Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Like Monroe - Things we think but never speak

Like Monroe - Things we think but never speak (2014) Good Fight Music
Produced by Drew Fulk
Tracks : 1.Roswell 2.The hills 3.Black lungs 4.So beautiful 5.Changing lanes 6.We will all prevail 7.Prison flood 8.Circle the drain 9.Crow´s nest 10.The enemy 11.Strange lips
3 out of 5

Houston based Like Monroe´s debut album "Things we think but never speak" gives the listener a dose of modern metal like a blend of melodic metalcore, symphonic numetal and even pop choruses.
Imagine Linkin Park meets Bring Me The Horizon with a touch of Destrophy and you´ll get Like Monroe.
It´s a solid and well produced album but hardly unique, you can bang your head and singalong to several songs but I miss that special something that makes this band stand out.
Don´t count them out just yet, I will keep them under my radar because great things can come from this band.
Highlights : "The hills", "Circle the drain".

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