Friday, January 31, 2020

Left of center pop artist Declan McKenna announce new album Zeros

21 year old English singer-songwriter Declan McKenna is a bright shining star in the music business who debuted with the highly praised "What do you think about the car?" in 2017.
On May 15, Declan McKenna will release his sophomore record "Zeros" featuring the single "Beautiful faces".

Indie-pop darlings Lovelytheband with charming new song Loneliness For Love

Lovelytheband translate emotions, anxieties, and feelings into lush, layered, and lively indie pop anthems.
The group's debut single "broken" caught fire as "the longest running #1 track on Alternative Radio thus far in 2018" with six weeks at the top. In under a year, it amassed 25 million total global streams. BuzzFeed summed it up as "So. Damn. Good."
Billboard proclaimed the group among "10 Rock & Alternative Artists to Watch in 2018" as they supported Vance Joy and AWOLNATION on tour.
Everything paved the way for the arrival of the band's first full-length, finding it hard to smile in 2018.
The Los Angeles based band enters the 20´s with the new song "Loneliness For Love".

Allusinlove and their spectacular new single Just Like Hell

Yorkshire, UK based rock band Allusinlove debuted with a self-titled EP in 2018, followed by the "It´s okay to talk" EP in 2019 that brings us to 2020 and the spectacular new single "Just like hell".
Palace of Rock loves this.

Essenger delivers dark cinematic soundscapes on After Dark

Essenger recruits synth-rock trio Young Medicine in the long-awaited collaboration, "Lost Boys." Paying homage to the 80’s vampire thriller of the same name, Young Medicine’s live instrumentation and aggressive chorus vocals add a powerful edge to Essenger’s synth production and take the track for one hell of a ride.
Essenger´s debut album AFTER DARK is available on February 7th, featuring the singles Empire of Steel and Lost Boys.

Viva 80´s pop and cheers to All The Damn Vampires

Fans of 80´s soundtrack music and retrowave will be pleased to hear the 2019 single "Saturday" with All The Damn Vampires, one of the favorite tracks at the moment.
All The Damn Vampires released two EP´s last year where "Saturday" is included on the first self-titled EP.

The Rocket Dolls showing loyalty towards riffrock

Brighton riff rockers, The Rocket Dolls, consisting of Nikki Smash (vocals, guitar), Joe Constable (bass, backing vocals) and Be Since 2018’s critically acclaimed album “DeaDHeaD” the band has toured extensively, accumulating miles of road experience, to support the likes of ‘Massive Wagons & Massive’ and playing festivals such as ‘Ramblin Man Fair’ & ‘Planet Rock Stock’ & ‘Hard Rock Hell’.
Their third studio album “The Art of Disconnect”, which will be released on May 1st, is the result of a successful crowdfund campaign in the midst of the Pledge crisis. Undeterred, the band relaunched the campaign from their own merch store, and smashed their target, which clearly indicates the goodwill & support that the band has built from its loyal fans over the years.
Check out their latest single Enthusiasm and Fumes from "The art of disconnect".

The Birthday Massacre is keeping synthrock alive with The Sky Will Turn

The Birthday Massacre is from Toronto, Canada. Combining their interests in various musical and artistic styles, the band has successfully accumulated an impressive international fan base, press accolades, and defied categorization with their unique sound and visuals.
The Birthday Massacre´s 8th studio album Diamonds will be out March 27th, featuring the single The Sky Will Turn.

Retrowave band Paradise Walk presents Cruel Hearts Club

Paradise Walk is a retrowave band from Cardiff, UK. Their brand new album "Cruel Hearts Club" will be out on February 14th, including the title track as the lead single.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Crank it up - Best Years with Social Animals

Rise Records artists Social Animals from Minnesota drop new single Best Years, check out this promising act right here.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

New Nobility featured on the Heal Australia compilation

Multi National band New Nobility are featured on the Heal Australia compilation with their new track Make A Better World along with lots of other artists, gathered together to help reconstruct Australia after the bushfires.

Alternative rock band Evade Escape in the fine tradition of British rock

Evade Escape are a five-piece Alternative Rock band from Leamington Spa, UK. They bring to the table massive riffs, packed with huge melodies and infectious hooks.

The band formed at the end of 2018, rising from the ashes of previously established acts. They take a wealth of experience from touring and festival appearances, including Glastonbury.

Check out their latest single Charade.

Rock Six Times

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Janus release new song for a good cause

Janus is back with a new original track, shining a light on an extremely important topic: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Produced and mixed by David Bendeth. All proceeds will be donated to: Sovereign Bodies Institute.

Trophy Eyes delivers 2020 single Figure Eight

Hopeless Records artists Trophy Eyes delivers another punkrock smash with "Figure Eight", available now.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Adventure rock band Bear Ghost is out to groove you

Bear Ghost is an Adventure Rock band known for their high-energy shows, intricate songwriting, and quirky personalities.
An exhilarating experience that will leave you questioning your life's direction and/or making your leg muscles twitch in rhythm to our slick, slimy grooves.
Their song "Haunt, The Cartoon Heart" was released in 2019 but it´s very cool and artsy,

Autumn Kings delivers stadium pop anthem Echo

Autumn Kings is a Canadian rock/pop band founded in Windsor, Ontario in 2015. Started as teenagers, Autumn Kings has worked tirelessly to capture the attention of music fans and industry personnel alike -- tremendous social media presence, genuine direct-to-fan interaction, unparalleled band chemistry, honest songwriting, a 4-month Canada-wide tour, and groundbreaking hometown buzz has led to the Detroit Red Wings' endorsement of the band's song "Devil in Disguise", regular rotation on numerous FM radio stations globally, notably 89X Windsor/Detroit, frequently sold out hometown shows, 4 million Spotify streams, 64 countries listening, and performances with international acts such as Sublime with Rome, Pop Evil, Tea Party, Mutemath, and Sloan.

Subsequently, the band has garnered interest from qualified prospective managers, agents, and labels. "Our goal is to connect with people on a level deeper than superficial hype", says Diab. "When people come up to us after shows and tell us we changed their lives through our music, that's when we know we are doing our job. Autumn Kings will hit the stadium level shortly, and we're grateful for all of the people who have given us the opportunity to do music as a career".

Check out their latest single "Echo (Ready for war)"

Chester Bennington´s former band Grey Daze drop new single featuring Chester

Formed in 1993 in Phoenix, Arizona by Sean Dowdell, Jonathan Krause, Steve Mitchell and Chester Bennington, Grey Daze underwent several line-up changes over the subsequent years and, once the band's lead singer Chester Bennington and then-current bassist Mace Beyers had decided to leave the band around late-1998, formed into a completely different band. The band broke up in 1998 & Chester went on to Linkin Park fame.

Grey Daze released 2 full length records: "Wake Me" in 1994 (Chester Bennington, Sean Dowdell, Jason Barnes and Jonathan Krause) and "...No Sun Today" in 1997 (Chester Bennington, Sean Dowdell, Bobby Benish and Mace Beyers), both of which were a local success.

In 2017, the Chester & Sean announced it's reunion & started recording a new album but Chester passed away on July 20, 2017 and the album was put on hold. One of the songs he recorded with Grey Daze is "What´s in the eye".

Alternative pop band COIN release lyric video for Youuu

Since the arrival of their 2016 breakthrough single “Talk Too Much,” COIN have continually turned out sublimely catchy alt-pop, equally built on effervescent hooks and an understated complexity. With that dynamic earning them a passionate following, the Nashville-based trio have spent much of the past few years bringing their sing-along-heavy live set to frenzied crowds all across the globe. COIN embraces their pop instincts more fully than ever in their third studio album titled Dreamland, scheduled for release February 21st 2020, featuring their most sonically adventurous yet emotionally direct batch of songs to date.
Listen to COIN´s latest single "Youuu" here.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Introducing Flash Forward from Germany

Flash Forward are an alternative rock band from Germany founded in 2010, their latest album "Golden Rust" is available now featuring the singles "It doesn´t hurt to dream" and "Shoot me down".
The band is influenced by Jimmy Eat World, Fall Out Boy and Biffy Clyro.
Discography : Games, Cheats and Fakes (2011), Apollon (2014), Who We Are (2015), Revolt (2017), Golden Rust (2019).

Monday, January 13, 2020

Stream Ivory Wave´s debut EP Dream Nights

Birmingham, U.K based indie rock band Ivory Wave´s debut EP "Dream nights" is out now, you can stream the EP right here:

Get ready for the masquerade with Maddison

Maddison are an alternative rock band from South Wales, their debut album "The Dark" was released in 2017 and it was followed by the "Recovery" EP in 2018. Now in 2020, the band delivers the brand new track "Masquerade".

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Lannie Flowers comes home on new album

Indie PowerPop artist, Lannie Flowers from Fort Worth, Texas, did what no other artist has EVER done at the 2013 LA Music Awards held in Hollywood in 2014. After 23 years of the LA Music Awards history, Lannie Flowers became the FIRST artist to ever win FOUR prestigious awards in Hollywood at the famous Avalon Theater on November 14.

Lannie Flowers took home awards for: 'Record of the Year', 'Rock Artist of the Year', 'Breakthrough Video of the Year', and 'Social Media Artist of the Year'.

Lannie, who resides in Kennedale, Texas, outside of Dallas, is a veteran artist that, in his earlier years, was wooed by music record labels such as, Columbia Records and Polygram Records.
His latest album "Home" is out now, featuring the catchy power-pop song "Running".

A dose of retro-rock from Demob Happy

Demob Happy is a cool retro-rock band from Newcastle, U.K. Their new single Mother Machine is available now.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Live interview today with Robert Tepper on

Today 11/1 at 20:00 PM (CET) Swedish time (19:00 GMT), (14:00 EST) we will have a live broadcast at The Melodic Net´s Facebook Page with the 80´s AOR hero Robert Tepper. Be prepared to ask him questions in the comment field during the live broadcast!´s editor in chief Pär Winberg will do the interview, see you all there!

Visit this link

Robert Tepper is widely known for his No Easy Way Out hitsingle on the Rocky IV Soundtrack from 1985. Tepper has released 4 albums : No Easy Way Out (1986), Modern Madness (1988), No Rest For The Wounded Heart (1996) and Better Than The Rest (2019).

Neil Peart of Rush - 1952-2020

"Fly by night, away from here
Change my life again
Fly by night, goodbye my dear
My ship isn't coming and I just can't pretend"

by Neil Peart from Fly By Night (1975)
Always remembered, never forgotten.
You and Keith Moon were the greatest drummers of all time.

I´m sad.........................

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Top 20 underrated Journey songs Part 2

Part 2, from 10-1
Part 1 can be found here:

The greatest Journey songs not featured on the Greatest Hits 1&2 compilations, failed to chart as singles, or simply put, songs that you rarely get to see in the band´s setlist live.

10.La Raza Del Sol (Still They Ride b-side, 1981) 
Written by Jonathan Cain / Steve Perry, lead vocals by Steve Perry, produced by Kevin Elson and Mike Stone.
Journey hardly ever released any non-album tracks as b-sides except for "Natural thing" and this exceptional track that was recorded during the Escape-sessions, it´s quite different compared to the album tracks of "Escape" so the band decided to release it as a b-side instead but that doesn´t mean the quality is any less than the rest. The song sounds more like a Schon-penned tune than something Cain usually put his mark on.

9.Liberty (Time3, 1992)
Written by Jonathan Cain / Neal Schon / Steve Perry, lead vocals by Steve Perry, produced by Kevin Elson and Mike Stone.
There´s been a debate for more than 35 years how the "Frontiers" album could´ve been tracked with the soundtrack songs "Ask the lonely" and "Only the young" instead of "Back talk" and "Troubled child" that the band picked for the original version. Finally in 2006, the re-issue included all tracks but there is a song noone ever mentions and it´s "Liberty" that was recorded during the same sessions. First released on the "Time3" compilation and later on the "Frontiers" re-issue, the band actually performed it with Steve Augeri and Styx in 2003. Hats off!

8.People and places (Departure, 1980) 
Written by Neal Schon / Ross Valory / Steve Perry, lead vocals by Neal Schon and Steve Perry, produced by Geoff Workman and Kevin Elson
"Infinity", "Evolution" and "Departure" all feature duets between either Rolie and Perry or Schon and Perry, it would take another 25 years and the "Generations" album in 2005 before the band went back to duets on a record again. One of the best is "People and places" that features the perfect combo of Schon´s and Perry´s voices. This is classic Journey!
Singles from Departure : "Anyway you want it", "Walks like a lady", "Good morning girl"

7.Lovin´ you is easy (Evolution, 1979) 
Written by Greg Errico / Neal Schon / Steve Perry, lead vocals by Steve Perry, produced by Roy Thomas Baker
It´s quite rare to see collaborations with outside songwriters on Journey albums if we exclude "Arrival" but this song from Journey´s 5th studio album was co-written with drummer Greg Errico (Sly and The Family Stone, Weather Report, David Bowie). Proof of that this album had more to give than the Top 10 hit "Lovin´ touchin´ squeezin´". The glory of 70´s Journey was revealed in songs like "Lovin´ you is easy".
Singles from Evolution : "Just the same way", "Lovin´ Touchin´ Squeezin´", "Too late", "City of the angels"

6.Lay it down (Escape, 1981) 
Written by Jonathan Cain / Neal Schon / Steve Perry, lead vocals by Steve Perry, produced by Kevin Elson and Mike Stone
It´s hard to believe that you can find any underrated songs from the greatest AOR album of all time, most songs on "Escape" have a special place in the band´s setlist live but the rocker "Lay it down" is probably the least played song live from the album. When Journey performed "Escape" and "Frontiers" in Japan in 2017, they let the touring member Travis Thibodaux handle the lead vocals and he did it with flying colors.
Singles from Escape : "Who´s crying now", "Don´t stop believin´", "Open arms", "Still they ride", "Stone in love"

5.Someday soon (Departure, 1980) 
Written by Gregg Rolie / Neal Schon / Steve Perry, lead vocals by Gregg Rolie and Steve Perry, produced by Geoff Workman and Kevin Elson
The "Departure" album was the start of a long and successful teamwork between producer Kevin Elson and Journey but it´s also the final studio album to feature original member Gregg Rolie. One of the cornerstones in the band´s early sound is Rolie´s unique voice that could be heard in famous songs like "Feelin´ that way" and "Just the same way" but also a brilliant song like "Someday soon". This album´s best kept secret.

4.Somethin´ to hide (Infinity, 1978) 
Written by Neal Schon / Steve Perry, lead vocals by Steve Perry, produced by Roy Thomas Baker
AOR fans hold "Escape" or "Raised on Radio" as Journey´s best album but the band´s die-hard fans often refer to "Infinity" as their favorite album. It´s Perry´s debut and with Queen-like harmony vocals as a perfect match to songs like "Wheel in the sky", "Lights" and "Anytime" - no wonder the band sold millions of "Infinity" but it´s not the hits that makes this an essential album, it´s the other ones like "Somethin´ to hide" for example where Perry showed why he was so superior as a lead singer and also earned his spot as #76 on Rolling Stone Magazine´s list of the 100 greatest singers of all time.

3.Troubled child (Frontiers, 1983) 
Written by Jonathan Cain / Neal Schon / Steve Perry, lead vocals by Steve Perry, produced by Kevin Elson and Mike Stone
If you start talking great Journey songs and mention "Troubled child", the average person will look at you as a three-headed monster because they probably never heard it and it´s not so strange because it´s the most overlooked song on the "Frontiers" album. The band performed "Troubled child" live for the first time in Japan in 2017 but didn´t include the song on the album "Escape and Frontiers Live in Japan" so it´s like the song has been erased from the band´s history. It´s time to put it back as a milestone in the legacy of Journey.

2.Trial by fire (Trial by fire, 1996) 
Written by Jonathan Cain / Neal Schon / Steve Perry, lead vocals by Steve Perry, produced by Kevin Shirley
The single "When you love a woman" was nominated for a Grammy in 1996 and also one of the reasons the album "Trial by fire" sold 1.8 million copies during the grunge era when melodic rock hit rock bottom. But the album´s highlight is the title track and to my knowledge, never performed live by the band. A true hallelujah-moment that needs to be in Journey´s setlist 2020.

1.Rubicon (Frontiers, 1983) 
Written by Jonathan Cain / Neal Schon / Steve Perry, lead vocals by Steve Perry, produced by Kevin Elson and Mike Stone
There are several tribute bands, "Frontiers", "Evolution", "E5C4P3" and also one called "Rubicon". The list of Perry-clones is long, Hugo, Jeremy Frederick, Jason Kelty, Mike Ledesma, Guido Priori, Steve Augeri, Arnel Pineda and Deen Castronovo. But there can only be one - the original, the voice, Stephen Ray Perry. Between 1981-1983, Journey had their peak where the line-up of Steve Smith, Ross Valory, Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon and Steve Perry remained gods of AOR and still are. "Don´t stop believin´" is their most popular song and "Mother, father" their greatest song but "Rubicon" is Journey´s most underrated song.

Monday, January 6, 2020

Fight The Fade announce new album In Love In Hope In Peace

Oklahoma based rock band Fight The Fade will release their new studio album "In Love In Hope In Peace" on February 7th, featuring the singles "Devil", "Heart" and "Underwater".
The album is available on CD, Cassette and Digital.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Introducing Alt. from down under and a dose of electro metal

Formerly known as After Change, the Adelaide-based rock outfit have reformed, rejuvenated and re-branded as alt. and are exploring a brand new sound to accompany.
Watch the official video for "Insubordinate" from Alt.

Powerpop in the 70´s style with STAG from Seattle

Electric Mistress is the latest release from Seattle's power-pop masters Stag. With elements of Elton John, T-Rex, Television, and the Velvet Underground this album is sure to hit with anyone who remembers the great guitar bands of the 70s. Listen to the single "Pied Piper Blues" from "Electric Mistress" here.

Skrizzly Adams and his successful fused Americana-pop single Dance With Darkness

Americana / pop artist Skrizzly Adams´ latest album "Young Man" is out now, featuring the single "Dance with darkness".

Friday, January 3, 2020

For fans of Mutemath, please welcome The Pink Dust

The Pink Dust is an alternative rock band formed by Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas and Cliff Littlefield in 2014, the same year their self-titled debut album was released. On January 10th, the American alt-rock band returns with their ambitious 5th release "Fathom", a sonically diverse record that brings the band back to Mitchell-Cárdenas Mutemath roots.
Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas was a member of Mutemath between 2004-2017.
Fathom tracklisting 1.Fathom 2.I´m gone 3.Things that matter most 4.Lonely still

The New Londoners Counterfeit

The new cool, the new alternative, no it´s the new insane!
Lava / Republic Records artists Counterfeit´s new single is a smash.

Make way for Sick Century and their new kick ass single Altered States

Nevada, USA based hard rock band Sick Century delivers brand new single "Altered states", out now on all digital platforms.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Barbie Sailers and Future Sunsets with rock version of a Selena Gomez song

Swiss pop-rock band Barbie Sailers teamed up with Future Sunsets and recorded a cover of Selena Gomez´ hitsingle "Lose you to love me".

Bemore drop cover of Don´t Start Now by Dua Lipa

Italian modern rock band Bemore covered Dua Lipa´s "Don´t start now", available now.
Better put on your dancing shoes.

Bloodline keeping the faith alive of metalcore with Middle Ground

Bloodline is a four piece Alternative Metalcore outfit from Dallas, TX. Formed in 2015, the band is Joseph Todd (lead vocals), Titus Kirby (guitars/vocals), Jake Jones (bass), and Matt Dierkes (drums/vocals). Their second full length album, “Better View”, produced by Dierkes and Kirby, released on Stay Sick Recordings, March 29, 2019.
In late December, Bloodline released their latest single "Middle ground".

New Zealand based City of Souls take on Joy Division

The six-piece Auckland bred alternative-progressive powerhouse have signed to Australian record label Wild Things Records (also home to The Ocean, Circles, AlithiA) worldwide for the release of their highly anticipated debut album due later this year, including the singles "Wolf", "Ferryman" and their cover of Joy Division´s "Love will tear us apart".

British hard rock band Fragile Things are still alive

Featuring former members of Heaven's Basement and The Land Captains, Fragile Things are at the forefront of a new generation of rock. Hailing from different backgrounds, different influences and different places, what brought the members of Fragile Things together is their passion love and belief in good rock music! Basing themselves in Bristol the band consists of Richie Hevanz (vocals) and Hugo Bowman (Drums), together combining massive riffs, huge grooves and soaring vocals with heart felt lyrics that create the message ‘You are not alone’. With a live show bursting with energy, Fragile Things are on a mission to bring British rock back to the top!
Fragile Things release new single "Still alive" so crank it up!

Future Royalty unleash the electronic mayhem Stay Down

The heaviest attitude. The deepest swagger. A creative collective of producers and recording artists who turn it up and rip the knob off. Their 2018 single "Take What's Mine" was featured in The Walking Dead Season 9 Trailer.
This winter, Future Royalty unleash their latest electronic mayhem "Stay down".

Art-rock band The Dowling Poole announce new studio album

It´s time to get quirky! The British art-rock band The Dowling Poole will release their new album "See You See Me" on February 28, featuring the new single "Made in heaven".
For fans of 10cc, XTC and Jellyfish.

Promising prog-pop act Maraton release Almost Human single

Maraton is a new exciting norwegian act with influences from A-ha, Leprous and Muse. Their debut album META featuring the excellent single Blood Music, is out now.

Hot on the heels of the debut album, the band now releases the new opus "Almost human".

Bands to watch : Novatines

Novatines are a 4 piece rock band who formed in the winter of 2017. The band immediately made a name for themselves on the UK circuit with their anthemic, high-octane set. Novatines have toured extensively throughout the UK and Europe on both headline and support tours, playing alongside the likes of Alabama 3, Arcane Roots, Von Hertzen Brothers, and Sweet.
Novatines sound is a rebirth of classic British rock with influences from 90s American alternative rock and grunge. Influenced by the sound of Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters and Nirvana, the group have been tipped as one of the ‘hottest new UK guitar bands’.
Novatines´ new EP "Wasted youth" drops February 7th, featuring the single "Come alive".

Nathan Wagner with another epic pop anthem - Hope

Epic pop time!
The 2018 single "Lonely" is one of my favorite songs that year, since then Nathan Wagner has released singles and EP´s on a steady basis with the latest opus "Hope" on December 27.
Some artists just have it!

AOR band Skagarack are back after almost 30 years

Remember Danish AOR band Skagarack? They released three really good albums between 1986-1989, "Skagarack", "Hungry for a game" and "A slice of heaven".
Well, they are back with a brand new song called "Be with you forever" and it seems like there´s going to be a new studio album in 2020 as well.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy new year´s day from Nemesea

Today on January 1st, 2020, the Dutch rock band Nemesea drop the U2 cover of New Year´s Day.
Happy new decade friends! May the 20´s be good to us all.

Live interview today with Tommy Funderburk on

Today at 20.00 (CET) Swedish time, (19.00 GMT), (14.00 CET) we will have a live interview with legendary singer TOMMY FUNDERBURK on´s Facebook page.´s Editor in chief Pär Winberg will do the interview but be prepared to ask Funderburk questions in the comment field.

Tommy Funderburk selected discography:
AIRPLAY (1980)
THE FRONT (1983)
WHAT IF (1987)