Friday, February 26, 2016

Review : Bobgoblin - Love lost for blood lust

Bobgoblin - Love lost for blood lust (2015) Motor Forces Records
Produced by Bobgoblin / Barry Poynter
Tracks : 1.Feel no pain 2.Danger 3.Waiting for the sun 4.Some things I want to say 5.White lines 6.Hide from tomorrow 7.Fighting machines 8.Eulogy for poor Daniel 9.Turn gears turn 10.From the hill 11.Eternal snow 12.I know a place
4 out of 5

I am so thrilled to hear that Hop Litzwire and his bandpals have opened the melodic factory again where we have mass production of smashing power pop bombs, I see them as saviours in a decadent music business.
I adored their 2003 album "Muscle" that was released under Adventures of Jet, but now the Dallas based band returns to their original name Bobgoblin. "Love lost for blood lust" is their first release under the moniker in 14 years so we´re talking sparkling wine and fireworks here at Palace of Rock.
This is first class power pop with lovely harmony changes, indeed a smorgasbord of delicate melodies.
Welcome back!
Highlights : Waiting for the sun, Hide from tomorrow, Danger
Recommended if you like The Click Five, The Cars, Nik Kershaw

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