Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fourplay : Fort Hope , In Waves , Smash Into Pieces , Shadowquest

Fort Hope - Fort Hope (2015) Just like Elliot Minor but without the orchestral parts
Why not start with the updated stats for my blog before I jump right on to the albums I´ve been listening to this week. 3,658,765 views so far. Closer and closer to 4 million. I think it´s time take the family out to dinner to celebrate. But now music.
You will all feel comfortable with the British trio Fort Hope´s new self titled EP if you´re a fan of piano driven pop / rock, these guys also blend in alternative rock and pop punk into their sound.
I´m pleased with the result and I do really dig their name, it´s expressive and positive.
R&B meets rock in "Tears" and I wouldn´t be too surprised if Bruno Mars or Kanye West picked up a few parts from this song and made it their own.
For fans of Feeder, The Start Over, Something Corporate.

In Waves - In Waves (2015) Still waiting for Tooth and Nail Records to call
This North Carolina based band is not to be confused with Missouri rockers Made In Waves,
In Waves are influenced by Saosin, Conditions and Secret and Whisper. We´re talking ambient, progressive alternative rock here. A sound that would set Tooth and Nail on fire a decade ago, however this genre ain´t so trendy these days.
It´s a competent album, not very unique but still quite entertaining. There are moments when they reminds me a bit of Falling Up.
Also available : Indecision EP (2013)

Smash Into Pieces - The Apocalypse DJ (2015) They are here to stay for good
The Grammy´s definition of rock and metal these times is twisted when you look at the nominees, Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan recently said that rock artists have to stand up against pop music. That´s why we need the Apocalypse DJ to show us what real rock music is, the Swedish rock/metal band Smash Into Pieces had a lifetime to make their debut album "Unbreakable" but only one year to write, record and release the follow up.
Fill the stage with Marshall stacks, turn up the volume and you don´t have to tell these boys to rock.
They are one of the hardest working and touring bands in our country now, so support this band and buy their latest album so we can look forward to LP #3.
The track "Don´t wake me up" is a killer.

Shadowquest - Armoured IV pain (2015) A force to be reckoned with
Quality, class and 100% metal. Producer and songwriter Ronny Milianowicz doesn´t settle for anything less with his new band Shadowquest.
With members from Masterplan, Witherscape, Dionysus, Bloodbound and Saint Deamon. This 6 piece band comes marching like an army of orcs preparing for battle, but instead of swords, these guys are armed with sharp riffs and powerful choruses.
Blended metal is not what´s on the menu here, Shadowquest deliver single malt powermetal not contaminated with any other genre.
For fans of Helloween, A Hero For The World, Freedom Call.

VInce Grant release new EP My depression is always trying to kill me

Vince Grant's musical journey is reminiscent of Guy, the lead character in the movie "Once", as he spent his first two summers after moving from his hometown of Chicago to L.A. busking on Venice Beach. After his first stint in L.A. he moved back and forth between New York and L.A. for years playing in various bands, gigging, touring, even playing at SXSW, while working a series of dead end jobs until eventually drug and alcohol problems derailed him.

Says Vince, "Drugs, alcohol, depression, they took me out." After a successful recovery, Vince has channeled his experiences into a new 5 song EP. Free from the constraints of a band situation he feels he has found his authentic voice and a style he can call his own.

"Melancholia" is the lead single. Grant has also made available videos for “Melancholia” and “How Many Times You,” both produced by the highly acclaimed Alex Nasonov.

Artur U and The New City Limits going on a holiday from eternity

Hailing from the capital city of Finland, Artur U & the New City Limits is a fresh addition to the alternative music scene of Scandinavia. Together with his group, the 23-year old steel guitarist - who’s already shared recording and performing credits in New York with the likes of Bill Laswell and James Chance - is performing intense, alternative-spirited fusion of rock and pop. 
Musical influences are drawn from the likes of Lou Reed, Wire and Iggy Pop all the way to the steel guitar extravaganza of the Campbell Brothers and Robert Randolph. The songs themselves tend to deal with moody, introspective thoughts, and the music itself has an intense, personal feeling.
The group will release its debut album, ”Holiday From Eternity”, on 27th February.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Celldweller ready to release chapter 3 of End of an empire

Celldweller´s new vocal album "End of an empire" will be released in chapters where the first two chapters are "Love" and "Time", the third "Dreams" will be available on March 13th.
Songs released so far are "End of an empire", "Lost in time", "Down to earth", "Heart on" and the upcoming singles "Just like you" and "Good l_ck, yo_´re F_cked".
Plus a lot of instrumentals and remixes.

Mass Sky Raid unleash the enemy

The progressive alternative rock band Mass Sky Raid from the gold coast of Australia, has released a new single "Enemy". Stream the song here:

Ex. Blacklite District members with new band Paradise Over

Paradise Over is a new alternative hard rock band featuring former members of Blacklite District. They will release their debut album in 2015, the first single "The ghost of you and me" is out on iTunes.
Listen to a sample here:

The Hawk In Paris release new single from upcoming LP Freaks

The Hawk In Paris began in 2009 when the three musical friends reunited after nearly a decade.
The Hawk In Paris draws from a wide palette of musical influences. They give credit to the pioneers of electronic music like Thomas Dolby and Kraftwerk, as well as 80’s synth-giants like Eurythmics, NIN, and Depeche Mode. Older influences are balanced by the new breed of electronic artists such as M83, Trentemoller, The Friendly Fires, and Gotye.
The band features members and former members of Jars of Clay, they are currently working on their LP "Freaks". Check out the new single "Frozen heart" here:

From Ashes To New headed for the downfall

From Ashes to New is a Rap-rock/Alternative metal band that hails from Central Pennsylvania where such greats as Live, Fuel, Halestorm, and August Burns Red. Some might say there is something in the water, but From Ashes to New is an amalgamation of decades of experience in the local scene come together in what can only be described as a "super group" of bands past.
Their new EP "Downfall" will be out on March 10, download the title track for free here:

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Rebel Light release new video Strangers

The retro sounding Los Angeles band The Rebel Light has released a new video "Strangers", you will adore this if you like California pop.

Aussie indie pop band Slow Turismo takes you around the corners

Creating sun drenched, big speaker indie pop, Slow Turismo are the perfect band to ease you into your summer or guide you through a night out on the town. Taking cues from numerous influences the Canberra band seamlessly fuse together infectious pop lyrics with dynamic arrangements. 
Listen to their new single "Corners" here:

The Lazys shakes it like they mean it

The Lazys are a 5 piece rock outfit from Terrigal, NSW Australia. 2009 saw the boys sign their publishing over the Sony ATV and release their self titled debut EP. Recorded in the legendary Albert’s studios, home of ACDC, it’s a showcase of the bands shear ability and consistent development. 
In 2010, The Lazys recorded their debut album ‘Prison Earth’. 'We wanted to write a record that represented us as people before musicians', says vocalist Leon Harrison. 
Their new self titled album was released in Nov 2014 and its available on iTunes.
Check out the new video "Shake it like you mean it" here:

Staring Out The Sun are here to break the silence

Staring Out The Sun, are a 4 piece London-based rock outfit. Their sound consists of heavy bass lines paired with tight, hard hitting drums, mixed in with sweet guitars and a sonorous vocal. The SOTS quartet have come together to create music made to be seen and heard in the flesh, with their electric live shows, sonically hard edged music, and a debut EP on the way, Staring Out The Sun is definitely one to watch!
Their new EP "Break the silence" is available on Spotify.

Crash Kings announce new EP Live Nudes

Piano rock trio Crash Kings are releasing an EP through PledgeMusic of brand new songs recorded raw & live in the studio. They are calling it LIVE NUDES. 
Listen to the new song "Shaking like an animal" at:

Night Argent release debut single Nothing more beautiful

Night Argent are a new promising band from Pasco, Washington, USA. Their alternative pop will appeal to fans of Imagine Dragons and One Republic.
Watch their debut video "Nothing more beautiful" here:

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Dark Line unleash debut EP

“Running From The Light” is the result of craftsmanship, determination and love for heavy based rock with sublime melodies and big riffs. It starts off with the face melting riff of ‘Draw The Line’ and is followed by the intense ‘Fighting Inside’, an emotional song that is dedicated to the brother of bassplayer Simon de Jong who sadly passed away due to cancer during the recordings. Next up is the first single ‘Head Through The Wall’, a low tuned, dark and heavy song that will make you raise your fist in the air. ‘Here and Now’ is the first song the band recorded with Brett Hestla. A beautiful powerballad with great harmonies. Last song on the EP is ‘What Was Mine’, a statement about taking back what’s yours. That’s exactly what this record does; taking back the power to show the world great rock is very much alive.
Listen to A Dark Line´s debut EP on Spotify:

Like A Storm awakens the fire

New Zealand based hard rockers Like A Storm´s new album "Awaken the fire" is out now, the track "Wish you hell" is available as free download on iTunes.
Listen here:

Debut album from Misterwives out now

New York City based soul pop band Misterwaves released their debut album "Our own house" yesterday, check out the title track here:

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Trespassers release new EP Rival Glass today

Syracuse, NY's Trespassers will release an EP, titled Rival Glass', on February 24.
Signed to Spartan Records last fall, the band is premiering the lead single, "Dead End," (featuring guest vocals from Daisyhead's Michael Roe).

A new year for A Silent Film

A Silent Film had a 5 year history with a highly respectable alternative radio campaign and an impressive tour itinerary, highlighted by jaunts with One Republic and Civil Twilight, The Temper Trap, Smashing Pumpkins, Athlete and Sleigh Bells, but the band found itself when it found America. Sand & Snow documents the wisdom and romance gleaned from self-discovery from band with proven songwriting chops and buzzing career potential. 
Listen to their new single "Tomorrow" taken from their upcoming EP "New year", out April 21st.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Serbian punkrock band Tea Break deliver new EP

Tea Break is a prominent punk rock band from Belgrade, Serbia, playing since 2001. Through the years and after several releases, they've developed a unique style of punk rock slightly influenced by hardcore and metal. 
Their new EP "Something´s wrong, everything´s ok" is available on Spotify, listen here:

Violet Heights ready to light up the world with new EP

‘Violet Heights’ are an exciting new british band, fusing their youthful energy into pop/rock. 
Thoughtful songwriting, soulful vocal styling’s, pumping rhythm sections, synth leads and tasty guitar licks merge into an exciting cocktail, drawing comparisons Lawson, The 1975, Kings Of Leon, Don Broco and Lower Than Atlantis. 
Their new EP "You light up" is available on Spotify, stream the EP here:

Progrockers Sylvan shines on new album Home

The Hamburg-based rock band SYLVAN is a force to be reckoned with in artrock. After 13 years in business they can look back at a successful and artistic development and on top of that pride themselves to be one of the few German artrock bands enjoying international success.
Their 9th studio album "Home" is out now, check out the new single "Shine" here:

Feel the gravity with Against The Current

Against The Current are a young Pop Rock band based out of Poughkeepsie, NY. Their new EP "Gravity" is available on iTunes. Listen to the new single "Talk" here:

Atlanta based hardrockers Poynte deliver new album Discreet enemy

POYNTE is a group based in Atlanta, GA, comprised of sincere musicians that still take pride in lyrical content and musical movement. With every single note planned to support the emotion of the song, the band delivers on their uncompromising vision. From the syncopated drum and bass lines, to the layers of guitars that support the vocal melodies, POYNTE is a well-oiled emotion machine that leaves audiences of all ages captivated and wanting more.
Their new album "Discreet enemy" is available at:

What Now becomes New Volume

The U.K / South African modern rock band New Volume (formerly known as What Now) has signed with Sumerian Records, their debut single "One touch" is available on iTunes.

Pause and listen to the new single from Plain White T´s

Illinois based alternative rock band Plain White T´s will release their new album "American nights" on March 31st through PledgeMusic.
Listen to the new single "Pause" here:

The return of In Effect

In Effect are: Daniel Holmgren (Raised Fist) & Sami Rocklynn (Frostlit).
A heavy melodic band with Hardcore vocals, electronic sounds, fat guitars and various mood driven FX.
They will release their new single "Shattered mind reborn" on March 6th.

Hollywood Undead release new single Gravity from upcoming LP no 4

Raprockers Hollywood Undead´s 4th album "Day of the dead" will be out on March 31st, stream their new single "Gravity" here:

The Darkness are the last of their kind

The Darkness will release their new album "The last of our kind" on June 1st, you can listen to the first single "Barbarian" here:

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Original album titles : Plumb

Christian rock artist Plumb´s 2013 album "Need you now" was originally titled "Faster than a bullet" but she renamed the album in honor of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that occured in December 2012.

Aussie rock band Far Away Stables re-release Atlantis with bonus tracks

Sydney based modern rockers Far Away Stables decided to re-release Atlantis for FREE with 3 bonus tracks including our cover of To Build A Home, a brand new version of A Beggar's Plea, as well as a completely new song "Victim".
Grab a free download here:

Are you ready for a new Ice Nine Kills song?

Boston metallers Ice Nine Kills has released a new single called "Me, myself and Hyde" on iTunes, you can stream the new song here:

We Are Harlot wants to rule the world

Los Angeles rockers We Are Harlot are creating a buzz in the music industry with their two new singles "Dancing on nails" and "The one", taken from their forthcoming debut album out in March.
Watch the official video "The one" here:

Alternative rockers Chair Warriors release new song Liars

Chair Warriors music is influenced by everything from classical to 90s grunge, all rolled into one tight, melodic package. The Montreal based band recently released their new single "Liars". Listen here:

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Nano is climbing the charts in Japan and Taiwan

Jpop star Nano´s new album "Rock on" is climbing the charts in Japan, watch her official video "Rock on" and samples of her other singles here:

Melodic metallers Every Hour Kills announce debut EP this summer

Inspired by an anonymous literary quote "Every hour wounds, but the last one kills.", Every Hour Kills is a power house ensemble featuring ex-Divinity guitarist Sacha Laskow, bassist Brent Stutsky (ex-Breach of Trust, ex-Death Valley Dolls), drummer Rob Shawcross (ex- Out Of Your Mouth, ex-Autobody, ex-Kobra and The Lotus) along with vocalist Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster (Walk As Chaos, ex-Out of Your Mouth, ex-Autobody, ex-the R.A.C.E.).
With their debut self-titled EP due for release in summer 2015, EHK’s is excited to set their metal scene on fire performing shows in their home base of Calgary, AB and beyond.
Check out their new single "Almost human" here:

Cold Kingdom release debut album The moon and the fool

Cold Kingdom is a brand new Minneapolis hard rock project formed by Evan Ogaard (Crashing Daylight), Patrick Murphy (I, Corvinus), Danielle Engum (Eufera), Aaron Schutz (7th Ascent), and Jason Michael (7th Ascent). Thriving on powerful vocals and instrumentation, we strive to break into the music scene with a new sound that will stand out above the rest.
Their first record "The moon and the fool" is available now, listen to the first single "Crash poet" here:

Fourplay : Bumblefoot , Never A Hero , Tom Cochrane , The Kut

Bumblefoot - Little brother is watching (2015) Not Guns N´Roses but still great music
One more week and more albums going through my head.........
A huge fan of life, I bet Guns N Roses guitarist Bumblefoot loves every new morning he wakes up to. You can tell because it sounds like his loving every minute of it on his new album.
Are you willing to step out of the mainstream lane of music once in a while and let your mind be filled with unexpected chordchanges, odd twists and turns, not to mention a very entertaining ride of artsy modern rock?!
Guitar virtuoso Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal´s 10th solo album "Little brother is watching" can be described as a punkish version of Queen or why not the Norwegian 90´s band Vagabond doing an alternative rock album.
Thanks Bumblefoot, this is exactly what I needed to make my day. The songs and the six string work is simply amazing.

Never A Hero - UnEvolution (2015) The sound of the 21st century
When the British hard rock band Never A Hero went back to record their 2nd album, they wanted everything to be bigger, better and stronger.
The hooks, the production, the riffs and the melodies. They´re all top notch on their new album "UnEvolution" and even if this band surely will appeal to fans of modern rock, there is a big part of their sound that has it´s roots in classic hard rock.
One thing for sure, there is no stopping Never A Hero. Count on it.

Tom Cochrane - Take it home (2015) The man who gets better with age
One of Canada´s finest artists returns with his first solo album in a decade, Tom Cochrane is the real thing ladies and gentlemen.
His songs speaks directly to my heart and moves me in a way, few artists do. I´m a big fan of his band Red Rider and his 1991 hit "Life is a highway" is perhaps the greatest road song of all time.
So now it´s time to head out on the road again with a set of new classic rock tunes that will live on forever, Cochrane is like Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams and Neil Young in the same person.
You´ll be sorry if you pass on this great record.

The Kut - Rock Paper Scissors (2015) Out with the new, in with the old
The London trio The Kut gave the listener a dose of grunge and pop on their first EP "Make up" last year, but this time around they go more towards garage rock than pop.
The new EP contains 4 tracks that in some moments sounds like a female version of MC5, "Rock Paper Scissors" feels more organic and rocks harder but I prefer their previous release.
I get the feeling somehow that these new songs will do better on stage,

Friday, February 20, 2015

Cedar Boulevard´s punchy pop punk goodness

Founded by high school friends Kris Ahlquist (Bass) and Luke Sharp (Guitar) in Perth, Western Australia. In search of a bigger scene and looking to further their musical careers the two moved to North America. Here they found David Mari (drums) and Julian Comeau (vocals) and CJ Marin (guitar). They headed into Adelaide Recording Studios, North Carolina in August 2014. Cedar Boulevard are set to release their first self titled EP in February 2015.
Stream their self titled EP here: