Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Grand Trunk Travellers - Lowercase Sessions II

Grand Trunk Travellers - Lowercase Sessions II (2014) Jono Music
Produced by Jonatan Samuelsson
Tracks : 1.Honey 2.Sarah 3.Apocalypse of the heart 4.Weary 5.Shade 6.Don´t follow me anywhere
3 out of 5

Grand Trunk Travellers are a music collective backing up Karl-Johan Jonsson, a music poet who writes melancholic indie pop songs with traces of folkrock.
The first "Lowercase Sessions" was released in 2013 and now the follow up is out with 6 new tracks, performed on acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, pump organ and a mini drum kit.
I won´t be surprised if this is gonna be David Lynch´s new favorite band, the music is perfect as a soundtrack for a Lynch film.
If you dig bands like Crash Test Dummies, Popsicle or Mumford and Sons, you will like songs such as "Honey" and "Sarah". Those are my faves.

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