Friday, September 5, 2014

Revengine - Why follow road so narrow

Revengine - Why follow road so narrow (2014) Ruined Entertainment
Produced by Ari Laurila
Tracks : 1.Not of this time 2.My charade 3.Eol 4.Sky burial 5.Blackened mind 6.Paraside 7.Still ain´t lost my way 8.Unto utter desolation 9.Yet here we are 10.Cycle
3 out of 5

I´m glad to see that several things has improved since Revengine´s debut EP "The Absence" from 2011, I wasn´t too impressed by their songwriting and thought singer Antti Jokiranta´s vocal performance felt a bit weak.
But the songs are stronger on their new album "Why follow road so narrow" and Antti sings a lot better on these songs, they have worked harder on the melodies and I welcome that the songs are shorter this time around.
I think the band has created a cool mix of grunge and alternative metal, we even get a touch of melancholy, the typical Finnish sound.
Once again, a crystalclear bass sound which is the best part here.

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