Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mire - Inward / Outward

Mire - Inward / Outward (2014) Independent
Produced by Mire / J.P Nault
Tracks : 1.Complex 2.Tyrannicide 3.Limitless Pt.1 4.Limitless Pt.2 5.Convolution 6.Beast and the machine 7.Catalan atlas 8.Mantra cymatic 9.Open circle 10.Upheaval
3 out of 5

The status of progrock music from Canada lies on a steady top quality level which isn´t so hard to understand when the climate is so good around new musicians. You grow up to legendary acts such as Rush, I Mother Earth, Saga and Tea Party, not to mention watching newer acts like Alpha Galates, Chair Warriors and We Are The City rise up.
So you start a band, just like Montreal based Mire and focus on the kind of music they want to listen to themselves. They have created a winning formula of suggestive rhythms and intelligent riffs in a modern progmetal package, their debut album "Inward / Outward" grows for each time I hear it and it´s not so strange since I discover new things in the songs all the time.
Do yourself a favor and check out this solid album, you might like it.
Highlights : Tyrannicide, Mantra cymatic, Beast and the machine
For fans of Tool, Karnivool, Ethersens

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