records, ITALY, horror metal)
Dangerkids - Blacklist_ (Paid Vacation Records, USA, rock)
Train - A girl, a bottle, a boat (Columbia Records, USA, modern rock)
Japandroids - Near to the wild heart of life (Anti Records, CANADA, rock)
Actions Speak Louder - Self-Worth (Zero Limit Records, USA, post-hardcore)
Brantley Gilbert - The devil don´t sleep (Big Machine Label, USA, country / southern rock)
Xandria - Theater of dimensions (Napalm Records, GERMANY, symphonic metal)
.bipolar. - Seven EP (Independent, USA, metal)

February 3
Lower Than Atlantis - Safe in sound (Sony Music, U.K, alternative rock)
Soen - Lykaia (UDR Music, SWEDEN, progressive metal)
Black Star Riders - Heavy fire (Nuclear Blast Records, U.K, hard rock)
Big Wreck - Grace street (Anthem Records, CANADA, modern rock)
Courage My Love - Synesthesia (InVogue Records, CANADA, pop / punk)
Ocean Grove - The Rhapsody Tapes (UNFD, AUSTRALIA, hardcore / metal)
Horisont - About time (Century Media Records, SWEDEN, hard rock)
Griffin Oskar - Hostage EP (Republic Records, USA, alternative pop)
Afterlife - Vicious Cycle EP (Stay Sick Recordings, USA, alternative metal)
February 10
Knight Area - Heaven and beyond (Butler Records, THE NETHERLANDS, progressive rock)
Amber Run - For a moment, I was lost (Easy Life Recordings, U.K, alternative rock)
Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness - Zombies on Broadway (Independent, USA, pop / rock)
Def Leppard - There will be a next time, Live from Detroit (Eagle Rock, U.K, hard rock)
Carousel Kings - Charm city (Victory Records, USA, pop / punk)
Thunder - Rip it up (earMusic, U.K, hard rock)
Blackfield - V (Kscope Records, U.K / ISRAEL, progressive rock)
Michael Bolton - Songs of Cinema (Frontiers Records, USA, pop / soul)
Mutiny Within - Origins (Independent, U.K / USA, metal)
Sages - Sleepwalker (Independent, USA, rock / metal)
Kepler Ten - Delta V (White Star Records, U.K, progressive hard rock)
Homebound - The mould you build yourself around EP (Rude Records, U.K, pop / punk)
February 14
Marilyn Manson - SAY10 (Hell etc, USA, industrial metal)
Super Snake - Leap of Love (Independent, USA, psychedelic rock / metal)
February 17
Lorna Shore - Flesh coffin (Outerloop Records, USA, metal)
Danny Worsnop - The long road home (Earache Records, U.K, country / rock)
Battle Beast - Bringer of pain (Nuclear Blast Records, FINLAND, metal)
Edenbridge - The great momentum (SPV Records, AUSTRIA, symphonic metal)
Ryan Adams - Prisoner (Pax AM/Blue Note Records, USA, pop / rock)
Eisley - I´m only dreaming (Equal Vision Records, USA, indie rock)
Ember Falls - Welcome to Ember Falls (Spinefarm Records, FINLAND, electronic metal)
Hearts Like Lions - If I never speak again (Tooth and Nail Records, USA, alternative rock)
February 20
The Ralph - Enter Escape (Independent, CROATIA, alternative metal)
February 24
Kobra and The Lotus - Prevail I (Napalm Records, CANADA, hard rock)
Lionville - A world of fools (Frontiers Records, SWEDEN, AOR)
Place Vendome - Close to the sun (Frontiers Records, GERMANY, hard rock)
Tokyo Motor Fist - Tokyo Motor Fist (Frontiers Records, USA, melodic rock)
Unruly Child - Can´t go home (Frontiers Records, USA, melodic rock)
Asia - Symfonia, Live in Bulgaria 2013 (Frontiers Records, U.K, progressive rock)
Acceptance - Colliding by design (Rise Records, USA, alternative rock)
The Fallen State - The view from ruin EP (Independent, U.K, hard rock)
Native/Tongue - Native/Tongue (Sonic Valley Records, USA, modern rock)
The Mute Gods - Tardigrades will inherit the Earth (Inside Out Music, U.K, progressive rock)
Mike Tramp - Maybe tomorrow (Target Records, DENMARK, hard rock)
Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard - Supersonic rock´n´roll (Napalm Records, AUSTRALIA, stoner rock)
Supernova Plasmajets - Supernova Plasmajets (AOR Heaven, GERMANY, hard rock)
Age of Reflection - In the heat of the night (AOR Heaven, SWEDEN, AOR)
Stefanie - Stefanie (Escape Music, USA, pop / rock)
Jimi Anderson Group - Longtime comin (Pride and Joy Music, U.K, melodic rock)
A Breach Of Silence - Secrets (Eclipse Records, AUSTRALIA, metalcore)

March 3
Tokio Hotel - Dream machine (Independent, GERMANY, pop / rock)
Danko Jones - Wild cat (Bad Taste Records, CANADA, rock)
Blaze Bayley - Endure and survive (Independent, U.K, heavy metal)
John 5 and The Creatures - Season of the witch (Independent, USA, hard rock)
March 10
Mallory Knox - Wired (Search and Destroy Records, U.K, alternative rock)
Circa Waves - Different creatures (Universal Music, U.K, alternative rock)
Secret Company - The world lit up and filled with colour (So Recordings, U.K, indie rock)
Black Map - In droves (eOne Music, USA, alternative rock / metal)
Darkest Hour - Godless prophets and migrant flora (Southern Lord Recordings, USA, metalcore)
Smile Empty Soul - Rarities (Independent, USA, alternative rock)
Hydrogyn - Redemption (HighVolMusic, USA, rock / metal)
Daycare For Jedi - This is what you get (Prime Collective, DENMARK, pop / punk)
Redeem/Revive - Free minds (Stay Sick Recordings, USA, post-hardcore)
Cellador - Off the grid (Scarlet Records, USA, metal)
The Shins - Heartworms (Columbia Records, USA, indie pop)
Atlas Pain - What the oak left (Scarlet Records, ITALY, folk metal)
March 17
Days of Jupiter - New Awakening (Metalville Records, SWEDEN, hard rock)
KXM - Scatterbrain (Rat Pak Records, USA, hard rock)
The Bunny The Bear - The way we rust (Needful Things Records, USA, electronica / hardcore)
March 24
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Damage and joy (Warner Music, U.K, alternative rock)
Creeper - Eternity, in your arms (Roadrunner Records, U.K, punk rock)
The Dollyrots - Whiplash splash (Arrested Youth Records, USA, punk rock)
Steel Panther - Lower the bar (Steel Panther Inc, USA, hard rock)
Plan Three - Wish I was stormborne (Gain Music, SWEDEN, modern rock)
One Desire - One Desire (Frontiers Records, FINLAND, hard rock)
House of Lords - Saint of the lost souls (Frontiers Records, USA, melodic rock)
Eclipse - Momentum (Frontiers Records, SWEDEN, hard rock)
Night Ranger - Don´t let up (Frontiers Records, USA, melodic rock)
Aldaria - Land of light (Pride and Joy Music, NORWAY, metal opera)
March 31
The Doomsday Kingdom - The Doomsday Kingdom (Nuclear Blast Records, SWEDEN, metal)
Family Force 5 - Audiotorium (Word Records, USA, rock / funk)

April 7
Deep Purple - Infinite (earMusic, U.K, hard rock)
Michelle Branch - Hopeless romantic (Verve Records, USA, pop / rock)
LEAV/E/ARTH - A perfect disarray (InVogue Records, USA, alternative rock)
April 21
While She Sleeps - You are we (PledgeMusic, U.K, metalcore)
April 28
Life of Agony - A place where there´s no more pain (Napalm Records, USA, metal)

The Spiritual Machines - Awake Alive Alert Almost (2nd album from the atmospheric rock duo)
Dreamcar (members of AFI and No Doubt team up for debut album)
The Killers - TBA (5th studio album)
Thirty Seconds To Mars - TBA (5th studio album)
Nothing More - TBA
Demon Hunter - Outlive
Blue Cow Kent - BCK III Even Stars Die (the 3rd release from the Swedes)

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