Upcoming releases

                                                                 JANUARY 2020
Passion-Passion                                       (Frontiers) UK
Jorn-Heavy Rock Radio II                      (Frontiers) NORWAY
DeCarlo-Lightning Strikes Twice           (Frontiers) USA
Revolution Saints-Rise                           (Frontiers) USA
Dirty Shirley-Dirty Shirley                    (Frontiers) EU
Michael Thompson Band-High Times, Live In Italy (Frontiers) USA
H.E.A.T.-II                                              (Gain Music) SWEDEN
Colony House-Leave What´s Lost Behind (Colony House) USA
InMe-Jumpstart Hope                             (Killing Moon) UK
Twin Atlantic-Power                              (Virgin/EMI) UK
Breaking Benjamin-Aurora                   (Hollywood) USA
Storm Force-Age Of Fear                     (Escape) CANADA
Depeche Mode-Mode Box Set             (Sony) UK
AMOK-Livstid                                    (Fifth Island) SWEDEN
Galleons-Metropolis                            (Galleons) AUSTRALIA
THEORY-Say Nothing                         (THEORY) CANADA
Clint Lowery-God Bless The Renegades (Rise) USA
A Life Divided-Echoes                         (AFM) GERMANY
Blossoms-Foolish Loving Spaces         (Virgin EMI) UK
Easy Action-That Makes One              (AOR Heaven) SWEDEN
Dashboard Confessional-The Best Ones Of The Best Ones (Hidden Note) USA
Don Dokken-Solitary                           (Deadline) USA

Green Day-Father Of All Motherfuckers (Reprise) USA
Richard Marx-Limitless                           (BMG) USA
Stone Temple Pilots-Perdida                    (Rhino) USA
Delain-Apocalypse And Chill                  (Napalm) THE NETHERLANDS
Novatines-Wasted Youth EP                    (SaySomething) UK
Fight The Fade-In Love In Hope In Peace (Fight The Fade) USA
Anvil-Legal At Last                                 (AFM) CANADA
Waiting For Monday-Waiting For Monday (Frontiers) USA
Hollywood Undead-New Empire, Vol.1 (Dove and Grenade) USA
Mark Spiro-The Anthology Box Set        (Frontiers) USA
Black Swan-Shake The World                 (Frontiers) USA
Huey Lewis And The News-Weather      (BMG) USA
Ash-Teenage Wildlife:25 Years Of Ash  (Echo) NORTHERN IRELAND
Paradise Walk-Cruel Hearts Club            (Giant Walrus) UK
Biff Byford-School Of Hard Knocks     (Silver Lining) UK
Framing Hanley-Envy                           (Thermal Entertainment) USA
We Sell The Dead-Black Sleep             (earMusic) SWEDEN
Russ Ballard-It´s Good To Be Here      (BMG) UK
Ozzy Osbourne-Ordinary Man             (Epic) UK
The Word Alive-MONOMANIA         (Fearless) USA
COIN-Dreamland                                  (Startime) USA
Witterquick-Witterquick                       (Witterquick) UK
Five Finger Death Punch-F8                 (Better Noise Music) USA
The Dowling Poole-See You See Me   (The Dowling Poole) UK
The Night Flight Orchestra-Aeromantic (Nuclear Blast) SWEDEN
Jesse Damon-Damon´s Rage                (AOR Heaven) USA
The Robert Cray Band-That´s What I Heard (Nozzle) USA

Harem Scarem-Change The World             (Frontiers) CANADA
Novena-Eleventh Hour                               (Frontiers) UK
Khymera-Master Of Illusions                     (Frontiers) UK
Silverstein-A Beautiful Place To Drown    (UNFD) CANADA
Stiched Up Heart-Darkness                         (Another Century) USA
The Boomtown Rats-Citizens of Boomtown (BMG) IRELAND
Gotthard-#13                                               (Nuclear Blast) SWITZERLAND
Grouplove-Healer                                       (Atlantic) USA
Liar-Sunset Plaza Drive                               (Escape) UK
Mike Campbell-Wreckless Abandon          (BMG) USA
Pearl Jam-Gigaton                                       (Republic) USA
The Birthday Massacre-Diamonds              (Metropolis) CANADA
Vattica-Believe EP                                       (Vattica) USA

Roachford-Twice In A Lifetime                     (BMG) UK
RED-Declaration                                            (The Fuel) USA
Nightwish-Human II Nature                          (Nuclear Blast) FINLAND

Alanis Morissette-Such Pretty Forks In The Road (RCA) CANADA
The Rocket Dolls-The Art Of Disconnect      (601927) UK
Weezer-Van Weezer                                        (Atlantic) USA

Coming Soon
Dredg                                  (box set + first studio album since Chuckles and Mr.Squeezy from 2011)
King´s X                             (first studio album since XV from 2008)
Ace Frehley-Origins Vol.2 (second covers album)
Orgy-Entropy                      (first studio album since Punk Static Paranoia from 2004)
Blue Öyster Cult                 (first studio album since 2001)
Frost                                    (new studio album+live album and re-issues of the band´s catalog)
Celldweller-Satellites         (5th studio album from Klayton)
Angels and Airwaves          (6th studio album from Tom DeLonge and Co)
Winger                                (7th studio album and the first since 2014)
Journey                               (working on their first album in 9 years)
The Killers-Imploding The Mirage (6th studio album out spring 2020)
Ra                                       (5th studio album from Sahaj Ticotin and the first since 2013)

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