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UPCOMING RELEASES for 2016 / 2017
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New releases added with 
Courage My Love (February)
Circa Waves (March)
Halestorm (January)
No Resolve (January)
From Inside (January)
Edenbridge (February)
Unruly Child (February)
Tokyo Motor Fist (February)
Place Vendome (February)
Lionville (February)
Firewind (January)
Jack Russell´s Great White (January)
Krokus (January)
Battle Beast (February)
As Lions (January)
Avenford (January)
Smash Into Pieces (January)
Accept (January)
Big Wreck (February)
While She Sleeps (April)
Def Leppard (February)
Danny Worsnop (February)
Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness (February)
Black Star Riders (February)
Wars (January)
Frontback (January)
The Brilliance (January)

December 9
Nightwish - Vehicle of spirit (Nuclear Blast Records, FINLAND, symphonic metal)
Dreamshade - Vibrant (Artery Recordings, SWITZERLAND, melodic metal)
Babymetal - Live at Wembley (earMusic, JAPAN, j-pop / metal)
Circle of Dust - Machines of our disgrace (FiXT Music, USA, electronic rock)
December 16
Rob Daiker - Binary affairs (NiaSounds, USA, modern rock)
Megosh - Apostasy (Outerloop Records, USA, progressive / alternative rock)
The Funeral Portrait - A moment of silence (Revival Recordings, USA, post hardcore)
Rush - 2112 40th anniversary (Anthem Records, CANADA, progressive rock)

January 1
From Inside - The new era EP (Independent, U.K, post hardcore)
January 6
Chasing Safety - Nomad (Outerloop Records, USA, post hardcore)
Gone Is Gone - Echolocation (Rise Records, USA, alternative metal)
No Resolve - Unity (Independent, USA, rock / metal)
Halestorm - ReAnimate 3.0 The CoVeRs EP (Atlantic Records, USA, hard rock)
January 13
You Me At Six - Night people (Virgin Music, U.K, pop / rock)
Serpentyne - The serpents kiss (Independent, U.K, goth rock)
The Regrettes - Feel your feelings, fool (Warner Music, USA, punk rock)
Gotthard - Silver (PIAS, SWITZERLAND, hard rock)
Sepultura - Machine Messiah (Nuclear Blast Records, BRAZIL, thrash metal)
Lancer - Mastery (Nuclear Blast Records, SWEDEN, metal)
Pain of Salvation - In the passing light of day (Inside Out Music, SWEDEN, progressive metal)
Frontback - Heart of a lion (Dead End Exit Records, SWEDEN, hard rock)
Accept - Restless and live (Nuclear Blast Records, GERMANY, heavy metal)
One Ok Rock - Ambitions (Fueled By Ramen, JAPAN, pop / rock)
January 20
As It Is - Okay (Fearless Records, U.K, pop / rock)
Once Human - Evolution (earMusic, USA, heavy metal)
Blackfield - V (Kscope Records, U.K / ISRAEL, progressive rock)
Youth In Revolt - The broken (Outerloop Records, USA, rock)
AFI - AFI The Blood Album (Concord Music Group, USA, alternative rock)
Starset - Vessels (Razor and Tie Records, USA, cinematic rock)
As Lions - Selfish age (Better Noise Records, U.K, alternative rock)
Firewind - Immortals (Century Media Records, GREECE, power metal)
January 27
Deaf Havana - All these countless nights (So Recordings, U.K, rock)
Greywind - Afterthoughts (Spinefarm Records, IRELAND, alternative rock)
Pride of Lions - Fearless (Frontiers Records, USA, melodic rock)
The Murder of My Sweet - Echoes of the aftermath (Frontiers Records, SWEDEN, symphonic metal)
Disco Ensemble - Afterlife (Fullsteam Records, FINLAND, rock / funk)
Stephen Pearcy - Smash (Frontiers Records, USA, hard rock)
The Brilliance - All is not lost (Integrity Music, USA, christian rock)
Wars - We are islands, after all (Spinefarm Records, U.K, rock / metal)
Avenford - New beginning (Pride and Joy Music, HUNGARY, heavy metal)
Smash Into Pieces - Rise and shine (Gain Music, SWEDEN, rock / metal)
Krokus - Big rocks (Independent, SWITZERLAND, hard rock)
Jack Russell´s Great White - He saw it coming (Frontiers Records, USA, hard rock)

February 3
Lower Than Atlantis - Safe in sound (Sony Music, U.K, alternative rock)
Soen - Lykaia (UDR Music, SWEDEN, progressive metal)
Black Star Riders - Heavy fire (Nuclear Blast Records, U.K, hard rock)
Big Wreck - Grace street (Anthem Records, CANADA, modern rock)
Courage My Love - Synesthesia (InVogue Records, CANADA, pop / punk)
February 10
Knight Area - Heaven and beyond (Butler Records, THE NETHERLANDS, progressive rock)
Amber Run - For a moment, I was lost (Easy Life Recordings, U.K, alternative rock)
Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness - Zombies on Broadway (Independent, USA, pop / rock)
Def Leppard - There will be a next time, Live from Detroit (Eagle Rock, U.K, hard rock)
February 14
Marilyn Manson - SAY10 (Hell etc, USA, industrial metal)
February 17
Lorna Shore - Flesh coffin (Outerloop Records, USA, metal)
Danny Worsnop - The long road home (Earache Records, U.K, country / rock)
Battle Beast - Bringer of pain (Nuclear Blast Records, FINLAND, metal)
Edenbridge - The great momentum (SPV Records, AUSTRIA, symphonic metal)
February 24
Steel Panther - Lower the bar (Steel Panther Inc, USA, hard rock)
Kobra and The Lotus - Prevail I (Napalm Records, CANADA, hard rock)
Lionville - A world of fools (Frontiers Records, SWEDEN, AOR)
Place Vendome - Close to the sun (Frontiers Records, GERMANY, hard rock)
Tokyo Motor Fist - Tokyo Motor Fist (Frontiers Records, USA, melodic rock)
Unruly Child - Can´t go home (Frontiers Records, USA, melodic rock)

March 10
Mallory Knox - Wired (Search and Destroy Records, U.K, alternative rock)
Circa Waves - Different creatures (Universal Music, U.K, alternative rock)

April 21
While She Sleeps - You are we (PledgeMusic, U.K, metalcore)
Shallow Side - One (new full length from the American hard rockers)
Dreamcar (members of AFI and No Doubt team up for debut album)
The Killers - TBA (5th studio album)
Thirty Seconds To Mars - TBA (5th studio album)
TNT - TBA (first new music in 10 years from Tony Harnell and Ronni Le Tekro)
Demon Hunter - Outlive
Blue Cow Kent - BCK III Even Stars Die (the 3rd release from the Swedes)

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