Friday, July 11, 2014

Messenger - Perfect storm

Messenger - Perfect storm (2014) Jono Music
Produced by Messenger / Johannes Karlsson
Tracks : 1.What I believe 2.Rockin´ in faith 3.I need you now 4.Tear down these walls 5.Perfect storm 6.O store gud (how great thou art)
3,5 out of 5

With influences like Petra and Stryper, how can you possibly go wrong? The Swedish powermetal band Messenger deliver a perfect storm this fall, it´s the follow up to their 2012 "Heart and mind" EP.
I never was that impressed by the Swedish christian metal scene in the 80´s with bands like Jerusalem, Leviticus and XT but the bands got better and eventually I started to enjoy releases from Divinefire, Audiovision, Golden Resurrection and  Reinxeed.
Now we can add Messenger to that list as well, I find their new EP really good. We´re talking melodic 80´s metal here that sounds like a wetdream for fans of Stryper.
Just listen to the epic "Tear down these walls" and "Perfect storm", well arranged and well performed songs. Great guitarwork too.
"Rockin´ in faith" would do just fine on a Judas Priest album and the AOR-ish "I need you now" will make you drool if you love Petra, the only song that don´t do anything for me is the metal version of the popular christian hymn "O store gud" (how great thou art).
But the rest is soooo good.

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