Friday, June 18, 2021

Today´s Report


Track of the week : Kat Von D-I am nothing, the second single from the upcoming album ”Love made me do it” is hauntingly beautiful new wave-ish synthwave. Who could believe that the famous tattoo artist was equally talented in music as well?! Since the first single ”Exorcism” was great too, I have no doubts that the album will be more than interesting. ”I am nothing” is out today.

Album in my headphones : The Red Locusts (2021), the names of the cover says Paul Ramone and Scotty Skuffleton but what we´re dealing with here is Rick Springfield´s new ”secret” band featuring the Bissonette brothers Matt (bass) and Gregg (drums). This 60´s pop-influenced album is a wonderful flirt with The Beatles but I´m guessing that Rick Springfield fans might have a hard time liking it. Flower power isn´t for everybody.

Cool news : I have some really cool upcoming album releases to announce such as Yonaka-Seize the power (July 15), Hanson-Against the world (November 5), Angels and Airwaves-Lifeforms (September 24), Blacktop Mojo-s/t (August 13), Blinker The Star-Arista (July 2) and Steve Hackett-Surrender of silence (September 10)

Other updates : I have written two new reviews of Kiss-Off the soundboard : Tokyo 2001 and Justin Masters-Before and way after on, read them at : Justin Masters and Kiss , as you can see I also decided re-launch my interviews page on the frontpage and this time, updated with the latest interviews on Palace of Rock.


Sunday, June 13, 2021

Signal Void-Jaded Shadow Album Showcase


An epic work of dystopian science fiction, Signal Void’s full-length album Jaded Shadow immerses listeners in rich, detailed soundscapes marked by powerful rhythms, haunting melodies, and an unparalleled sonic atmosphere. This groundbreaking recording represents a journey through narrative-driven conceptual spaces, features a wide array of talented vocalists like King Protea, Casey Desmond, and Cody Darr, and delivers an unforgettable listening experience.

Jaded Shadow features the simultaneously tragic and beautiful "Find You" (feat. King Protea) a heartbreaking tale rooted in Signal Void’s world of the dystopian retro-future, "Bad Sector" featuring the artist’s signature bass-heavy style and was the first single off the new Altered: Regeneration anthology from FiXT Neon, and the title track "Jaded Shadow" (feat. Cody Darr) a cyberpunk-themed electronic track, that expands the songwriting and conceptual universe of Signal Void’s music.

Featured on notable YouTube channels such as ThePrimeThanatos, Astral Throb, and The '80s Guy, Signal Void has amassed a dedicated following and is a rising star redefining the possibilities of cyberpunk, with more to come.

Jaded Shadow is released on June 25 and available for pre-order here : FiXT Neon

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Today´s Report


It´s hard to keep track on all the single releases every week but I will try to do my best and list the ones you need to check out the past few weeks, here we go : Ludwig Hart-Stuck on you, MAN WITH A MISSION-Into the deep,, Tiffany-Hey baby, Yonaka-Call me a saint, Muse-Megalomania RemiXX, Manic Street Preachers-Orwellian, Fozzy-Sane, Concrete Castles-Half awake, Never Loved-Hope I´m ok, Kat Von D-Exorcism, 6:33-Act like an animal, Solence-Indestructible, Big Wreck featuring Chad Kroeger-Middle of nowhere

Album in my headphones : The Ramona Flowers-If you remember EP (2021), this is not new music from electronic pop band The Ramona Flowers but instead a compilation of songs from previously released EP´s and albums. It consists of ”Tokyo” (2016 single), ”Lust and lies” (Lust and Lies EP 2013), ”If you remember” (Magnify EP 2017), ”Numb drunk” (Magnify EP 2017), ”Out of focus” (Strangers album 2018), ”Ghost” (Strangers album 2018). It was nice to hear these songs again, some for the first time like the songs released before the amazing ”Part time spies” album (2016).

Cool news : Dutch rock band The New Shining will release their 7th studio album ”Antidote” later this summer, featuring the single ”This present darkness” that is available now. The new album is dedicated to raise depression awareness, it´s a shout-out to the invisibles. The new single is top-quality as always from The New Shining.

Other updates : My review of the superb Mammoth WVH debut album is now online at, go ahead and visit the page to read my thoughts about this gigantic rock album.

Friday, June 11, 2021

TIM Album Showcase


TIM were an ‘almost super-group’, at least with the benefit on hindsight they sure are. Not so much at the time of writing and recording this album in 1983. Regrettably, TIM members were so busy individually with sessions, and family commitments, that the band never made any more music together.

TIM is:

Thom Griffin – Vocals, Guitar

Bruce Gaitsch – Guitars

Bob Lizik – Bass

Terry Tossing Esq – Keyboards

Tom Radtke and Jim Hines – Drums

The individual recording credits of these guys are incredible:

Thom Griffin – Trillion, Ambition, Brian Wilson, Mecca, Pride Of Lions, Jimi Jamsion, Dennis DeYoung

Bruce Gaitsch – Richard Marx, Fergie Frederiksen, Chicago, Peter Cetera, Michael W. Smith, Madonna, Jim Peterik, Kelly Keagy

Bob Lizik – Brian Wilson, Pride Of Lions, Dennis DeYoung, Soleil Moon, Peterik/Scherer, World Stage

Tom Radtke – John Prine, Dennis DeYoung, Barbra Streisand

Jim Hines – Brian Wilson, Cyndi Lauper

Together they made an unreleased masterpiece. An album so good it would have challenged the other rock albums of 1983 for their dominance.

Thom Griffin comments: “TIM was comprised entirely of session players from Chicago. We were consciously trying to be commercially viable. Bruce had a condo in downtown Chicago where we would meet between sessions to write.  I believe we flushed out our ideas on a Fostex 4 track porta-studio.”

Bruce Gaitsch claiming: “We were trying so hard to be Chicago’s Toto!”

All the songs were recorded using analog recording with no auto-tune or quantization or sequencers and were intended as demos with very few overdubs (with the exception of an occasional instrumental overdub, and vocals). The fact they still sound so amazing today is tantamount to the talent behind the writing and recording.

Bruce continues: “I do recall doing sessions all day and going into Universals big room at night, 8:00 and working all night then going right to a session the next day! We used to write when we had time between sessions at my downtown apartment. It was fun, a nice release from doing commercials 6 times a day.”

Bob Lizik recalls calling the band’s sessions as ‘dust rehearsals’ as the low-rent hired rehearsal space still had a dirt floor.

Bruce: “We helped the first rehearsal studio get started by booking lots of hours even when they still had a dirt floor! Rehearsals would be cancelled at the last minute because of work all the time, then we’d see each other at the sessions.”

And the name? There’s been plenty of guesses where it came from. I’ll leave it to Thom Griffin to reveal the truth: “Yes, the name TIM was a reference to ‘Tim, the Enchanter’ in Monty Python’s “Holy Grail!” movie.”

29 years in the making, the debut TIM album will finally and rightfully see the light of day on July 16 via reissue label MelodicRock Classics on Limited Edition CD (1000 units) and Digital.

All songs written and produced by TIM

Additional lyrics provided by Keithen Carter for Somethings Coming, Never Let You Get Away and Maybe it’s Better

Recorded at: Universal Recording (Bob Bennett engineer in the A Room on a Neve 8048 console over the course of 3 evenings); Tanglewood Studio in Brookfield (Larry Millas engineer on a Neotek console over the course a few days)

TIM is available for pre-order at : MelodicRock Classics

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Today´s Report


Track of the week : Nothing But Thieves-Futureproof, these Englishmen are doing their best keep rock alive and the new single from the forthcoming 4th album is killer. The song is a hybrid of electronic sounds and aggressive rock, like medicine for the ears. All hail NBT.

Album in my headphones : Falling Up Acoustic EP (2015), one of my all-time christian rock bands Falling Up are no longer and that kinda makes me sad because they were one of a kind with their atmospheric rock. Sometimes emo, sometimes progressive, and sometimes just chill. I don´t normally listen to acoustic releases but this EP with new renditions of songs originally on their self-titled album from the same year, is captivating.

Cool news : European hard rock/metal band All For The King will follow-up their 2017 debut with their sophomore record ”Let There Be Light” on September 24. The new album is mastered by Jens Bogren and features the tracks 1.The six-winged seraphim 2.Let there be light 3.I am he 4.The way, truth and life 5.The shelter 6.St.Patrick´s prayer 7.Metal gods 8.Moneychangers 9.Blazing fire 10.The return of the king

Other updates : My review of LeBrock-Fuse is online at, check it out here LeBrock , I recently got a question from a friend asking me what my three most played albums are, it´s not really easy to answer that because my memory might fool me. However, I know that three albums I do listened to more than the rest are Blue For You with Status Quo from 1976, Destroyer with Kiss from 1976 and Escape with Journey from 1981. These records shaped me to what I am. Other candidates that could be on this list as well are Street Talk with Steve Perry from 1984 and Moving Pictures with Rush from 1981.