Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sarah Donner - Fossil of girl

Sarah Donner - Fossil of girl (2012) CatLady Records
Produced by Sarah Donner
Tracks : 1.The pilot 2.Fossil of girl 3.All my guns 4.Knocks on a door 5.Treeline 6.Decade 7.Summer home 8.Signs of life 9.Bitches you can steal my shit 10.The crane song 11.Going under 12.Your love is my drug 13.Overrated new year 14.Follow suit
3 out of 5

When I hear Sarah Donner´s voice, I think of Alanis Morissette. But Sarah Donner´s music bring thoughts to other artists like First Aid Kit, Miss Li and Mumford and Sons. There´s a bit of both classic 70´s singer/songwriter style and 21st century indie folk sounds in her latest album "Fossil of girl", Sarah is without doubt a talented artist where her songs feels honest and warm. She´s right at home with composing in key major, and I´m really impressed by her musical skills because she plays guitar, violin, ukulele and piano.
This album is filled with bright and positive songs where my favorites are "Going under", "The pilot", "Fossil of girl" and "All my guns". Also expect a real nice cover of Kesha´s "Your love is my drug", thumbs up. If you´re interested in more from Sarah Donner, you´ve got 3 more albums to check out in "Reluctant cat lady" (2007), "The sleep you´ve been missing" (2008) and "Typing is dangerous" (2010).

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