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All That Remains (April)
Dream Aria (May)
Papa Roach (May)
Adrenaline Mob (June)
Eloy (May)
Bright Light Bright Light (April)
Carptree (April)
Injected (June)
The Letter Black (May)
Hawkwind (May)
Pendragon (April)
Shadowman (May)
Cryonic Temple (April)
The Haunting (March)
Tigress (May)
Onesie (May)
Riverdogs (July)
Royal Thunder (April)
Adelitas Way (June)
Alestorm (May)
The Night Flight Orchestra (May)
Edguy (July)
Vanden Plas (May)
Message From Sylvia (April)

March 24
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Damage and joy (Warner Music, U.K, alternative rock)
Creeper - Eternity, in your arms (Roadrunner Records, U.K, punk rock)
The Dollyrots - Whiplash splash (Arrested Youth Records, USA, punk rock)
Steel Panther - Lower the bar (Steel Panther Inc, USA, hard rock)
Plan Three - Wish I was stormborne (Gain Music, SWEDEN, modern rock)
One Desire - One Desire (Frontiers Records, FINLAND, hard rock)
House of Lords - Saint of the lost souls (Frontiers Records, USA, melodic rock)
Eclipse - Momentum (Frontiers Records, SWEDEN, hard rock)
Night Ranger - Don´t let up (Frontiers Records, USA, melodic rock)
Aldaria - Land of light (Pride and Joy Music, NORWAY, metal opera)
Benchmarks - Our undivided attention (SofaBurn Records, USA, rock)
Dirty White Boyz - Down and dirty (Escape music, U.K, melodic rock)
Lioncage - The second strike (Pride and Joy Music, DENMARK, hard rock)
Come To Dolly - Desire (Sister Lung Productions, NEW ZEALAND, metal)
Art of Anarchy - The Madness (Century Media Records, USA, alternative rock)
Black Diamonds - Once upon a time (AOR Heaven, SWITZERLAND, hard rock)
Brother Firetribe - Sunbound (Spinefarm Records, FINLAND, AOR)
Firstborn - Firstborn (Independent, SWEDEN, rock / metal)
Bonfire - Byte the bullet (UDR Music, GERMANY, hard rock)
Terra - Wasted days EP (Independent, AUSTRALIA, pop / punk)
Davey Suicide - Made from fire (Trisol Music Group, USA, rock / metal)
Alms of The Giant - Oracles (Independent, ITALY, post-hardcore)
Run With It - How to start a fire EP (Independent, USA, pop / rock)
Catch Fire - A love that I still miss (Rude Records, U.K, pop / punk)
March 31
The Doomsday Kingdom - The Doomsday Kingdom (Nuclear Blast Records, SWEDEN, metal)
Family Force 5 - Audiotorium (Word Records, USA, rock / funk)
Mastodon - Emperor of sand (Reprise Records, USA, metal)
Osukaru - The Labyrinth (City of Lights Records, SWEDEN, melodic rock)
Imminence - This is goodbye (Sharptone Records, SWEDEN, rock / metal)
Backwordz - Veracity (Independent, USA, rap metal)
Demon Hunter - Outlive (PledgeMusic, USA, metal)
Sinner - Tequila suicide (AFM Records, GERMANY, heavy metal)
Invidia - As the sun sleeps (SPV Records, USA, alternative metal)
Caution: Thieves - Songs from the great divide EP (Independent, AUSTRALIA, post-hardcore)
COPIA - Epoch (Independent, AUSTRALIA, metal)
Jon Stevens - Starlight (Liberation Records, AUSTRALIA, rock)
White Willow - Future hopes (Laser´s Edge Records, NORWAY, progressive rock)
Dismissed - Heads held high (Gain Music, SWEDEN, glam rock)
The Anix - Ephemeral (Cleopatra Records, USA, electro rock)
The Haunting - Survivor´s Guilt (Independent, USA, electro rock)

April 7
Deep Purple - Infinite (earMusic, U.K, hard rock)
Michelle Branch - Hopeless romantic (Verve Records, USA, pop / rock)
LEAV/E/ARTH - A perfect disarray (InVogue Records, USA, alternative rock)
Dead By April - Worlds collide (Spinefarm Records, SWEDEN, pop / metal)
Falling In Reverse - Coming home (Epitaph Records, USA, rock / metal)
The Maine - Lovely little lonely (Independent, USA, pop / rock)
Cold War Kids - L.A Divine (Capitol Records, USA, rock / soul)
Mike and The Mechanics - Let me fly (The End Records, U.K, pop / rock)
Sinheresy - Domino (Scarlet Records, ITALY, metal)
Born Cages - Exit signs in a burning building EP (PledgeMusic, USA, indie rock)
Arthemis - Blood-fury domination (Scarlet Records, ITALY, metal)
Stereo RV - Human EP (Independent, USA, alternative pop)
Alphaville - Strange attractor (Universal Music, GERMANY, synth pop)
Anewrage - Life-related symptoms (Scarlet Records, ITALY, alternative metal)
Six Impossible Things - We are all mad here (Tanzan Music Records, ITALY, alternative rock)
Message From Sylvia - Message From Sylvia (PledgeMusic, USA, rock / metal)
Royal Thunder - WICK (Spinefarm Records, USA, hard rock)
Pendragon - Masquerade 20 (Metal Mind Records, U.K, progressive rock)
Carptree - Emerger (Reingold Records, SWEDEN, progressive rock)
April 14
For The Win - Heavy thoughts (Artery Recordings, USA, pop / punk)
Ritchie Kotzen - Salting Earth (Headroom Inc, USA, rock)
Corroded - Defcon zero (Despotz Records, SWEDEN, rock / metal)
Little Hurricane - Same Sun Same Moon (Mascot Records, USA, alternative rock)
The Dream Eaters - We are a curse (Song Dynasty Records, USA, dream pop)
April 21
While She Sleeps - You are we (PledgeMusic, U.K, metalcore)
Procol Harum - Novum (Eagle Records, U.K, classic rock)
Crazy Lixx - Ruff justice (Frontiers Records, SWEDEN, sleaze rock)
Treat - The road more or less traveled (Frontiers Records, SWEDEN, melodic rock)
Unruly Child - Reignig frogs The Box Set Collection (Frontiers Records, USA, melodic rock)
Adrenaline Rush - Soul Survivor (Frontiers Records, SWEDEN, hard rock)
Labyrinth - Architecture of a God (Frontiers Records, ITALY, metal)
Walk On Fire - Mind over matter (Escape Music, U.K, AOR)
Incubus - 8 (Island Records, USA, alternative rock)
The Stranger - The Stranger EP (Independent, AUSTRALIA, progressive metal)
The Classic Crime - How to be human (BC Music, USA, modern rock)
Cryonic Temple - Into the glorious battle (Scarlet Records, SWEDEN, heavy metal)
April 28
Life of Agony - A place where there´s no more pain (Napalm Records, USA, metal)
Mew - Visuals (Play it again Sam, DENMARK, progressive pop)
Ayreon - The source (Mascot Label Group, THE NETHERLANDS, progressive metal)
New Found Glory - Makes me sick (Hopeless Records, USA, pop / punk)
Art Nation - Liberation (Gain Music, SWEDEN, melodic rock)
Kings of Broadway - Kings of Broadway (Pride and Joy Music, ITALY, modern rock)
Backwood Spirit - Backwood Spirit (Pride and Joy Music, SWEDEN, classic rock)
Mark Lanegan Band - Gargoyle (Heavenly Recordings, USA, alternative rock)
Liv Sin - Follow me (Despotz Records, SWEDEN, heavy metal)
Fast Romantics - American love (Light Organ Records, CANADA, indie rock)
John Mellencamp - Sad clowns and hillbillies (Republic Records, USA, rock)
Dada Ante Portas - When Gravity Fails (Gadget Records, SWITZERLAND, rock)
He Is Legend - Few (Spinefarm Records, USA, metal)
Lonely Robot - The big dream (Inside Out Music. U.K, progressive rock)
Pyramaze - Contingent (Inner Wound Recordings, DENMARK, progressive metal)
Vandroya - Beyond the human mind (Inner Wound Recordings, BRAZIL, progressive metal)
MindMaze - Resolve (Inner Wound Recordings, USA, progressive metal)
Bai Bang - Rock of life (AOR Heaven, SWEDEN, hard rock)
Rockett Love - Grab the rocket (AOR Heaven, SWEDEN, hard rock)
Stahlmann - Bastard (AFM Records, GERMANY, industrial metal)
Jimmy Urine - The secret cinematic sounds of Jimmy Urine (The End Records, USA, synth pop)
Days of Jupiter - New Awakening (Metalville Records, SWEDEN, hard rock)
Bright Light Bright Light - Cinematography 2 : Back in the habit (Self Raising Records, U.K, electro pop)
All That Remains - Madness (Razor and Tie Records, USA, metalcore)

May 1
Dream Aria - On the other side (Independent, CANADA, progressive rock)
May 5
Motionless In White - Graveyard shift (Roadrunner Records, USA, rock / metal)
At The Drive In - In - ter - a - li - a (Rise Records, USA, post-hardcore)
Hawkwind - Into the woods (Cherry Red Records, U.K, space rock)
May 12
Inglorious - Inglorious II (Frontiers Records, U.K, hard rock)
Harem Scarem - United (Frontiers Records, CANADA, melodic rock)
Warrant - Louder, harder, faster (Frontiers Records, USA, hard rock)
Kobra and The Lotus - Prevail I (Napalm Records, CANADA, hard rock)
Vinyl Theatre - Origami (Fueled By Ramen Records, USA, alternative rock)
Charlotte Martin - Rapture (Test-Drive Records, USA, alternative pop)
Molehill - Hearts on fire EP (Independent, USA, alternative rock / pop)
Seether - Poison the parish (Bicycle Records, USA, alternative metal)
DREAMCAR - DREAMCAR (Columbia Records, USA, new wave)
Dead Letter Circus - The endless mile (Ten To Two Records, AUSTRALIA, alternative metal)
Voyager - Ghost mile (IAV Records, AUSTRALIA, progressive metal)
Snakecharmer - Second skin (Frontiers Records, U.K, classic rock)
Royal Hunt - 2016 Live (Frontiers Records, DENMARK, symphonic metal)
Vanden Plas - The seraphic live works (Frontiers Records, GERMANY, progressive metal)
Goo Goo Dolls - You should be happy EP (Warner Bros, USA, modern rock)
Onesie - Leos Consume (Independent, USA, power pop)
Tigress - Like it is EP (LAB Records, U.K, rock)
Satellite Stories - Young detectives (Universal Music, FINLAND, indie pop / rock)
Eloy - The vision, the sword and the pyre (Soulfood Music, GERMANY, progressive rock)
May 19
Linkin Park - One more light (Warner Bros Records, USA, alternative rock)
Kaleido - Experience (Independent, USA, rock / pop / punk)
The Dead Daisies - Live and louder (Independent, USA, hard rock)
Roger Waters - Is this the life we really want? (Independent, U.K, progressive rock)
The Night Flight Orchestra - Amber Galactic (Nuclear Blast Records, SWEDEN, classic rock)
Shadowman - Secrets and lies (Escape Music, U.K, melodic rock)
Papa Roach - Papa Roach (PledgeMusic, USA, rock / metal)
May 26
Avatarium - Hurricanes and halos (Nuclear Blast Records, SWEDEN, doom metal)
Alestorm - No grave but the sea (Napalm Records, U.K, pirate metal)
The Letter Black - Pain (EMP Label Group, USA, hard rock)

June 2
Wednesday 13 - Condolences (Nuclear Blast Records, USA, gothic metal)
Larry Coryell´s 11th House - Seven secrets (Savoy Jazz Records, USA, fusion)
All Time Low - Last young renegade (Fueled By Ramen Records, USA, pop / punk)
Coldplay - Kaleidoscope (Parlophone Records, U.K, alternative pop)
Seven Day Sleep - A home for disgusting fairies EP (Independent, USA, hard rock)
The Amazons - The Amazons (Fiction Records, U.K, pop / rock)
Injected - The truth about you (Slush Fund Records, USA, modern rock)
Adrenaline Mob - We the people (Century Media Records, USA, alternative metal)
June 9
Nickelback - Feed the machine (Republic Records, CANADA, modern rock)
Volumes - Different animals (Fearless Records, USA, metalcore)
Adelitas Way - Notorius (PledgeMusic, USA, hard rock)

July 7
Riverdogs - California (Frontiers Records, USA, rock)
July 14
Edguy - Monuments (Nuclear Blast Records, GERMANY, power metal)
Cheap Trick - TBA
The Killers - TBA (5th studio album)
Thirty Seconds To Mars - TBA (5th studio album)
Imagine Dragons - TBA (3rd studio album from the American stadium pop band)
Nothing More - TBA
Toto - 40th anniversary album
Sparks - Hippopotamus
Komox - Geminidentity (first full length album)
Threshold - The legend of the shires (11th studio album from the British progmetal masters)
Les Friction - TBA (2nd studio album from Evan Frankfort´s epic rock project)

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